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Thread: Going from near bankruptcy to wealth

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    Belana wrote:
    During this process, I've kept a diary though, I've written every day about what I was doing and how I was feeling, and what was happening.

    Wow Belana! What an inspiring story. I think writting down your thoughts & feelings is a great idea. And it's also good to see that sometimes slow & steady brings great gains.

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    Welcome back, Belana! It's so good to hear from you and especially that you are having fun! Enjoy!


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    Hey guys,

    It's very nice to see so many replies here this morning ::TU

    I feel greatly appreciated ::flowers

    I'll certainly share the parts of my diary that could be interesting for other Abers, but I kind of feel inspired to start by sharing what I'm doing on a daily basis, so here goes:

    In the morning I'd like to start by staying in bed for a few minutes and do what Abe "tells us to", appreciating the nice little things in our surroundings, but usually hubby urges me to get up, so most of the time I don't get further than appreciating the comfy matress, the soft and warm sheets, the warm room temperature, but now that I'm writing this, I see that this is probably enough for starters ::cool

    After the morning routine of washing and such, when I enter my office and the morning really starts, I take out this special book I have, where Iwrite down my "balance of the day". I read what I wrote the day before to get in the mood of things, and then I start the new day and write down all the good things that happened already that morning, usually it starts with: "I've had a good night's sleep and feel good". During the day, I add to the list, writing down only the positives, and when negatives happen, I look for the positive in them and write those partsdown.

    I also take out my diary, there I write how I'm going, but also the processes I'm doing and the first thing I do every morning is chosing my focus point for the day. That is just ONE Abe-thing I'm going to practice that day. Things I've chosen were for example:

    - Today I'm going to look for the positive in every negative thing that happens

    - Today I'm going to pre-pave every action, think about it before acting, and notice how it makes me feel, if thinking about it makes me feel good, then I'll start the action, if it doesn't make me feel good, I'll leave it for now and go on with something else (which of course, I'll pre-pave in the same way again)

    - Today I'm going to look for things that bring me fun

    - Today I'm giving myself permission to be lazy, just for this one day (I often get the comment I'm a work-o-holic, so at times it's really hard for me to take time to relax when I know there's so much work waiting for me, but if I give myself permission to slack of just for that one day, I'm O.K. with it.I had to practice that one though:?it didn't just happen overnight).

    - Today I'll ask myself several times how I'm feeling, if I'm not feeling good, I'll ask myself what I was thinking about, and then I'll change my focus to something nice. If I feel good, I'll congratulate myself on doing so well.

    You get the picture, I find that there's so many Abe "rules" so if I choose just one for the day, that way I find it easier to stay on top of it, and if I choose another one each day (sometimes I'm using the same one for several days, but make the new commitment every morning), after a while these habits will become a second nature and I have noticed it working on some occasions, so when I catch myself doing that, I congratulate myself again for doing so well

    Have you noticed that I look for ways to congratulate myself as much as possible ? ::LOL

    Another thing I do daily is read some Abe stuff, I've purchased a few new Abe books and read a few pages every day, usually also in the morning, and whenever I feel like I need "a shot of positiveness"


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    Some money-related-things I do:

    - I have this special box, where we put all the discounts in that we get in any shop. I mean, we use actual money that we put in there, for the same amount as the discount we got. And if we want to buy something special for the house, kitchen, or whatever, we'll use the discount money to buy it, so that way the thing we "buy", is actually a gift, because we bought it with free money. I can tell you, it's a special feeling when you do this kind of thing in a very aware state of mind. ::cool

    - I also have a "special book" (I have lots of special books already) ::LOLwhere I write down what we buy with the discount money. We've had that box for almost a year now, and last spring we bought several plant containers, soil and plants for our back porch. We've also bought 2 frying pans for the kitchenso far.

    - I also play with that money. From time to time I'll take it out and count how much money is in there, and I change all the coins into bills (not adding to it, just changing the form) so it litterally GROWS, lots of small coins grow to bigger coins, lots of small bills, grow to large bills...

    - I have another "special book" where I write down every gift we get, no matter how small. Could be birthday gifts, but also "out of the blue stuff", like for example, sometimes the woman of the grocery store gives us some product that reaches the expiration date, like a package of toast or so, so I'll add the package to the list. It's becoming quite a list after a while When I know the price of the item, I'll write down the amount too.

    - When we eat that toast, I eat it in a very "aware" state of mind, really appreciating the woman giving us that stuff, she could just as well give it to someone else, eat it herself or just throw it out, but no, she gives it to US. Maybe it's because I do all that appreciating while eating, that she keeps giving us these things. Whatever youfocus on grows, right ?::LOL

    - From time to time, hubby and me talk about how much money is in our discount box and milk it for a while. When one of us gets a small gift, we'll tell the other one and really milk it again, talking about it and really exaggerating. Boy, if some "normal" person could hear us sometimes, I swear, they'd call a doctor ::devil


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    Wow... Belana,

    you certainly gave me some ideas !!!!! ::TU

    Wish you loads of success ::hearts


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    Hi Belana. You have been a joy an inspiration for a long time now. I've always admired your zeal and sincere desire to allow things to flow. You said one time that you always felt the need to review what you had done "wrong". It looks as if you now have created a habit of or reviewing whats right!

    Thanks for sharing.


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    [color=purple][size=4]I agree, Belana, thank you for sharing your success with all of us! What an inspiration. I love all those abundance processes you made for yourself, what lovely games to play.
    It is so nice to *see* you.

    [color=blue][size=4] Abe: When something good happens, tell everyone you know! Milk it! "Something good happened! Something really good happened!"

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    I love, love, love your story and the processes you share. You totally ROCK IT!!

    I love every single bit you've written, about your jouney and how you shifted your beliefs around prosperity bit by bit and all your appreciatin' and your milkin' and yourother processes and, of course the self-celebration!!


    Thank you so much for sharing. It is always great to see another doing so well!
    *Lovely Leslie*
    Abe: When something good happens, tell everyone you know! Milk it! "Something good happened! Something really good happened!"
    YESSSSSSSSSS!!! (and, Leslie, now I "get" the title of that thread about being in a movie!)


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    Belana, It's just fabulous to "see" you again! What a wonderful experience! What you allowed is like the classic "fantasy" come true!

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    VERY inspiring! Thanks for posting it. ::woohoo

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