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    Quote Originally Posted by David View Post
    A closing of a thread comes when the topic has, much like this one, moved off topic enough that there's no bringing it back to what is topic. Ususally there's an explanation in the thread. Either Marc, Leslie, or myself are happy to explain why a particular thread is closed. Right or wrong, (and we never get it wrong or done... ) we are all doing the very best we can.

    This is a good example of a thread that should be closed. It has moved into a region away from topic, and I can feel is spiral downward far away from it's original opening, an appreciation of what the forum is from the direct input from countless hours of loving and appreciation of Abraham's teaching.

    I will be happy to answer any questions privately about thread closure to the best of my ability.

    Thank you!
    Thank you David I will pm you and if you could explain it to me I would greatly appreciate it. I really did not think I did anything wrong and I did feel my thread was appropriate with the joy of life.

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    Just to add to what David said, we've got a few intentions here and we're trying to balance them as best we can. The intent of the Forum is to discuss the teachings of Abraham and how we use them in our lives. That really is the centerpiece of what makes this Forum what it is and what brings us all together. We model things on how the workshops function, but obviously things are a little different and we don't have Abraham orchestrating the flow of things, so David, Leslie and I do the best we can.

    Of course, we're wanting this to be as open, free and fun experience as it can be. At the same time, there are lots of fun things out there, too, and there are certainly threads out there that are just going beyond the scope of what we do, fun as they are. There's just a certain order that we have to maintain for this space to be the way that it is and feel the way it does and that really isn't any different than what you'd find at an Abraham workshop. In other words, people generally accept that they're at the Workshop to discuss Law of Attraction and how they can use it in their lives and not to do other fun things like telling jokes, exchanging cute pictures or playing games. People generally accept that they have to wait until Abraham calls on them and that Abraham will sometimes cut them off if they're stuck in the mode of turning upstream. Again, none of that is really much different from the way we do things here. Of course, I'll certainly confess that I'm not as graceful in doing them as Abraham.

    As David explains, sometimes a thread starts off fine and moves in a direction that makes it impossible to get back on track. In some cases it becomes clear that we'd really be doing a disservice if we let someone continue to beat up on themselves. Sometimes a thread is off-topic to begin with. Usually we err on the side of letting the discussion be open as possible and that means we let some threads stay open even if they're a bit off topic, but there are other times we step in. We have to make judgment calls and it's inevitable that sometimes members might not agree with them.

    It isn't the only way to run a Forum. Indeed, if you're wanting a no-holds barred environment, AbeTalk is the place for you. Personally, I prefer the way things feel over here, but I'm quite glad that they're around because we get to do things our way, they get to do things theirs and you can choose what's right for you at the time. We're not trying to be everything to everyone.

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    A workshop environment was my vision right from the start. Very often, the reflection of the teachings is so strong on the Abe Forum from so many members here that it is very much like Abraham themselves are speaking. I feel it just like that. My vision continues as it has for over 12 years now.

    I am so very glad I have a staff to help me. We all have a staff from the Universe, actually. The forum is the best reflection on the planet of the best teaching on the planet. No small deal there. I am delighted to be with the best there is, all of you, Marc and Leslie, to see it move onward every day.

    On behalf of Marc and Leslie, thank you SO much for your support.

    There really IS Great Love here.

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    Exploring around in here. Just wanted to set my segment intention - I intend to feel better this minute than I did the minute before, and to continue to feel better every minute of every day.

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