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Thread: Telling your new story- while seeing through the eyes of source!

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    I always dreamed about building my piece of paradise on earth.
    I always felt that this would be possible.
    I always wanted it.
    I always refused to believe in less.
    I always believed in the possibility of having it ALL.
    I always loved the idea of beeing whole and holy.


    I am godforce. I am source.
    I love this world. I love the earth! I love the beeings, big and little.
    I love all colours.
    I love the night, I love the day.
    I love all elements equal.
    I love IT. I Love ME.
    I always knew: I am part of god. I AM GOD!
    I have it ALL in me. I know I am part of everything.

    I love this wonderful, sensous, myriad-wonder-playground so, so much!
    I want to be nowhere else, now, than HERE- godforce embodied, source in physical form, paradise... on earth!

    I want to fulfill my wish, I know how to do it.
    I look through the eyes of source into the physical world- and see the perfection. The ready reality of Paradise.
    I come full circle now.

    Everything is touchable divinity. Everything is glowing with inner spirit.
    I came here to see this.
    To BE IT.
    To feel and radiate and love this.
    I came here to understand who I am- and teach through my example.
    I wanted to be among the pioneers that made the paradigmenshift happen.
    The ones, that brought the golden age. That took the bounce:
    To see the truth and live and enjoy it fully.

    AND.... I AM!

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    Lordodthebling- your picture was on my mind the whole day yesterday. SO powerful!!

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    My day

    I have the days I always wanted to have.

    When the alarmclock rings itīs early in the morning. Iīm actually a nightowl, love to work when everybody else is sleeping. But I love to wake up early, too. I love the sunrise! I love the fog and the beautiful pictures that the sun and the silverveils of mist are creating together... on the images of plants, grass, trees, houses.
    First thing is to snuggle together with my husband. We do this all the 30 years we are together- nothing is more beautiful to us than to awake or be or go to sleep in the aura of the other one. Together with him I feel "myself" even more bold.

    We get up slowly. Meditating together. A little fun-fight or reading or a quick look into the Forum (PC right on the side of the bed) is always in the game. We parents sleep in the attic-storey of our beautiful, original house (an old farmhouse with stonewalls. Roses, grapes and peaches grow on itīs outsides.) The attic is transformed into a complete wintergarden- like a loft without inner walls, including bed, bathtub, shower, toilet, 2 fireplaces, and 2 open dressing-areas for me and him. It looks a little bit like the court of an italian farm! With wooden shutters, fieldstones as pavement, big plants and lemontrees, fragrant flowers allover!).

    In the 2 lower storeys the kids have their rooms.We wake up Heiko and Nici, our little sons that still go to school- and the funny dog, that sleeps in Heikos bed and is sooo happy to see us, too. They all love to be caressed for a few moments! What a tender start for all of us! Jana, our grown up daughter (is in apprenticeship to become a gardener), wakes up herself, she has her own little dwelling in the ground-floor. But I keep in best memory how we walked through the house and had 4 little sweet ones to wake in this way! My grown son now has still his room- but he is moved out and comes just for visits, together with his lovely, sweet girlfriend. They both study, heīs in design, weīr so proud of him!

    The house starts buzzing. Just one of all- Heiko- is having breakfast, I sit beside him and fix the lunchboxes. All the others donīt want to eat now- they prefer to joke, run around, shower long and with lots of singing, play with the dog... , and then the neighbour rings the doorbell and the boys take off to school. Jana drives off to her workingplace, We drive off to buy cake, coffee, buns at the bakery, and then have breakfast ourself. In our big garnet red- family-dreamcar! The car has big windows, we jokingly call it our driving wintergarden. We have a few places to choose from- on top of a hill, in a meadow on themiddle of a forrest, and, and... where the vista is the most beautiful to watch over the year and over the seasons. When the weather is fine we prefer to take my Maserati- convertible, it feels and sounds so amazing goooood to drive it! Or maybe Wolfgangs Landrover, when we want to climb to the montain-tops!

    Coming home the cleaning-lady already started her daily routine. I SOO love that my 3 houses are shiny-clean to the point!! I so love to always have fresh flowers everywhere, and I love the fresh, wonderful odors of environmentally friendly soaps and cleanse that she uses all over the place. Sheīs such a peaceful, friendly, funny person and adores our family- and we adore her. Her vibe and love adds to the sparkle of our home, too! We all are artists- and somehow chaotic! But having her is saving us. If outsides, in our beautiful giant Elfengarten, there are fruits to harvest- she and her family help with that, too. Than we prepare together the most delishious preservatives and stock up in our delightful big pantry, where food, preserves and specials from all over the world wait to be enjoyed.

    Maybe weīll have in the night a gathering or a festivity- sometimes some of our friends from the movie-business come over, or we celebrate a birthday or a solctice. Than we decorate either in "my house" (means my, in old german farmstyle, renovated barn. With a painting-studio in a giant "ballroom"). Or "Wolfgangs house" (the other barn we renovated, in his very unique architectural style. We live, work in his wood-workshop, eat and cook there). Or we prepare the garden for the feast. The gardeners comes over, maybe, too. They mow the gras and clean up the beds- and help with clipping the hedges or paint the outside-furniture from time to time. Wolfgang and I now have the most adorable time sitting on each of our creative projects (heīs in woodwork, welding, design or architecture, I am in writing, doing movies or painting/making sculptures/working with fabric such as patchwork... and on and on! We just LOVE our work. We often work together- and we love the people, that are involved with us.

    When the kids are back from school we have a small lunch together. We cook together for dinner at night, do homework, play, make music, enjoy the garden, meet friends- and, again, work on our projects. Or- on the weekends or on holidays- we take short (or not so short) trips to see the world. I LOVE to show them/or find together with them the most beautiful places! And I love that we know so many wonderful people, that love to share their inside-knowing about other cities. Or interesting jobs and projects. Or great food. Every trip or every gathering brims with exchange, inspiration for all of us. And with deep love, deep knowing! The kids feel inspired about all of that, too! We just have an absolutely GREEEEAT, abundant, rich-feeling family-life.

    When itīs time to go to bed, we take care that all rituals (like visiting the forum, meditating, reading) are done at a certain time. My husband and I love to share the last minutes of the day together- in sweet closeness, sharing our toughts, wishes and ideas. Watching the stars, the sunset... We snuggle together and bask in our love- and the knowing that we have our absolute dream-life- changing to our wishes, always new and inspiring- but neverendingly beautiful.

    Whoooo, I LOVE my life!!!!!

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    Iīm so grateful that my twinsoul shares this life with me. No, heīs not my mate. Heīs not my lover. But he is my mate and lover on a totally different level. We so ARE in love- unendedly! We ARE together- without ANY limits!

    Iīm so grateful that Abe and my inner guidance told me whatīs it about. Iīm so grateful that I understand it now completely- and that I may live such a special, rare love.

    Iīm deeply grateful for all this magic interactions I share with him- whenever I want. Iīm so grateful for this lifeforce that comes through us together- thats flowing fast as the wind. Iīm grateful for all this moments that felt like out of the world. This fairy-tale-like love.

    I love seeing him. My heart flys high when we just greet for a second. I love joking with him. I love flirting and playing with him. I love freeing him and beeing freed by him. I love to laugh until I roll on the ground because of his humour, that SO hits my nerve. I love to lock eyes with him in this unbelievable tender way. I love to feel so incredible special when he looks at me. I love to show him how special he is for me

    Iīm so blessed with this!

    I have no idea where I would be without him. It feels to me, that since I know him my life is more colourful. More vivid, more real, more fresh. Thatīs because his vibe is so very very much like my own. When Iīm not ITV it feels terrible- because heīs living so completely different than me. He seems to live in many things the exact opposite. First this was uncomfortable, I canīt tell!

    But through this I was FORCED to clean up and reach higher all the time- and again and again and again. Since heīs around I canīt stand still anymore. I have double-power. Itīs not just "my rubber band", itīs HIS, too! But I have the power to release it completely, no matter what he does. I learned to be COMPLETELY FREE. I LEARNED TO LOVE WITHOUT ANY CONDITIONS.

    I am so grateful that he showes me EVERYTHING that I forgot. He mirrors what I am. And on the other side- when we are physically together, we feel totally special, unearthly high. The seconds we lock eyes last for years. The seconds when we touched "by mistake" I feel for years. The words we exchange shift our worlds, every little time we do it.

    The visions we tell us each carry us along. The moments we share are mystical, blessing, devine. The interactions we have in vibration change my system. Heīs always THERE for me, and I am always THERE for him. I know, we never can loose each other. We never will.

    I so love to let go about what will be in the future!
    I know- it will be wonderful forever.

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    When I was a little girl I lived on my grandparents property- a giant piece of land with wood and ponds and a small river- and an inventiv factory, leaded by a geniuos creator and engine- constructing wizard. I felt like a little princess that was lost- but somehow remebers her own family, that thereīs a good way for everything- and that I will have my own, giant garden. I loved the ideas of angels and fairies. And than I met a brave man, that shared his life with me. He is an artist, an engineer too, treets me as his queen-and together we found the good way that was already leading us to all our power and good things.

    Together we founded "ELFENGARTEN"- fairy-garden. It was at first a steep north-slope with not a single tree on it. Now it has winding paths, beautifully constructed out of field stones, marble, pebble-mosaik. We love to design beautiful art for the garden. DH built the most amazing, stunning life-force dragon out of metall, mystical statues of "wild woman" or soothing pieces of "contemplation". I love to do mosaiks, paintings and lovely little statues that speak of joy, love and fulfillment.

    The design for the garden was totally done by me at first- and it was excellent. And than I even more loved to work with a gardendesigner to round my ideas- it was such a fulfilling, deeply functioning thing to do! Her knowing about plants and groundwork is even more profound than mine, witch I deeply appreciated! She was so inspiring- and understanding my ideas completely. Together we created a true paradise on earth!

    It was wonderfull to watch my ideas get "set into stone". Watch how the walls, the courts, pavillons, the bridge, the fireplaces, the pond, the arbours and trellises, the orangerie with the hidden garden found their unfoldement from vibration- over paper- to "reality". It was and is a never ending joy to look and shop for items all over the word. The garden is in this way always growing and getting every year more beautiful! And it is full of presents and breathtaking memories- and hopes.

    It was incredible to sit than, over the long lists of plants we had to buy- and, finally- know that we REALLY could buy them! And not only that- we could afford to let them be planted- and taken care for, further! We had no work with it at all. It was and is a miracle. The workers all had and have so much fun with this very special project! They love to work on it and many brought theyr familys tho show them what they did: Fill up the hundreds od beds with good black soil. Installing the watering system, the lights and electical system- the heating system for the orangerie, the garden houses. The water-supply for the ponds, the water-fall, the little stream that rushes through the fruitorchard, the wild-seeming bath-pond, all the little fountains and water-games. It all was built by wonderful skilled people who seemed to be fallen in love with our garden, theyr work and the outcome!

    Oh, I love love love all my roses. Over 2000 roses flower in all the 22 theme-gardens. In the venus-garden, at the white angel, beneath the dragons grotto, around the cream-and peaches-coloured pond-path. I the red fire-garden, over the bows that are the doors to my kitchengarden. I love to live literally between them! We can do everything outside now: Cook, eat, sleep, bath, work, paint, write. We have room for more than 200 guests- with a place to dance, a garden-kitchen and a garden-bar. We can set up 10 beautiful cremewhite tents and listen to piano-music. Or we can just do the ironing or homework in the sun.

    There are now about 400 already grand, wonderful trees around. Fruit trees also, with the most delishious pears, peaches, apricots, plums- and many old, almost forgotten breeds. We have a cretic-labyrinth, made from narrow raised beds full of all sorts of delishious strawberry-breeds, fruiting all the year. We harvest all sorts of fruit, herbs and vegetables origined from all over the world- and they all taste absolutely delishious. The kids love to stroll through all of that and eat and eat- (and we, too!). Afterwards they have a great time with their friends, in their self-built treehouses. Or with bathing, splashing in the water-channels, playing badminton or pingpong. Or read, quietly, in a hidden corner.

    From inside the garden many areas are romantically closed up. Nobody can look inside there. Others feel wide and open and give the look into the ladscape. The view from the house over the garden is into the fields behind, and onto the near hills with woods. In autumn- right now- the maple-and cherrytrees look like red and orange flames. The birches and larches are vibrant yellow. The big rocks on the flanks of the hills glow in the evening sun- and we have amazing sunsets. In winter itīs a snowy fairy-tale world, or covered in beautiful white frost. In spring all the trees and meadows are in full bloom. And in summer, of course, itīs a rush of colours, fragrances and dreamstate- butterfly- happiness! Thereīs always somewhere a little or very big miracle of nature! The valley around is filled with horses on big paddocks. My very good friend has all kinds of animals around there. We love to visit them, itīs such a delight!! The energy and vibes of horses have always been big uplifters to me.

    The other side of the house is enclosed by a nice, small farmers-village with absolute great neighbours. We have SO much fun together! The street here is the playground for the kids, the cars are rare and slow. Our place got formerly pretty cold in the winter, but less and less, because I orderd mild clima. I know the landscape-angel loves to work with me. We have long and fulfilling chats together! The animals love the garden, too. We see all kinds of rare ones all the time. They know they are safe here, and they love our vibe! They often come toplay with us- and to share the abundance and joy. We hear the songs of nightinggales and blackbirds all the time. Colourful dragonflyes, all kinds of butterflies are present in summer. Squirrels play with the cats- and donīt deplete the singin birds at all! Above us we hear the scream of bussards, flying their circles over the fields. What a reminder of freedom!

    And we love su much the fairies and angels. They hold their hand over the garden, really, they do. The garden is so fertile and happy! So blessed with the weather- and everything. Whenever we have a celebration outside (and that is pretty often) we first talk to them, and they ALWAYS love to serve us. We had more than once the amazing experience, that the dark clouds all around balled up, it rained and even hailed 2 kilometers away- but we had smooth sailing, with warm soft wind and sunshine. Our guests are all the times amazed about that! Oh, I love, love, love my garden. I loved to design it, I loved to plant it in the first years with DH all on my own, from sales and presents.

    And I absolutely loved watching it finally unfold in 1 1/2 years to absolut, "perfect" grandezza and sheer, romantic, dramatic, beauty.

    I love my garden SOOO much!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by paradise-on-earth View Post
    Here comes my first one!

    The story about my career.

    I love this story. I love to be so inspired! I love all the components that where drawn by my wishes, favourite choices into my life. I love to share with you what I found in my vibrational escrow- merging with so much touchable evidence already. I love to know that it is all ONE truth.

    I am a famous writer of books and screenplays. My style is always multifaceted entertaining. Iīm known to mix poetry with humour and highly interesting reality-facts, fiction with already lived "reality". Itīs a very leading edge style, a totally new genre. I love to tell adventure storys full of spiritual unfoldement, love and inspiration. I heard so often from my readers that they are literally drawn into my stories, that they find themselves living in pictures I described. And that they find inspiration and soothing from knowing that the storys always have a wonderful happy end... or, no "end" at all: "Eternally incomplete, but satisfied and eager for much more, where they are".

    In the process of getting the books publishes I come across the most amazing people and experiences. I love my avocation because Iīm called with this unendedly towards new, faszinating people, places, interactions! I work with animal trainers, architects, designers, coaches, stuntmen-and woman, directors, actors, farmers, musicians, costume-designers, singers, artists, children, housewifes, teachers, multimillionairs, globetrotters, chefīs, unknown ones and VIPīs that are worldwide-famous. I learn so much new things. I get so much faszinating insights. I may share my deepest dreams and wildest fantasy- and uplift others with them. Thatīs cocreation in wonderful dimensions! I love, love, love to do it.

    Even beginning the process, the writing, gives me so much exhilaration! I see the world through the eyes of an author, always on the hunt for beauty, adorable viewpoints and wonder- full insights. And great "punchlines"! I look always for the mystery in the normal, the magic fairytale inside of the ordinary-seeming daily-life. I hear the music that belongs to it all day in my inner ear. I feel the moods that will work to the plays best. I find examples and new insights all day long. I am blessed. I live my dream.

    I love the magical ways and pathes in what people that are needed to unfold the process of publishing, find me. This is so funny or breathtaking to watch- it would be a fairytale by itself. I love to feel the peopleīs adoration for the storys and my work flowing through me, their upliftment and gratefulness, their laughter and joy. I love to share SO MUCH!!!

    I love to celebrate- with my family and friends. I love to inspire, touch and delight endlessly, through all my arts and skills. I love to live in extremely beautiful environments- designed by myself or others that love to produce beauty and excellence, the same like me. I love to work- and live- and celebrate with them together! I love to share this excellence that goes together with unlimited beliefes, thoughts and expectation. WHAT an unfoldement of life!!!

    I love to feel and see and know the hight of understanding they have for this material. I love to share in always more wide circles. People are drawn to me that are in connection with their IB or on the search for it. They look to get together with like-minded people, like me. They love to create together, in sometimes totally new styles. I love to be on this leading edge. We find together wonderful new ways of creativity. It is so breathtaking wonderful to inspire more and more creativity from others into that! There is such a hughe, ready creation, already ready!! I love to tap into it. I love to feel and interact in it. I love to KNOW it so deeply.

    My stories are all movies, too. I always adored the people that are so close to "virtual reality" in theyr jobs. Music, "new stories", light and colours... sound, imagination... oh, I LOVE IT. Itīs totally my world. I love to be part of this. I love everyone who is part of it. I love to work with the "giants"- giants of creativity, of knowing, of money-making. Giants in their profession! I love to learn from than, to be inspired. And I love to exchange and teach and inspire. I love the acceptance between us and the respect and deeply felt and understood love.

    I love to play with all of them. Play with the new found ones and with the "old" friends- together. Love to see the growth and incredible inspiration that takes place to every individual- and love to watch the always growing expansion of the whole. I love to be part of such a delishious thing. I love to be the one, that found words and shape for it and than plays and plays and plays along with it, cocreating more and more!

    I love to found and expand my imperium. All this ideas that sprung from the original ideas: I love setting up businesses like a chocolaterie, a high-grade restaurant, an internet shop for special, delishious products made from the farmers here- or everywhere! I love to have friends all over the world- and to cosmopolitically share their view of life. I love to see the advertising-posters of my books and movies hanging in my rooms. I love to see and feel me and my loved ones having big work and big celebrations with all of them- on our property, at opening nights or at readings. I love to always make a sensious celebration out of it. I SO love to live this!

    I love, love, love this vision, this story, this reality!!!
    It is SO MUCH JOY.
    You just happen to be my FAVORITE author!!!!

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    I just LOVE such an auditorium!!!!

    Thank you so much!!!

    To write it feeeeeeels so incredible wonderful hilarious good!!!
    And I finally notice HOW MUCH Iīm already THERE!!!!

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    I feel so incredible happy to get this more and more... and I get it that I never might finish to get it- and this doesnīt matter at all, because itīs absolutely and true and fulfilling everywhere where I am.
    I feel as one, together with my source. God and I are the same- just with two different vanatagepoints. We are the same in worth- we have different jobs. Together we are devine. Together we are high. Together we are invincible. God always knows that- and I sometimes forget- but it makes no difference.

    I love to feel hat. I love that source always guides me to the next step. I love that Iīm- as soon as Iīm ready, immedeatly guided to the next possible step. God is always there. Itīs ME from a different angle!
    I am proud that I feel this now so clear. That I feel it immedeatly. I KNOW it. I trust every step on my way. I know that everything I wish for has to come. I KNOW IT: And I LOVE to cocreate with my higher self- source- together.

    Itīs so thrilling!
    Itīs sooooooooooooooo good!
    Itīs so fulfilling, and full of deepest respect for the BOTH parts of us!
    I AM GOD- and god is me!

    I LOVE IT!!!!

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    My Look

    I am impressiv. I radiate joy and openess. Iīm stylish and absolutely charismatic. All I wear, all I drive, all I am with has itīs own wonderful story. I collect miracles around me, Iīm filled with miracle-storys that base on joy, love and appreciation.

    People love to look at me. My cloth is very unique. I buy the most beautiful pieces all over the world. They have all colours of the rainbow. They all radiate the style of happines, uniquenes, beauty, love. They are deliberately made in great detail- or in an easy, open style. Theyr brilliant in colour- or soft and gentle. My accessoires ar special. I love to wear a rainbow of colours, set together in delishiously complimenting shaddows.

    I love shoes and boots that are beautiful and totally comfortable. I love to wear clothe that I forget by wearing- becouse I can move totally freely in. When I feel them, than because of their delishious touch to my skin. Or I hear their wonderful sounds. They smell fresh and lovely. I love perfums! I love to smell fresh fragrances. Fresh, loving, uplifting, wonderful smells.

    My hair is vibrant. Itīs glowing. I donīt have to take much care into it, itīs falling in an impressiv natural style. It vibrates and shines like sun. I look amazing. My walk is like I hear music all the time. I seem to dance. Iīm so powerful. Iīm so happy. To look at me makes others happy, too. I am dramatic often. My coats and skirts feel like angels wings. My body moves beautifully. I feel sexy when I move! I love to move. Iīm so elegant. Iīm so blessed with a totally beautiful body. I love to look at my legs, my feet, my hands. I love to feel my hair.

    I love my posture, my gestures. I love to feel so alive in this body. I love to feel like I am. I am so happy with myself! I feel like someone very special. I know that everybody is- and I love that I KNOW it. I love to uplift others, too. I love to seduce them into daring a life like that, too. I love to know my radiance. I love to be who I am. I love to dress and walk and talk and inspire and joke and feel like I am.


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    I love how Universe organizes it all for me!
    mmmmmmm, I love it! I love it! I love it! I love...
    I loooooovvvveeeeeeeeee iiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttttttttt!T
    I love consequencies, coincindencies, I love synchronicities
    I love flow. I love...
    I love feeling each day doing aligning....yea! I love it!
    I love it! I love it! I love it! I love...I love Universe
    I love how Universe is soooooo on my side.
    I love how Universe is so helpful, so responding.
    I love it! I love it! I! I love....
    mmmmmmmmmmm & I love having this energy of
    my wishes,...I adore enjoyment that I have with my kling...
    I love it! This Divine energy I am responsible of!
    I loooovvvveeeeeeee ittttttttttt!!!!!Yea!!!!!!!!I love
    richness of life. I love joy, I love preciouss friends from this
    forum capable of so much divine fun!!!!!!!!wueeeeeeeee!!!!
    Fun divine-I love it!
    I love seeing money being Divine! I love understanding
    Divine nature of money! I love feeling abundance in my heart!
    I love seeing my heart center as Sun. I love all those special feelings!
    I enjoy all those Divine energy...I love visualizing and feeling things that I see. I love it! I love life! I love my guidance. I love it! I love...

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