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Thread: Reacting! - The Kink In Your Hose To Allowing And Alignment

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    Reacting! - The Kink In Your Hose To Allowing And Alignment

    Greetings and Salutations to the Best of the Best, the Brightest of the Brightest, The Ones Who Cannot Hold Back, Who Cannot Cease To Be; Who Cannot Stop Themselves From Reaching Ever Forward, Ever Onward, Ever After, and Then Some........ I am here today to chew on a wonderfully liberating concept that is super cool, but one that might need a spoonful of sugar. Are you ready to rumble? Oh, good. Let’s get down to it, shall we?

    Your Life, Your Reality, is 100% Your making, Your doing, Yours, Yours, Yours!! What’s that you say? I never, in my right mind (exactly), would have created a life of Sisyphean encounters, pain in the ass people, an unsatisfying job, and, the coup de grace, a dearth of money. Yes, I know, time for the sugar.

    I understand that I am painting a dreary picture, but it’s purely for effect, to get your attention. Because, if you’re like most of us, things aren’t really that bad, but they’re not that good either, or should I say, there is definitely room for improvement?

    Now, here’s the good news, and it IS good news. Any areas of your life that are not working for you, can be quickly and effectively upgraded! Just like that. But, before I get ahead of myself, in the words of Ricky Ricardo, “I have some splainin’ to do.”

    Let’s break it down, shall we?

    Reality = Past Tense - more sugar.....
    Vortex = Present Tense - get out the insulin!

    Just roll with me here, I know it’s a difficult concept to get your head around. More deconstruction:

    Your Reality is the manifestation of your Dominant Vibration. Change Your Vibration and, you’ll Change Your Reality.

    Let’s keep going:

    Your Reality is mostly comprised of your REACTING to the happenings of your day; not the Conscious, Streamlined Focus of where you want to be, go or, what you want to feel, do, or have.

    Change Your Focus and you will Change Your Reality!!!!!

    O.K., that feels better. Everything in our world, EVERYTHING is subject to our wishes, our focus, our desires, our allowing. When you realize that you are the architect of your vision and dreams, well then, the idea of our reality mirroring our vibration, leans more toward the sublime.

    Here’s what I have noticed about my behavior and focus. I was a reactionary folks - in every sense of the word! Sure I can blame it on the fact that I was raised in Manhattan; where, if you don’t react, you’ll be pronounced DOA. But, it doesn’t matter where you were indoctrinated, it just matters that you want to change your behavior. And, that’s what I’m about, upgrading my behavior to suit the woman I want to be, period!

    With that as our mantra for the day, how does one go about changing his/her behavior? Easy - observe it first. Watch yourself from the Owner’s Box, high atop the field of play. See yourself in all your splendor as you react to your kid, husband, the guy in the other car who won’t let you merge, or the thousands of other things that might crop up in your day.

    What I find interesting, is that our reaction is based upon taking the event personally. We don’t stop to think what the person initiating the incident might be all about, the day he’s having, etc. Haven’t you ever had someone make a bonehead move in their car and when you pulled up along side to smirk (out of the V), and act superior (way out of the V), because your right (V what V?), you notice that they are completely and totally NOT participating in their own life? They have that lights on, dimly, and no one’s home look, with no clue how close they came to death. They're just cruising along in their reality and you “happened” to cross paths.

    Perfect segue into my next thought: There are billions of people on our planet with billions of realities, that they are formulating and living. Each and every one of these carbon based life forms, is creating his/her own reality. Your job, should you choose to live a life of freedom, is to consciously create your reality, and leave the reactions in your rear-view. And, take it from me, a former, chronic, core-breach reactor, it can be done, and all it takes is commitment, period!

    Your reality does not have to be linked to anyone else’s; not your child’s, husbands, friends, communities, nations, worlds - NO ONE. Feel This Great Ones: We are the foremost extension of God in physical form. And, as such, we created a basis for living a joyful life that is intricate, multi-dimensional, fecund, over-the-top genius and, is inextricably linked to our singular creativity and focus. No one can get in and fidget with the dials of our dreams, unless of course, we let them. It all begins, and ends, with focus. Which, when done properly and with purpose, will be the engine that drives you into your Vortex, into your plu-perfect, present tense of co-creation!

    What you will find when you get there, into your Vortex, is there is less to react to. Why? Because you are Vibing at a very, high level. You will be following Your Intuition. You will know in advance when someone is about to make a potentially dangerous move, which affords You the time and inclination to prepare for it, with aplomb. And then, when You move out of his way, You will have a moment of love for him, no kidding!

    Begin to consciously create and you will notice your reality shifting, re-formatting, upgrading. And, before you can say, “Bob’s your uncle,” you will find that when you take stock of your life, it has become sweeter; those once major issues, have become minor or have slipped right off your screen. You will notice cool people filling in for the not-so-cool, you will become the author of a love story, your love story. The Story of You and YOU! Because, in the end, it all comes down to that one relationship - You and YOU! You and YOU! You and YOU!

    And, when you fall into the Grace of your Grander Self, You will have found the Road Home, to the world that You “left” in order to come Play, here in a Sea of Contrast. You will come to value the contrast, and the potential it gives You for expansion. You will embody and exemplify what a God looks like at Play. You will be amazed at how damn good You feel! And, You will become an addict to that feeling, wanting more, and more, and more.

    You will have become a walking, flowing, oozing Monument of Your Majesty, of splendor - at once being your alpha and omega, your yin to your yang. Cavorting in the rapture of Your Being, Your Becoming, Your unfolding. And now, when You take a seat in that owner’s box, YOU will watch You navigating with confidence and equanimity, through this lively game of life.

    I look forward to playing with You Dear Ones. We have always had so much fun together, and I love that we are coming to remember our Genius, like we knew we would. Which leads me to one of my favorite lines, from a Talking Head’s song:

    “Did I find you or you find me? There was a time, before we were born, if someone asks, this is where I’ll be!”

    “This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)” T-Heads

    You get it? It’s yesterday and today, all rolled into one. It’s lifetimes upon lifetimes of asking, queued up and ready to begin flowing down The Universal Conveyor Belt, right into your life. And, to make it even more juicy, when you're in the Vortex, signs/clues will emerge everywhere on your physical trail. They are the breadcrumbs, left by the Expanded Version of YOU, signaling that you're on the perfect path, heading downstream, straight into tomorrow and beyond. How righteous it that thought? It’s YOU titillating You, tantalizing You, giving You an atta-girl/atta-boy, You’re getting warmer as you follow The Yellow Brick Road, down to the Emerald City of Resplendent Living!

    “Home, that’s where I want to be, but I guess I’m already there!”


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    Hi Alchemist I am currently reading the book The Alchemist. Thanks for posting this its really interesting and whilst I beleive I see and understand what you ahve said I think I need a little time to digest it

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    Don't forget the sugar!

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    Really great post Alchemist. Thank you. Reaction to external "reality" is the on/off button!

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    Alchemist, that was beyond awesome, and just raised my vibration, right there. Thank you so very much!

    Love, Jen

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    Once again - A MASTERPIECE!

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    I agree, it is an awesome MASTERPIECE!!!!! thankyou!

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    This felt wonderful to read!

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    In The Vortex, ,


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    ok, I will play the village idiot here......what the HECK is Sisyphean encounters?? You got s'more splaining to do............

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