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Thread: A short statement to read before posting in this forum.

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    A short statement to read before posting in this forum.

    "We don’t want you to ever see us as the sounding board for the unveiling of problems. We want you to see us as the support system of everything that you are and everything that you’re asking for. We want you to understand that your Vortex is the sounding board for all of the wonderful things…

    We’re just asking you to make your statement of intention. What is the intention in this segment of life experience? Is your intention to chart thoughtways that will lead to a construction of a project that’s just going to thrill you when it manifests? Or is your intention to construct something that doesn’t please you?

    We just want you to understand that every single minute of every single day, you have the option of constructing wanted or unwanted things.
    Period. Period. Period. Period. Period. Period. PERIOD.
    There isn’t any other way of going about this. And you can tell by the way you feel which you are doing.”

    - West LA 1/29/11

    The above statement reflects good Abraham work and applies to posting here on this forum. Before creating a new thread, check for how it feels to you. Ask yourself: Is there more energy on what you want in your posting, or more of what you do not want?

    The original thread that dicusses this important idea may be read here;

    Great thanks go to the moderators and your co-Administrator Marc for all they do, for all the loving positive energy they bring, and to everyone that participates in this amazing thing we know as Abraham-Hicks appreciators here.

    with Love and abounding appreciation.
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