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Thread: Common Questions: Emoticons

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    Common Questions: Emoticons

    I have had a number of requests for information. I have started this thread as a quick way to give the answers.

    On emoticons: How do you get them?

    You have to reply to a post, then choose "Go Advanced" If you don't see the first set of emoticons on the right side OR if you see them and don't see the word "More" in small bracketed blue text just below them, do this:

    Go to the "settings" button located in the upper right next to Log Out.

    Go to the box on the left and down to "My Account" and click on "General Settings." Check out ALL the options there to see if you like them and change those you don't such as subscriptions to threads you post on and how you'd like to see the order of posts. From there:

    Scroll down until you get to "Miscellaneous Options" and click on "Enhanced Interface" and the "Full WYSIWYG Editing" choice. Click Save at the bottom of the page to save your prefererences. That will do it!

    Hope that helps. As new questions come up, I will post them here.

    I have screen caputures to help. Thank you, TryAgain for doing these for us!!

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    It worked!!! thank you David!!

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    Oh! Thank you so much for this, and for posting this link in the other thread where I mentioned I was looking for these.

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