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Thread: 99 different ways to get into the vortex!

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    Wouldn't it be so amazing if we can collectively gather a comprehensive list with 99 different ways we can get sucked in to the vortex??

    So let's go ahead and list the various methods that allows us to get us there! I'll do the honors and get started here. The name of the game is something that is quick and easy and doesn't cost hardly anything. Please feel free to copy and paste and add to this list:

    1. Listen to uplifting music - A side note: A person who I've spoken at Abe's Seattle WS last year mentioned that she has a "Vortex playlist" on her iPod which I think it's a brilliant idea.

    2. Meditate

    3. Read "Ask and it's given", or any Abe book or DVD/CD for that matter.

    4. Do a focus wheel

    5. Find anything to appreciate with no resistance. For example, thinking about Abraham and Esther and Jerry and how much they have helped me puts me right in a state of appreciation with no resistance.

    6. Practicing the vibration of our vortex(inspired by the recent online workshop). Spend time imaging what's like to be living everything that is sitting in our vortex as if it's so real.

    Okay six down and 93 more to go. LOL!

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    7. Go jogging at sunrise
    8. Take a walk outside in nature
    9. People-watch, looking for hotties!
    10. Take a long, hot bath and luxuriate
    11. Sing and dance with a hairbrush in front of the mirror
    12. Make love - either with a partner or by yourself (!)


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    13. Go to a funny movie and laugh so hard the people next to you look at you
    14. Pet a dog, or a cat, or hug a kid
    15. Eat your absolute favorite meal and savor every single bite, thinking about what you love about it
    16. lay down on your bed and imagine with as much detail the most relaxing or exciting or inspiring thing you can think of
    17. smile at 10 strangers you see and say hello

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    18. Come to theabeforum
    19. post on theabeforum
    20. feast in theabeforum
    21. luxuriate in theabeforum
    22. laugh in theabeforum
    23. vibrate in theabeforum
    24. enjoy theabeforum

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    25. step back and see the bigger picture.

    25. decide you want to feel good and reach for thoughts that do feel better

    26. write in your book of positive aspects

    27. watch a beautiful sunrise or sunset,

    28. fill your heart with love

    29. go to the ocean

    30. listen to the birds sing

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    I go on rampages of appreciation every day and they never fail to rocket me into the vortex! They've become such a highlight of my days!

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    31. Breathe in deeply feeling wellbeing

    32. Put your toes in the ocean and run and jump in delight

    33. Pet your kitty

    34. Go to the movies by yourself and sink in the darkness with great anticipation for a fabulous Movie to unfold.

    35. Run, run until you get runner high…wheeee

    36. Daydream, daydream and daydream

    37. Get alone, strip down to you skivvies and dance to loud music!

    38. Listen to Abe on youtube and get excited how you alays choose the right videos

    39. chase fireflies in the summer night

    40. Star gaze::stardust

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    Have an intimateconversation with your adoring Inner Being, best done while taking a walk, preferably at night.

    Waltzto The Blue Danube in your living room.

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    ellenyo's = #41

    42. Write, write, write something up the emotional scale until you can feel your inner being take over.
    43. Long, hot soak in the tub, in the vast spa/bathroom in your dream house.
    44. Long, hot soak in a hot tub in the woods surrounding your dream house.
    45. Sit by the lake and watch the ducks.
    46. Open the windows and listen to children playing outside.
    47. Walk past the trumpet player's house while he's practicing.
    48. Walk past the trumpet player's house while he's giving a lesson and imagine the student's excitement at the trumpet player's applause!
    49. Work in the garden.
    50. Watch horses roll in the grass.
    51. Watch a colt "prance like a girl", LOL!!

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    52: Sip on a vente iced decaf non-fat, extra extra caramel caramel macchiato
    53: Get a box of SnoCaps and a huge glass of milk and go to town
    54: Take laptop outside on the deck and amble through the Abe forum for an hour, clicking on threads (like this one) that resonate
    55: Start making plans for the summer
    56: Open up the windows wide
    57: Start planning the plantings for your spring/summer garden
    58: Go to the library
    59: Adopt a “rescued” dog and smother her with love

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