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Thread: Want a new fulfilling career - but I don't know what that would be!!

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    Want a new fulfilling career - but I don't know what that would be!!

    Hello Everyone,

    I would love some of your input on my job situation. I know I am not happy with my work at present, and I know that I want a new career path/direction, but I don't know what that direction would be.

    Is is good to just affirm something general like "I know the right job is coming my way. The perfect job will show up at the perfect time" and then allow things to get more specific as I go along? Because I often find that trying to nail down the specifics leaves me feeling very non-vortexy.

    Any thoughts?



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    Actually, it's better to step back and try to feel better about your current situation, if you're going to address this issue at all. As long as you're in the mode of trying to get away from where you are, you're not a match to what you want because you're focused on what you don't like.

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    Abe say that when you dont know what you want - you just ask the universe to show you different ways to have fun. Then the universe delivers fun to you at every twist and turn. You just keep having one fun experience after the other. This fun may come through a job or through some other avenue. But abe say what you really want to have fun.

    So instead of being specific about creating your job, go general and ask for more fun in your life.

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    The YoUniverse knows...Just allow it!

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