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Thread: Going from near bankruptcy to wealth

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    Thanks for the wonderful examples!

    Your story keeps getting better & better!

    I'm going to buy some "special books" too.

    Thanks for the inspiration! ::hugging

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    239 go, girl!!!

    This is why I love, love, love this forum!!! There is no better place to go for heart-warming inspiration. Thank you for sharing your story!!


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    Oh, what a wonderful story.Thank you! It really brings home that we don't have to focus on how the money will come. Who could have predicted a distant relative would give you a house? Truly beautiful. I love how you allowed wealth to come to you. I'm on that path myself and am really inspired by this story.


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    ::woohoocould not of happened to a nicer person. I have enjoyed your postings so much over the time I have been on this forum. It is truly an inspiration to see how abe has helped you.

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    **Standing ovation**


    Belana, many times we Abers encounter people needing "proof" that this LOA stuff works. And then "proof" of it arrives - as in being gifted a HOUSE - and many will say, "well, that was just a coincidence."

    But the proof is in the pudding, as the old saying goes. Or in your case: the proof is ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!

    Way to go, fellow co-creator!!!

    On a side note, let me share two mind-numbing (to non-Abers) things that happened to me in just in the past few months. First, in November of last year I was recognized before my entire company's management in a gala event. Applause, prizes, accolades, you name it - I got it.


    This was something unheard of in my company for someone holding my position. My project was adopted by the retail department and implemented throughout the company as mandatory. Can you believe that?! Of course I know you can, because you and I know the 'secret." Or let me rephrase that: the REAL Secret! LOL

    Anywho, and in November I bought my first brand-new car. By myself. I was so proud of myself and so exhilarated I felt as if the world was my oyster. And guess what? I realized the world IS MY OYSTER!!

    It's all of our oysters. A different colored oyster for each of us, containing different desires and aspirations. But we can do anything. Anytime. Period.

    Good to see you on here again.

    And thank you for inspiring troves of people with your high notes of vibration!

    Love always,



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    Great to hear from you again Belana! And I remember your previous posts about working your way up regarding money. And now this? The better it gets, the better it gets! ::thumb

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    ::woohoowow! How wonderful!

    Thanks for telling us your amazing story. I love your processes.

    I got about eight dollars worth of free stuff yesterday! I never thought of it as found "money". What fun!


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    Wow! Belana, that's wonderful!!!

    Thank you for sharing this awesome story.

    Much love,

    - Brian::hearts

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    AWESOME! Thank you for sharing!::wow::wow::wow

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    Wow guys, now I feel even more appreciated ::flowers, guess that's what happens when you start appreciating everything ::cool

    The transformation indeed came in small steps, I think I joined the abe-cult ::devilin the spring of 2007, and looking back, that must have been the lowest point I have lived, (so Abe came along at the perfect time, when the rockets of desire were the strongest - more proof of the LOA).

    Those were the days when our house was falling apart and I remember one time, when my mum asked my husband what would be the best thing for her to buy for my birthday, and my husband replied a pair of shoes would be best, because I was in desperate need of a pair (I only had one pair left and there were holes in the soles, so they wouldn't last for much longer). And he literally told my mum that, and that night she didn't get a wink of sleep, later asked me if that was true, and I diminished it and said she probably misunderstood what he had said. I told her I just hadn't found the time to go and buy some shoes, but I indeed had to go urgently now, because the part of the holes in the soles was true.

    I was a great actress when it came to hiding our poverty, so I actually was doing something the Abe-way all along

    And now, I could buy a whole shop of shoes if I wanted to, and I know that most women on this forum would probably do that ::devilbut I guess I'm not really a shoe-type woman, I only buy them because I have to put something on my feet, but I'd rather play the stock market, thank you ::devil

    I've been reading up on the stock market over the last few weeks and have been daydreaming about what stock to buy, I'm like a girl in a toy shop now ::woohoo

    You know, even the receiving of the house came in small steps. And it's funny, last night when I was lying in bed I was thinking I should tell you guys about the "adventure" of the receiving of the house. Because at first, when I was told I would get it, I was happy of course, but you just don't "get" a house by someone handing you the keys telling you it's yours, there's lots of legal steps to take (especially when it's actually an inherritance), soit takes a lot of time, and so I had lots of time to "think".I did my best to refocus when I caught myself "thinking" ::devil

    And the whole experience was again proof for me ofhow the LOA works.Part of me still must have been uncomfortable receiving so much money, because things kept going wrong, and each time the receiving of the big ::moneywas postponed, I started thinking why this was happening and what I had done wrong. And nowJerry made me laugh this morning, because:

    lifeisgood wrote:
    You said one time that you always felt the need to review what you had done "wrong". It looks as if you now have created a habit of or reviewing whats right!

    ::LOLPeople here know more about me than those who think they know me in real life. ::LOLYes Jerry, you're right, but the habit isn't totally gone yet. I really had to consciously stop myself from doing that and refocus on something nice. But hey, at least I'm able to catch myself when I go there now, so again an opportunity to congratulate myself and turn my boat around.

    Yep, the whole thingwas good excercise ::cool

    You know, appointments were resceguled, at one point even the weather became problematic and another time the guy who was gonna give me the house nearly died (boy, that was a fright). For a moment there, I was wondering whether the universe would be so cruel as to hold the carrot of that house in front of my nose, only to eat it themselves ... but of course I know *I* was the one holding the carrot and keeping it at an arm's length.::chin

    Do you see the ups and downs here ? Totally proves I still wasn't all that ready to easily receive lots of money, doesn't it ?

    But as time went by, and I was swept between making plans (not too many, because I was afraid to put a spell on it) and letting go as much as possible, between hope and fear, going up and down the scale with rocket-speed at times,... Boy, that was a ride !

    But in the end the fairy tale got a happy end ::cool


    P.S.: I still haven't learned to keep my posts shorter than a book, sorry about that, I'm doing the best I can here :?

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