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Thread: Virtual Reality of an Abraham Cruise

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    YES, we were on the wonderful Panama cruise, and signed up for our 5th Abraham cruise, which will be to the lovely Hawaiian isles, in Feb 2012....

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    Now do they grow the food they serve on the ship? I'd like my tomatoes truly fresh, thank you very much, and same for ramps, kale, collards, and of course the olive oil must be frozen before it's shipped but best is when it's right there...and pineapples. And now that we're talking, I'd like to have a couple of goats on deck, just a couple...OK, Ok, I know that's pushing it, but just a half-acre of pasture and you could have really fresh raw milk.

    Or, we could all just manifest this food direct-manifestation from the void. Or have our UM do it for us. JoyJoy? Fetch!

    Then, then! Then we could manifest HUNGER! So we'd be ready to eat again!! Oh wow, this is getting good, the possibilities are endless...

    are there gratified women there on hte cruise? I mean, gratified as in it-takes-seventeen-people-to-gratify-one-woman-and-then-you-can-feel-the-good-vibes-for-miles-around gratified? I think I would basically never leave the ship, I would just move there. that would be my new address.

    I'd like to direct-manifest biofuel for the vessel, it'ss more economical that way, and opportunities to be of service...and probably I'd end up hanging out on the Abe forum a whole lot.

    More, more!

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    Joshua, you could try to hire there, as entertainer!!

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    Joshua, you can assume everything will be to your liking (if you choose to make that assumption). Yum yum!

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    I LOVE THIS!!! THANKS SO MUCH ILOVECAKE!!! I've printed it out and will include it in my morning "me time" sessions! Can't wait!!!!

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    Tears came to my eyes just reading it! Thank you - that was awesome!

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    You know what, ilovecake, I think that was just what I needed I'm wanting to go on the Alaskan cruise next year and reading this is a great way of pre-paving! Thank you

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    Oh and Georgelle, you look like a cruise pro! Feel free to share your story, I'd love to hear more!

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    I Love Cake, would you be willing to record a reading of your Virtual Reality of an Abraham Cruise. I would love to listen to it daily with all the passion of the person who experienced it.

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    Such high vibes, having such a magnificent experience, loving and appreciating all that has come together in this experience. Magnificent vibes of appreciation, love and fun. Wonderful Abraham time with many many others in a beauuuuutiful place of comfort, sparkles, beautiful lighting, and the wonderful being cradled by the ship in the ocean which I call the "lull" of the ship, this wonderful gentle motion that relaxes me and makes me feel soooo good physically. It seems I left time at the dock. Fun and enjoyable entertainment choices all the time, delicious buffets of food to choose from all the time. Oh, and ice sculptures and chocolate sculptures at the same time by the beautifully lit pool surrounded by chocolate buffets and delightful music.

    Omg, did you see the adorable little dog in the corridor? That is Indy. This loving little sweetheart performs with the magician, and you will be thrilled and delighted!

    Did you go to the Elton John impersonator show? Wow, he was good!

    Oh, I reeeeally was surprised by the talent of the cruisers at the talent show! My favorite? The young man who sang "Ride, Sally, Ride." The audience really enjoyed how charismatic and spirited he was.

    I would enjoy a cookie and some coffee now. What about you? Yes, of course there is ice cream! Ice cream and pizza? Hahaaaaa, I love how much you are enjoying all of this, too! I love how you enjoyed it when I felt so sure I was going to win Bingo that I called Bingo three times when I didn't actually have the last number after all, hahaaaa, but I enjoyed the feeling of being a winner soooo much!

    Omg, I love how the ship in the ocean lulls my senses!! I feel sooooo good!! I am basking in the pool-sized hot tub in the spa area. This after we melted into total calm in our private sauna. Do you want a fine dinner tonight with wine or the buffet? I loved having room service for breakfast!

    In the morning we go out on our private balcony to enjoy the view as we arrive at another magnificent port, in another magnificent place on our lovely planet, another place entirely new to us. So many wonderfully enjoyable things all in one experience! The best choice I have made so far! So much more than I could have dreamed of!!

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