View Full Version : Looking to eat four cones of ice cream a week, if you know what I mean...

03-21-2011, 01:33 AM
Intent: to line up with more entwining pleasure in my life

I think it was HappyLu who posted an Abe quote about long0term relationships, that people don't get an ice cream cone and say, "i want you to be a long-term relationship, I'll you just a litlte bit every day." They just enjoy the ice cream and then it's done.

Well, I'd like to have four ice cream cones a week.

Another quote posted by HappyLu:

[LOA 11 disk 2, 30-34min.]

"dating Abraham style"
<<I'm not looking for a meaningful relationship, I am looking for a meaningful moment: a moment that feels good now.
when you hear I am not looking for anything serious, we want you to say and mean it: "that's exactly what I am looking for!"
the serious stuff bogs us down, what I am looking for is an excuse for lining up with whom I am
gender differences? for the most part learnt behaviour
there is no vibrational difference between males and females>>

Wanted to share my desire with the forum.

OK, so here's a script--we meet up, get in the vortex, and then entwine, or maybe just goof off. Lots of tickling involved. It all feels very safe, very downstream, very effortless. No performance worries or need to impress, and no commitment for sixty years into the future, just a meaningful moment.

She is not only deliciously cute but is really turned on by me, and wants to give me pleasure and finds that pleasurable.

12:22 lucky number!

I'd like to flesh this out more, so to speak...I'm thinking structure and clear frivolity... but I want to stay general at this moment.

I'm already in a relationship with someone who's poly, and this/these ice cream cones would be a fun add-on.