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Thread: Abeish Kids Books

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    A few friends are new parents and I love to give books as gifts. What are some of your favorite Abeish books? Mine is Charlotte's Web and Velveteen Rabbit.

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    I love the Cat in the Hat series by Dr Suess because of all the ryming and the funny illustrations! The charactersget up to such adventures, they reallycapturethe imagination!

    I found them so amusing and they reinforce Abraham's message that 'life is suppossed to be fun!

    I also love The Magic Fareaway Tree by Enid Blyton. She really is tuned in, tapped in and turned on to the creative power of imagination, which is inaccordance with what Abraham teaches! Nothing is impossible for these children, who are dreaming of amazing experiences, and following their inner guidance to get there. Her books light me up!

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    Sara books are awesome ! I think is a good story line that kids would like it...

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    The Little Soul and The Sun by Neale Donald Walsch, one of my favorite Abeish children's books.


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    Unstoppable You! By Wayne Dyer

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    Ahhh, The Magic Faraway Tree... ::cool

    There has been mention in the past (I think it was Jody??) of "Harold and the Purple Crayon". ::cool

    He draws things as he wants them to be...

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    Anne of Green Gables series!

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    The Little Engine That Could

    Dandelion - Mike Dooley's Mom

    Sara Books & tapes, for sure

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    I, too, am looking for Abeish kids books. I love the Sara Book series and would love to find books that are similar. I will definitely check out the books mentioned on this thread. If anyone has additional recommendations, please post.

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    Hope for the Flowers from Trina Paulus
    -beautiful story of 2 caterpillars on their search for the "more of life", and their different approach to it. About effort and struggle vs trust, following your impulses and joy. VERY sweet, touching!

    The Story of Ferdinand from Munroe Leaf,
    Wonderful story of how all problems dissolve when we simply refuse to push against, told about a young bull who is supposed to become a fighting bull- while he prefers to smell the flowers.

    for older children:
    The neverending story (awesome story about how we need to walk the path of desires to figure out what we really want, the power of selfishness: "do what you want" (=Aurin), the reality of fantasy, how to choose your path (in the palace of the 1000 doors), and many many more incredibly wise Abeish analogies.

    Momo (the grey gentlemen or the Men in Grey)- a poor orphan girl manages to lovingly touch all people´s hearts by her skill to listen. When the time-thieves, the "grey men" start to rob the time of the people, a very touching and thrilling quest begins for Momo, to bring back the stolen time- and -life. Happy End, of course, a very wise, sweet and thrilling story.

    -both from Michael Ende

    Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach
    -I first read it with age 14 and just loved it. The story of a gull who cares passionately (leading-edge-like) about flying and speed. The flock kicks him out, but he stubbornly follows his dream, finds a mentor, evolves mightily and comes back as loving master who has dissolved speed into "being there" and who knows that we can be, do or have whatever we want, to help those who are in vicinity.

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