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Thread: Emotional Guidance Scale & Processes Table

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    I do not know how to stop thinking and feeling that food and fluidsmake me gain weight and prevent me from loosing weight. I am so programmed to think and feel that food and fluids are bad for me. I was beaten up with that for years by friends and family....You are so thin.....How do you eat and not gain weight....How do you eat right all the time....Why don't you like sweets.....I am so jealous of your body.....You are so pretty and thin.....I am so jealous......I have never been thin......Why do guys always talk to you.....I cannot hang out with you anymore because you make me look bad.....How is it that you know how to dress so well..... I cannot ever put an outfit together......You make me sooooooo jealous.....Why do think nice about people.....How is it that you look so good in your clothes....I am jealous that you look good in your clothes.....How is that you have two cars....You have a model's body and you are overweight and you still look good.....

    All this blah blah blah just bugs the h--- out of me.......just shut the h--- up. Even when I say I do not want to hear it the comments just on coming and I say I am not the one.....I am not here to make you not want to make you okay.....and they just want to tell me what they think anyway over and over and over and over again. It is nauseating. I keep saying I do not want to hear it and the comments just on coming. Like a broken record. I broken record them and they broken record me.

    I feel soooooo much better now. Lightened up alot and alot and alot. I even feel good again. Wow

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    I must vibrate people into my life that need to force me to notice them do for them help them and who knows what else. Does not matter what they want. What matters is what I want. I have had to deal with these j----- for so long. I think they are gone and they are right back again. They are in my vibration every single day, day after day. I am not the one.

    I am not here on the planet to be mother Teresa or to help everyone unless I am hired to help them. I am willing to help others as long as there is a mutual agreement. Mother Teresa chose her assignment. I am choosing mine and it is not the same. I used to think I had to emulate someone like her. I do not think that anymore.

    About pampering…..I like myself. I started liking myself about 20 years ago. I like my looks and my ways and my talents and my gifts and my style and my fashion sense and my sense of humor and my charm and my abilities and my wonderfulness. People have been telling me for years how good I look and how well I dress. I worked hard on that style. Now none of this pampering that I know of made me feel good. I just started feeling gooooood a few weeks ago after I learned it was okay to feel good listening to ABE. I think the tyrannical weak see that I like myself and want to know how to like themselves like I do. When I am not forthcoming with instructions on how to make them like themselves and feel good, their way of dealing with it is to chase me down and force me or watch me into showing them. I wonder if people stalk Esther Hicks? They do not want to do the work they think by stalking me they will get it. Creepy. Like those people that have access to DMV records.

    These 20 years of pampering finally caught up with me…..that is sad if it took 20 years of pampering to get to now. 20 years of pampering to feel good now. WOW….must have had such incredible resistance. That makes me angry.

    I would be happy to give seminars and workshops on how to like oneself. Lord knows I have had 20 years of daily practice in the face of incredible adversity….wow.

    Waiting is not fun. Not my idea of fun. Maybe someone else’s idea….don’t know don’t care.

    Now that feels good. My journey is my journey. I am actually starting to feel good about what I like about myself. That was the missing portion…..the feeling good part.

    You see you can take all the baths, hair care, nail care, long walks, bike rides, long drives, health food, partying, drinks you like, outings, karaoke, massages, Dr visits, health fares, skin care, trips, vacations, and on and on and on and on…..without feeling good… ABE says….does not matter. Nothing matters without feeling good…..nothing matters. Money helps you to feel good… helps a lot.
    Why? Because all of those things above cost money……ABE says…..feel good first and the money comes. Hummmmmmmmmmmm. Sounds like another catch 22 to me. LOA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moonstarfire View Post
    My question is regarding the EGS and getting into the vortex...

    ...OK, moving along the emotion guidance scale starting at the end that feels bad moving in the direction that feels good, at what emotion are you in the vortex? Would it be somewhere around a 7 (where feelings just start to feel good) or more like a 4?

    The door to vortex is between Hope and Optimism

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    Just a reminder that this is meant to be a REFERENCE thread and not really a DISCUSSION thread! Feel free to start new threads on individual questions you might have with regard to this table!

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    Perhaps now's a good time to put a lock on it, HitC?

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    Creator Christine have you manifested what you want in life?

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