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    Hi All,

    I came on here yesterday to tell you all how I won the lottery without even thinking of a lottery win, wrote a very long message but I clicked on the button showing a line next to the button f, where you can change font size, colour, bold, underline etc, and that deleted my message, I got up this morning and my mind told me I need to share my story, and to rewrite my message again, and this is what am doing.

    Last week Friday I won twice on the Euro millions lottery here in the UK, it was a massive jackpot of £85m, I decided to play and had only a week to prepare for this draw, I use what member Winnerineverysense wrote, he is the guy who won the jackpot about 3 years of $2m.

    Anyway I played the lottery buying 8 tickets 4 online and 4 from a nearby shop, I didn’t look at the numbers and I didn’t check the results until 4 days after the draw, when I did check I saw I had 4 numbers from one of the tickets bought from the shop and 3 numbers from one of the tickets I had bought online, the funny thing about it is that all the numbers from the draw were all the numbers I had hit but they were on 2 separate tickets, I had the 1st 4 numbers on 1 tickets and the last 3 on the other. This is the 1st time I have won twice from 1 draw from 2 separate sources.

    This is my journey 1 week before the draw, I read AH ask and it is given, then I made a VB using windows moviemaker, which comes free with many pc and laptops, got some affirmations but here I took whatever affirmations I had and changed it to suit me, for example I am rich, I changed to I am enthusiastic knowing I am rich, I made the affirmations I chose to be personal to me, then I took pictures and affirmations from the clips I made from my VB and transferred them onto my mobile phone, there I would play the clips as a slideshow on my mobile every min of the day, no matter where I was, I also started to meditate, meditating helped ease the stress I was experiencing and has helped me to be a lot calmer, I used chakra clearing meditation from Doreen Virtue, and I also use Deepka Chopra meditation which is free from his website, I then transferred classical music and the Joy album of Abraham Hicks onto my mp3 player and played them every day, while out, or at home, I found this helped me to feel I was living in my dream, I started to watch and record programs like the real housewives of NY and OC, cribs, forbes series on celebrities and pretended I was there with the housewives enjoying life, or I was that wealthy individual, buying whatever they wer buying or doing, I also went on a rampage of appreciation.

    Winner said live in your dream which I did, so the house I wanted I got pictures of that house inside and out from the net, and visualised myself doing my daily routine with my children in the house, for example when am in the kitchen I would visualise being in the kitchen of my dream house, when outside I would visualise being in my dream garden and would repeatedly play my VB on my pc and mobile, showing the pictures to make my vision stronger.

    I visualised my bank account having millions of pounds, I never for once visualised myself seeing my numbers come up or me going to the lottery office, the lottery was in my thought, but it wasn’t a strong thought, winner said “I felt like I wanted to win the jackpot not like I needed to win”, this is a key here, I believe he didn’t constantly think about the lottery as that would be needing, but instead he had the lottery as a thought in his mind and that would be the wanting, and this is what I did, and is still doing.

    When I bought my tickets I knew I wasn’t 100% there, as I hadn’t been meditating for long, plus it is hard to meditate, when you have detractions all around you, I have 2 small kids and 1 older one, so cant mediate for long, but when I bought my ticket I didn’t think of probabilities or what if I don’t win, neither did I look at the numbers on the tickets.

    I believe anyone is capable of winning anything or attracting anything they set their mind to, and it has nothing to do with the saying ‘well some people are lucky’, everyone is lucky in life, if you have a roof over your head, you are lucky, if you have food in your fridge you are lucky, you have clean water, can talk, walk, smell, laugh, cry etc you are lucky, everyone may not be 100% a lucky person, but I guarantee you are 80-90% a lucky person, with luck comes faith and with faith you can achieve anything only if you believe you can. Any one of us can be the next jackpot winner, if only we practice what we have learnt and believe and have faith, most of the people who have won the jackpot most have said they had faith and believed they would and they did, Winner believed and had faith he would win and he did, plus it took him a month and a half to do so, the Cuban guy who won $40m or so in 2007, did it within a couple of months, using his VB.

    Winner said “feel it, believe it, live it”, and that is what I am doing, without concentrating too much on the lottery itself, I believe and have faith I am going to win the jackpot with more time spent on meditating, affirming, going on a rampage, living in my dream and not my current situation, and seeing my VB daily, and so can you all.

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    Woo-hoo for you! That must have felt awesome to see all of those numbers match yours! ::woohooI enjoyed reading your post....feel it, believe it, live it! Yes, it is the pure, undiluted feeling of Well-Being broadcasted (expressed) to the Universe that acts as a magnet to draw the extravagant, reckless abundance of the Universe into our lived experience.

    [align=center])))))))))))))))))))))))Imagine it, pretend it, feel it((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((([/align]

    [align=center](((((((((((((((((((((((((((((aniheart))))))))))))) )))))))))))))))))[/align]

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    Very inspiring, thanks for sharing

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    Andawe, thanks for your post, it did feel amazing and spooky at the same time when I checked my tickets, I couldn't believe it, after finding out about my win I went on a rampage of appreciation, being grateful for the win and everything around me, ::woohoo

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    Thank you so much for sharing your story Buttercake! It sounds like you really got into the space of living in your dream before it actually happened and thus drew it to you! Superb manifesting!!! And a great example how it works!!

    You appreciated and dreamed yourself into a new reality!!!

    Peace and Blessings,

    Dreamrose ::hearts

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    What a wonderful experience! If I've ever heard of driftwood, the winning numbers split between 2 tickets would certaintly be it! Incredible!

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    Congrats, buttercake!!

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    Lovely post! Very inspiring!!! Keep feeling it and soon all7 numbers will be on 1 ticket for you!

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    I felt your power and unwaivering faith in your post. and it really was just the next logical step for you.

    Such a powerful example of keepingyour vision steady and not looking back.

    Very inspirational indeed

    Love, Laughter, Light


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