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This Glossary is to facilitate the productive discussion and appreciation of these Teachings and to help all members keep up to speed with Abraham's conversations as they evolve. The Glossary is intended quick reference purposes only. For full definitions, please refer to the original source material from Abraham.
If you think of a helpful addition or you see an error in the list below, please PM a Moderator, (http://www.abeforum.com/showthread.php?42731Common-Questions-about-the-Abe-Forum&p=940498#post940498) who will be happy to update this list.

Acronyms for Abers

AAIIG Ask and It Is Given, an Abraham-Hicks book
AHP Abraham-Hicks Publications
APODI Amazing Power Of Deliberate Intent, an Abraham-Hicks book
APOE Astonishing Power of Emotions, an Abraham-Hicks book
ATI All-That-Is

BFT Better-Feeling Thoughts
BOPA Book of Positive Aspects, Process #8 from AAIIG (See AAIIG for more details.)

EGS Emotional Guidance Scale or Emotion Guidance System

FW Focus Wheel, Process #17 from [i]AAIIG[/] (See AAIIG for more details.

HFD High-flying Disc, being at the top of the Emotional Scale.
HFS Happy Face Sticker (See AAIIG for more details.)
HS/HSer Hot Seat, the chair in which we sit at Workshops to talk to Abraham/Hot Seater, the person in the Hot Seat

IB Inner Being AKA "the larger, vibrational part of You", "the Source-part-of-You", and Who-You-Really-Are
IDGARA “I don't give a rat's a*s.”
ITV In The Vortex
IYPB In Your Physical Body, as opposed to the larger vibrational part of You

J&E Jerry & Esther Hicks (similarly E&J is an acronym for Esther & Jerry Hicks)

LOA Law of Attraction
LNP Lay New Pipes, a recent Process for replacing beliefs which no longer serve you

MLOA (fondly pronounced "MOO-lah" here on the Forum) Money and the Law of Attraction, an Abraham-Hicks book
MYD Manifest Your Desires, an Abraham-Hicks book

NB1 New Beginnings One, an Abraham-Hicks book
NB2 New Beginnings Two, an Abraham-Hicks book
NP Non-Physical

OMS Oh My Source!
OOTV Out of the Vortex

PG Peanut Gallery
POA Point of Attraction, the original term for the Grid. AKA Vibrational Set-point (See AAIIG for more details.)
POLR Path of Least Resistance Another name for the "Path of Most Allowing." (See AAIIG for more details.)
POMA Path of Most Allowing Another, more accurate name for the "Path of Least Resistance"
PPE Pure Positive Energy

ROA Rampage of Appreciation
ROD Rockets of Desire

SCP Swiss Cheese process (Sometimes, you'll hear one of us say, "Swiss Cheese it.")
SN/GN/GP/SP The Specific Negative --> General Negative --> General Positive --> Specific Positive Process

Thank U Thank you, Universe!
TITITO Tuned in, Tapped In, Turned On!
TNS Tell a New Story, a Process from MLOA (See MLOA for more details.)

U. Universe
UM Universal Manager

VE Vibrational Escrow
VR Virtual Reality (either the Vibrational Reality that is your Vortex or Process #4 from AAIIG)

WAITT We Are All In This Together
WIRA Who-I-Really-Am
WYRA Who-You-Really-Are

Common Internet Acronyms:

AKA Also Known As
AWOL Absent Without Leave (gone off somewhere)
BTW By the way
DD Dear Daughter
DH Dear husband
DS Dear Son
DW Dear wife
ETA[ B]Edited to add, used to explain an edited post.
fka formerly known as
FOMO Fear Of Missing Out
FYI For Your Information
FIFY Fixed It For You
IIRC If I Recall Correctly
IMHO In My Humble Opinion
IMO In My Opinion
IOW In Other Words
ISP Internet Service Provider
JK or j/k Just Kidding!
LOL Laughing out loud
OMG Oh my God!
OP Original Post/Poster or Opening Post/Poster
POC Piece of Cake
SO Significant Other
TBH To Be Honest
TG Thank God!
tl;dr too long; didn't read
TMI Too Much Information
TY Thank You
URL Uniform Resource Locator, the technical term for a Web address.
YMMV Your Mileage May Vary

Other Acronyms:
PM Private Message

David, King David = David
Marc, Super Kitty = Marc
HitC, Hitc = Hands in the Clay

Note: Sometimes, for the sake of expedience, we will on this Forum abbreviate a member's screen name as we write our posts. Some examples of this might be "PoE" for Paradise on Earth, "fb" for "forever becoming" and so on.

[B]Definitions of Some Key Abraham Terms:
Abrahamsters A playful nickname for people who study and follow the Teachings of Abraham.

Contrast Abraham intend this word to simply mean "variety." It is often incorrectly used as shorthand for "unpleasant experience."

Croak Abraham's intentionally disrespectful term for our "death" experience.

Driftwood Evidence you are letting in a desire. Not an "official" word from Abraham but commonly used on the Forum.

Estherham Slang for the blended channeling of Abraham by Esther Hicks.

Feel better The essential message that Abraham teach. "Feel better" means "feel better than you have been feeling". Depending on where you at on the Scale, "better" might just mean "less crappy" and that counts! As you "feel better" (whatever that might mean to you from whatever you are), you will know you've achieved "better" by your feeling of Relief.

Fred In a famous clip, the HS spoke about the guy she was trying to "get." She said, "Let's call him Fred". Since then, the term "Fred" has come to refer to any not-yet-achieved desire that we really, really want.

Going General A strategy and a Process to slow down unwanted momentum. As we get more specific (with our words and our details), we add to our momentum. So, when we have unwanted momentum, it serves us to focus, to think and to talk about that topic in more general terms. The most general perspective we can take is to focus on the emotional basis of the topic. We can move our focus from Specifically Negative (fast unwanted momentum) to Generally Negative (slow unwanted momentum) to Generally Positive (slow wanted momentum) to Specifically Positive (fast wanted momentum) with just a little bit of determination and some focus.

Grid A new, evolving metaphor for the Vibrational Set-point or the Point of Attraction (POA). Also called Vibrational Atmosphere or Vibrational Climate (See "What is a Grid? (http://www.abeforum.com/showthread.php?37897-What-is-a-Grid)" for more details.)

"I Can Say it Better" A recent Process where you edit your statements (even the ones where the words are "pretty") so that you find your exact desired vibration. A game that Esther has taken to playing in her conversations and in her Focus Wheels.

Observing Taking in an experience with any or all of your physical senses.

Peanut Gallery Anyone who is outside of you. Typically used in the sense of using the guidance of the Peanut Gallery in place of your own personal emotional guidance.

Step 4 This new step to the original 3 Step Process of Creation describes the state when we practice Step 3 chronically and consistently in our lives.

Upstream/Downstream Introduced in APOE, this metaphor describes resistance in terms of whether we're flowing with the Stream of Well-Being (Downstream) or paddling against it (Upstream). "Nothing that you want is Upstream." --Abraham, APOE

Vibrational Atmosphere or Vibrational Climate Same as Point of Attraction. An expanded evolution of the idea of the Grid.

Vibrational Currency “You have a vibrational currency that you mean to spend. It is a vibrational currency. In other words, there are things that money can’t buy. There are things that action can’t accomplish. There are things that vibrational alignment and your focus can accomplish! That is a vibrational currency, and the nice thing about beginning to focus this vibrational currency is that you all have equal access to it." --Abraham, 9/28/13, Stamford, CT.

Vibrational Escrow You've asked for your desire, and Source created it and it exists. It is being held for you in "vibrational escrow" until such time that you line up with it vibrationally so that you can translate its vibration into your physical experience. Same as Vortex. (See AAIIG for more details.)

Vortex Same as Vibrational Escrow or Vibrational Reality. Also a book from Abraham-Hicks. The Vortex is where all clarity, appreciation, joy, and excitement reside. It's where everything you've determined that you prefer is.

Waking Up Process Abraham's newest way to start the day. You can find detailed instructions on how to do this simple Process here (http://www.abeforum.com/showthread.php?34077-who-is-doing-the-waking-up-process&p=828405#post828405).

What-is Abraham's term for the manifested reality the vibration of which we translate with our physical senses. This what-is reality is "old news."


Going general
explained "back to the absolute basics" by SheerLuckHolmes:
Specific negative.... 'W%^$&^*(((*&*#$!%^$%^'
Generally negative.. 'GRRRRRRrrrrrrrr'
Neutral ..... 'mehhhhhhh'
Generally positive... 'ooooohhhhhhhh'
Specific positive.... 'YEAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

Abe's Coinage & Sound-Bites
"Cleaning it up"
"HS: ...I decided, to clean this up...
Abe: And we would use the words: GENERAL it up." --Abraham, 4/28/12, Dallas, TX

"Compassion : cooperative passion" --Abraham, 3/10/12, Albuquerque, NM.

“Depression is Deprival.” --Abraham (date and location uncertain)

"Recreation is Re Creation." --Abraham, 3/10/12, Albuquerque, NM

"Revalization = revelation + realization" --Abraham, 5/18/13, Washington, DC

Credits: David, Jody1, Autumn, chillinjoan, Oceanturquoiseblue, Paradise on Earth, Roman80, Sheerluck Holmes, Thea, TonyCat, Wellbeing, wisdom.