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Thread: Virtual Reality of an Abraham Cruise

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    Virtual Reality of an Abraham Cruise

    Here’s a little Virtual Reality of Abraham cruising.
    Someone asked “tell me how it all works” (about the Abraham cruises), so here’s a little something to take into your Virtual Reality, and start to "feel it real".

    As your taxi rounds the corner, you’re stunned at the enormity of the ships in port. You never would have thought you’d be impressed by a ship, but when YOUR ship comes into view, it takes your breath away. She’s beautiful. Majestic. Regal.

    When you walk across the passenger breezeway, and step on to your ship, you realize you’re in a completely different world. Everything is good here. And you know, after spending time with Abraham, your view of the world will have changed when you arrive back here again at the end of your cruise.

    Dozens of smiling, helpful staff greet you on your way to your stateroom. They are here to pamper you, to make you feel comfortable, to remind you that you are someone special. It feels so good to be appreciated, to be noticed.

    There’s already mail for you in the little mailbox beside your stateroom door. They knew you were coming – you’re where you are supposed to be.

    There’s an envelope from Jerry and Esther. Inside it, you find your cruise pin, your name badge, a map of the dining room, and another copy of the workshop schedule. You’ve heard that Jerry and Esther will send you little gifts throughout the cruise, and you can hardly wait to be surprised by them. You send Jerry and Esther love and good wishes right now and you admire your new cruise pin that will remind you to get into the Vortex every time you wear it.

    Your stateroom is perfect. You look in all the drawers and nooks and crannies, and find that it’s got everything you will need, plus more. You feel so privileged. And you know that if you need anything else, all you have to do is call your steward. He’s here to make this the most enjoyable vacation you’ve ever experienced. It feels so good to have your needs taken care of.

    You make your way upstairs to the Lido deck. There are already some people splashing about in the pool. Ah, it will feel so refreshing to take a quick dip later. There are lots of people about, but somehow it doesn’t feel crowded at all. There are people lounging by the pool, some quenching their thirst at the bar, some enjoying the bright sunlight and eating lunch outside. Some with ice cream cones in their hands, licking furiously so they don’t lose any of it

    You make your way into the buffet and are thrilled with the selections. It doesn’t matter that you circle the buffet 3 times, trying to figure out what you’d like to eat – you’re on vacation, you’re allowed to do whatever you want here. You’re free to be yourself. So you help yourself, and then go back for a second round of the most delicious items.

    After lunch you explore the ship. Its beauty stuns you. The gorgeous chandelier in the multi-level atrium, the glass elevators, the grand piano, the lovely artwork, the gleaming handrails, the marble stairs, the beautifully laid out bars and lounges, the spa (oh yes, you could definitely enjoy a hot-stone massage). And you laugh out loud, because you have no idea what direction you’re going in – forward or aft – but it really doesn’t matter because you keep discovering new and wonderful places.

    Either shortly before or shortly after sail away, you’ll make your way to the Theatre, for the short welcome greeting from Jerry, Esther, and Abraham. The Theatre is jammed packed with other Abers – people from over 20 different countries, all here to enjoy Abraham with you. Tingles go through your body when you see Jerry and Esther walk on stage and sit at the table where Esther will check her headset.

    And then it all begins – and tears come to your eyes as you listen to the words of Abraham. You’re overcome with a sense of appreciation. It’s all right here – right in front of you. And you’re so fortunate to be experiencing it all. No matter how far back you are in the Theatre, you can see it all, thanks to the help of the video equipment and projection screens. It’s just a short greeting today, but you know the many sessions with Abraham later in the week will be satisfying. You’re here to co-create an amazing time together, leading-edge, taking life further than it’s been before. And all you can feel right now is love, appreciation, and joy.

    You may have already decided that you would feel wonderfully connected to Source by doing your meditation outside every day, either on your verandah or on one of the many vacant deck chairs. Just sitting quietly, earbuds in, staring at the mesmerizing, beautiful waves, with the fresh sea air on your face. It might also be a lovely place to quietly write in your Book of Positive Aspects. Or do some focus wheeling. Or some Virtual Reality. This is going to be an excellent cruise.

    It’s late afternoon and it’s finally time for sail-away. You’ll finally be on your way. As the ship pulls away from the pier, you’re standing outside, either on your verandah, or on one of the decks, waving to watchers on the shore, and awed at the feeling of the ship gliding along beneath you. Everything glimmers in the sunlight. You’re actually sailing – you can’t believe it. What a feeling!

    On your first evening at dinner, you’re anxious to see how it will go. You know that on the first night, all the Abraham cruisers sit at their assigned tables. There is a special section of the dining room reserved for Abers (at both the early and the late seatings). And then, every night after that, Abers are free to sit at any of the Abraham-reserved tables that they like. This gives Abers a chance to dine with new friends, or a chance to meet new Abers they haven’t met before.

    Some tables of Abers are laughing non-stop, loudly having the time of their lives. Some tables are deep in serious conversation, loving every moment of discovery. Some tables are somewhere in-between, having pleasant conversation. You know how the Law of Attraction works, so you know that you'll get whatever dinner experience you’re attracting – and it’s ALL so good, so delicious.

    Sometime during the day you’ve spent a little time looking over your daily newsletter. You found it either in your mailbox, or your steward may have already put it on your bed (he’s so thoughtful). You’re amazed at how many things there are to do on this ship. Everyday the list of activities and offerings changes. There is so much to have fun with, it’s all for you to enjoy.

    There are cooking classes, quizzes and games you can play on your own or as a group, bingo, art auctions, presentations by the travel guide, computer classes, poolside games, wine tastings, dance classes, sports activities, movies, and a kid’s club for the kids. It all looks so inviting.

    Will you keep up with your exercise program in the fitness center, will you go to the exercise classes offered by the spa, or will you pamper yourself with some of their pleasures like a massage, time in the Jacuzzi, the heated ceramic lounge, or getting your hair, skin, or nails done?

    You think to yourself that it would be fun to check out the library, cafés, and lounges where you can read, treat yourself to specialty coffee, borrow books, do jigsaw puzzles, borrow board games, pick up the daily sudoku game, and use the internet.

    In the evening you may want to go to one of the many bars/lounges where you can sip a beverage, listen to a musical performance by entertainers or musical groups, enjoy a comedian, or even dance. You may also want to catch the big musical production that will be in the Theatre.

    And just the thought of all that food makes your mouth water. The dining room offers three meals a day with full service. On some ships, the buffet is open 24 hours a day, and on others, the buffet is open most waking hours, so you can help yourself almost any time you have a craving for a little something or want a full meal. In the afternoons, there is a burger stand and a pizza stand by the pool. And many ships have an ice cream bar (either soft serve or hard ice cream) also open in the afternoons. In one of the dining rooms, there is a full-service afternoon tea, with scones, jam, and cream, pastries, sandwiches, and hot beverages (yes, and they even wear white gloves). Some of the specialty restaurants are open for lunch – all of them are open for dinner. There is also often a late-night buffet available. And on top of all of that, room service is available free of charge around the clock.

    Yes, you CAN picture yourself lying in bed, sipping your morning coffee. Yes, you CAN picture you and your friends sharing cocktails and munchies on your verandah in the afternoon. Yes you CAN picture champagne and strawberries dipped in chocolate delivered to your room for a romantic afternoon. Yes you CAN picture having a candlelight and champagne dinner served to you on your verandah. Yes you CAN have 2 or 3 servings of whatever you want in the main dining room – just ask

    When in port, you might get off the ship and go on a shore excursion. The Abraham workshops are only scheduled for days when you are “at sea” – so they never conflict with days in port. You may have decided to choose some of the shore excursions that the cruise line offers. Or you may have decided to reserve a spot with a private tour provider. Many well-seasoned cruisers prefer to book smaller, more selective private tours. Often this is a way to save money, to get into exclusive areas the big tours can’t/don’t go to, and to be with a small group of 4-12 people instead of on a bus of 45 people. The are so many shore excursions offered, both by the cruise line and privately, that whether you love adventure, nature, history, culture, sports, food and wine, animals, scenery, folkloric shows, gardens, forests, walking tours, bus tours, or boat tours – there’s bound to be something that tickles your fancy in each port.

    At the end of every very long and pleasure-filled day, you’ll return to your stateroom where you’ll find your steward will have turned down your bed, and left you a little chocolate on your pillow. And when you lay your head down, and tuck into that luxurious bed, and pull the soft comfortable covers up around you, you’ll remember some of Abraham’s most oft spoken words - “life is supposed to be good”.

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    I love cake, I love YOU
    That was most exquisitely delicious.
    I do believe I allowed a significant portion of my vibrational escrow while reading that!!!

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    Thanks a lot for that! I had just been wondering what the cruises were like.

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    Ask and it is given!!! Ilovecake!
    I did not imagine it SO wonderful. Reading your VR made me laugh and cry...
    I´m speechless. Thank you so, so much. When I pull this off, I will have to thank you BIG time- even more!

    And I will.

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    BEST virtual reality ANYWHERE!

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    Much Appreciation!!!!

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    Wishing i was in Sedona

    That was so amazing. Thank you.

    I've now been on my first cruise!

    Thanks again!!!

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    in my vortex and creating more joyous experiences in my life - YAY!
    This is perfect!!!!!!!!!! thank you so much for sharing
    I feel like I've really been on a cruise with all of you and had a wonderful time milking it and eating amazing food, getting a hot stone massage, attending Abe workshops and having a fabolous time in the ports

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    Took me right back there!
    Thank you Ilovecake for sharing

    Maybe the Mods could make this thread a sticky so anyone new to Abraham cruises with questions would find it easily...
    Just Fabulous!

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    Done. Yes, this is a worthy sticky. Thanks for the story and suggestion.

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