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Thread: The Meditaton CD and experiences with it

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    I'm so glad you posted this link, thank you!!!!!

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    Thank you David you are so incredible and you spoil us so much. Your face reflects your Source, did anybody told you that before?

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    Done! Thank you David! I have been wanting to meditate but was not inspired, that is, until now...

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    Thanks David! Just ordered it. I can't wait!

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    Thanks so much, David, for sharing your enthusiastic endorsement. I am definitely going to pre-order it - it sounds absolutely amazing.

    Su, who's still soaring after the A-H workshop last Saturday

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    I ordered mine last week . . . have been anticipating for over six months as Jerry let the cat out of the bag in the Caribbean . . . .

    Thank you David!

    I also just got the new DVD, Ask and It Is Given - an expansion of one of my favorites "The Secret Behind the Secret" and the DVD "Money and the Law of Attraction" . . .. Love New Abe stuff.

    Can't wait 'til Saturday in Atlanta!

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    David, I got goosebumps reading your post about this new CD.

    I just ordered it (thanks for the link).

    And I'm just about to crack open the book "The Vortex" for the new study group here.

    Yes. GOOSEBUMPS! I'm so excited about the timing of all of this!

    Thanks again David.


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    New CD

    I'm really excited about this and have just pre-ordered it from Amazon, although the shipping date is 8 Dec, unfortunately. Humph. Something to do with being in the UK, I guess.

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    I LOVE it when they bring new stuff out. Mine's ordered and should be with me early December. Can't wait!!

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    cathjane, don't forget we have a new book coming in January, i think.
    Exciting stuff!

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