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Thread: Money Can Fall from the Sky!

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    tumbling bills and great discoveries...

    Quote Originally Posted by zannie View Post
    once upon a time I was in Ashland for a seminar.
    When I was walking along, a dollar note floated along the sidewalk, right to my feet.
    it was funny, like a puppy had run over to me.
    As I picked it up a man made a remark about it, and we both laughed.
    What would it take for some Euros to float to me in a similar fashion when I am in Spain this week.
    They dont have to fly to my feet- they can show up in any way they would like to play with me!!!
    (Hello everybody! This is my first post!) ....Hi Zanni - I love how you've compared the way the money approached you to the arrival of a puppy! And it reminds me so much of two times that money floated over to me, that I just feel moved to add my stories as well.

    Both of these were long before I discovered Abe (but a post-Abe-discovery story is coming as well). The first was in Winter in Europe. I was walking along with my boyfriend and another friend of ours, and a suddenly a 100 Euro bill rolled across the frosty sidewalk towards me. I remember noticing how the ground was glittering underneath the rolling bill, and I snatched it up before it could flutter out of reach. There was a guy walking along a fair distance in front of us, and I assumed he must certainly have dropped it and was going to rush to where he was and ask him. The fellas stopped me though - saying that of course anyone would say "yes" to a question like that whether they'd actually lost the bill or not. This affronted my moral sensibilities, but I let them talk me into keeping the 100 Euros anyway - feeling quite guilty about it though.

    Another time my boyfriend and I were visiting family in Hawaii. It was near the end of our vacation and we had almost no money left, but I was in desperate need of new flip-flops, since mine were in the process of falling apart. We were at one of those huge Walmart parking lots and all of the sudden I saw several dollar bills rolling across the pavement, right towards me - 3 bills rolling my way like a collection of tumbleweed. Needless to say, this money was greeted with much enthusiasm and thankfulness, and it was immediately used to buy a new pair of flip-flops and a couple of other beach goodies we needed.

    Now, these two things happened well before I had ever even heard about LOA - but here's my much more recent post-LOA-discovery story...

    I was at a costume party that had been quite expensive to get into, so I had almost no money left in my wallet after paying at the door. But during the course of the evening, I was standing near the stage watching an excellent live band, and I looked down and saw a folded 50 Euro bill lying near the edge of the stage. I picked it up and discovered it to be a bit damp - which gave me the impression that it had probably slipped from the corseted cleavage of one of the many extravagantly costumed and madly dancing fellow guests around me. Then, later on the same evening, a rich guy who likes to hang out with our rag-tag not-rich group of freak friends decided to buy several rounds of drinks for us. So I ended up not buying a single drink for myself that evening either. Then on the way out (as the sun was creeping over the horizon) a lesbian couple asked me for directions to the nearest taxi stand and we ended up falling into conversation. As we discovered that we lived in the same part of town, they suggested we share a taxi. I was fully expecting to split the fare with them, but when we reached a nice stopping spot near my street, they insisted that it was their treat. So, even though I had paid a rather expensive (well, for my pocket anyway) cover charge, I ended up coming home with more money than I left home with!

    And although my first two stories were about me allowing without realizing I was doing it, story #3 was most certainly LOA-aware.

    ...Please excuse me for going on and on (and on) here, but I guess i just have a lot of pent up Abe-enthusiasm that needs ventilating. I have NO one who I can really talk to about this stuff!...

    ....Money has always been my big issue, and I'm still in the process of letting in more impressive manifestations. As it turns out, my search for a bit of extra inspiration has led me here! More about that in a moment, but first....

    My joyful discovery of Abe's teachings has improved so many elements in my life already! It came along at a very low point in my life. I was having a sort of crisis of faith and was in a fit of deepening depression.

    I used to keep a prayer-book; meaning that I wrote all of my prayers down in a little dairy. A friend of mine began calling this my "spell book" because it seemed that almost anything I wrote prayers about in it had a way of working out well.

    But I had this one really big and important prayer was was simply NOT being answered. So many prayers had been answered along the way - so why was this big one of such importance being ignored? I know the answer to that question NOW of course, but at the time it was causing me huge amounts of pain.

    In addition to this, the movie Zeitgeist was in the process of making its way across the net - and its barrage of spiritual-teaching debunkings, exposed conspiracy secrets, and dire predictions for a Big Brother future dragged me down even further. The faith instilled in me by my proper church upbringing was shredding into ever-increasing tatters of despondency and hopelessness.

    Then two very soothing things happened. One was that I'd written about my ever-increasing feelings of spiritual cynicism to a dear (and rather esoterically-minded) friend from way back - and she replied with words so loving and so comforting that I wept with joy while reading them. And then Obama was elected. These things calmed my rattled nerves and brought me some first lovely feelings of relief.

    Shortly there-after, I had a job with a 9am deadline, and had to work through the night on it to get it finished on time. I needed some audio to keep me going through the wee hours and ended up stumbling across an Abraham-Hicks video at YouTube. One Abe video led to another, and I could hardly believe what I was hearing. It was so refreshing and liberating and delightful - while all the while sounding very sure-footed and sane. I kept looking for red-flags - cult-thinking, sensationalism, get-rich-quick scams and such - but Abe continued to be comfortingly sane, full of humour, and encouraging of personal freedom - not encouraging a cultish "follower" mentality...

    By the time I'd finished the job and sent it off to my clients, I found myself breathing the fresh air of a totally new outlook on life - in just one night! All of the guilt loaded on me by years of proper church upbringing, and all of the cynicism and feelings of betrayal and pessimism, simply fell away from me like heavy cloaks during the course of that wonderful morning! I felt all bright and shiny!

    And how did I find this forum and this thread? Well, there's been this missing piece for me with my big issue with money. After listening to endless promises from Abe that those virtual fortunes are just leaning up against the door, waiting for us to open the door and let them begin tumbling in, I wanted to hear some testimony from LOA fans themselves. I was feeling a real need for that.

    I don't know exactly how it came about now - but I think I must have been listening to Abe on YouTube and had drifted into the area of lottories when videos about Cynthia Stafford popped up. Hearing her story gave me such a shot of encouragement that I wanted to find out as much about her as I could. I was also curious to see if Abe might have mentioned her at some point, so I Googled "Abraham-Hicks talks about Cynthia Stafford". That didn't lead me to any direct info about Abe talking about Cynthia, but it DID lead me HERE!!!

    And it's been such a joy to read all of your posts here! - So encouraging! Thank you so much for that!

    And now that I've released bunches of pent-up Abe enthusiasm, I promise to never write such a tome of a post again! For any of you who have actually taken the time to read this far, thank you so much for bearing with me!

    Bless you all! And much love to you from this UnderCoverAbeFan!

    p.s. - Completely forgot to mention that someone had suggested the film, "What the Bleep Do We Know?", to me at some point. I think its "Thoughts Make Things" message is what must have opened the first real slot for a bit of Abe to slip in through....

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    , UnderCoverAbeFan!

    Love your stories of tumbling money! Isn't it GREAT how life PROVES that LOA is true? As Abraham always say, "Words don't teach, life experience teaches." ...

    And regarding the following:

    Quote Originally Posted by UnderCoverAbeFan View Post
    And now that I've released bunches of pent-up Abe enthusiasm, I promise to never write such a tome of a post again!
    WHY on God's green Earth would you make such a screwy and unnecessary promise? Share your enthusiasm as long and as loud as you LIKE!

    You are going to ABE-SOLUTELY LOVE IT HERE!!!


    PS: I was initially poised to ask you "Why UNDERCOVER Abe Fan?", but that'd be sitting in a glass house ... I proudly wear my new state of mind and being, but I don't tell everyone I run across about ABRAHAM. Not because they'd think I'm weird - they think that anyway! Most just aren't ready to hear it.

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    saw an episode of "Old Christine", well part of it anyways. She says to her brother Matthew, how lucky he always is. He denies it and then looks at his hand, "hey, where did this $20 dollar bill come from?"
    At the end of the show, it continued on, he still trying to shrug it off, and then in his hand, again "hey, where did this $50 dollar bill come from?", with a very laxed, chilled demur about him.

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    Aw, CreatorChristine, thank you so much for the warm welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed my wanderin' money tales!

    And, you're right - it's silly of me to make a promise like that. I'll be sure to just flow where the stream takes me!

    As for why I'm undercover... What's that Bible quote that Abe likes? - "Go forth and tell no one." I think it just needs to be this way with me at the moment. I don't want any well-meaning (or cynical) "sane" people throwing me off course. They seem to think I have a tenuous enough grasp on reality as it is...

    I do get my Abe-isms in from time to time though - in a quiet, indirect way. But outright discussions are out of the question. So if I want to milk something, I'm pretty much left to my own devices. Which is why I've now decided to join you lovely people here....

    So thanks again, and I'm looking forward to being able to discuss these things a bit at last!

    By the way, I intend to allow a loft and a private indoor swimming pool into my life this year, so wish me lots of nifty allowin' vibes! (- So much fun to finally state that in a public arena! Ha!)

    And thanks for posting the "Old Christine" yumminess, chillinjoan!


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    My husband lost the moneybag for the restaurant he was managing, and we couldn't find it, and it wasn't turned in, so I can totally see how the envelope thing can happen...

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    Hey, thank you for your tome. I wrote long tomes from time to time too, especially when I'm all ramped up with vortex vibration. It's great! Don't hold back!

    I too am opening up to allow more freedom. Yesterday my husband and I were all excited by a manifestation that we decided to sit down together and consciously shift our vibration about our finances. That was soooooo fun! I FELT the shift happening. And I thought, this isn't about money, it's about coming into alignment and feeling the marvelous thrill of that.

    I'm definitely at the "optimism" level today. Yummmmm.

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    Thanks for the good words, ellenyo!

    Could you maybe describe what the shift felt like physically? I sometimes feel this odd wave of chills move across and through me followed by a brief feeling of a kind of tingly warmth (feels sort of like wearing a sunset for a second or two, if anyone can imagine what I mean by that) whenever I have a particularly yummy thought.

    For some reason I've just thought of a time when I was seriously smack dab in the middle of the Vortex looooong before I'd ever heard of LOA or Abe. My cousin had just had a baby, and I was living there with them at the time. She brought this tiny newborn home, and seeing him had the strangest effect on me (you must know that I'm not generally the type of person who gets all gushy about babies).

    I was fascinated by his tininess and the soft milk scent of him and the elegance of the way he moved his long fingers. My cousin commented that newborns are very elegant in their movements in a way that babies aren't anymore once they get a little bit older, and that newborns often look quite wise and knowing, as though they are very, very old rather than just brand new. Then she said, "You know the little indention we all have above our upper lip? They say we get that after we're born, when an angel comes and puts a finger there and says, 'Shhhh...'" I just loved hearing that.

    And suddenly everything looked like a miracle to me. The daffodil brought in to decorate the kitchen table seemed to glow and had an animated quality. And the rosiness in my cousin's cheeks seemed to have a light of its own too - and appeared suspended in the air slightly in front of her face. All sorts of things like that. I was in tears a lot of the time - joy tears.... You know? It's very hard to put into words.

    It seems to me that there must be an ee cumminngs poem around somewhere that captures a bit of this ineffable something I'm trying to express here, but I can't remember which one it is. If I do rediscover it sometime soon I shall post it here.

    In the meantime however, I'm very happy to have suddenly remembered this feeling. I think I may have just discovered a personal tool for getting into the Vortex more easily now! Yay!

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    Go forth and tell no one.........unless they are on the Abeforum and then, well you know, it doesn't count, because we are all one together.......being GOD and all

    My 7 yo Grandson found a $20 bill yesterday on the pavement !!!! You would have thought it was a mil the way he couldn't get over his luck !!! really, just yesterday this, right?!

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    More money falling from the sky! And your grandson's enthusiastic appreciation of this should take him well along the way to it happening more and more! Yay! Well done!

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    I'm so glad I was a match to this thread! I'm planning to move into a lovely waterview completely furnished gorgeous apartment/condo/home soon and take a 6 month sabbatical so I can really explore my surroundings and I don't know how I'm going to do it yet. But this thread is screaming at me loud and clear that how isn't my concern. Just keep dreaming and trust the U to deliver! Woohoo!!!! Thanks for the link, D!

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