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Thread: I lost weight!!!

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    I lost weight!!!

    Hey Guys!

    Some of you might have noticed that I've been bombarding the forum with questions the past weeks. And that helped me clean up a lot of vibration and gave me so much clarity!!

    Since then I've just been soo happy! Really been focused on feeling GOOD! It feels amazing to have the power to just change your focus!

    Anyways, let me get to the point:
    I LOST WEIGHT!! An unusual amount for just one week! I lost 4.5 kg which is about 10 lbs I think!! :O

    Now I'm just another 5kg away from my original goal!! I've never lost so much weight in such a short period when I forced myself to go on diets!!

    And I didn't even give my weight attention at all! In fact I didn't even care about my weight, I just wanted to feel good!

    This amazes me!! Get in the vortex and enjoy everything unfolding!!!

    I noticed this morning and kept thinking about ANYTHING that I might have done to lose the weight? Did I eat less? Did I exercise, was I sick? NO nothing! I was just content & happy!!

    Did any of you make similar experiences?

    And now I'm offering the vibration of "I've lost weight!" without having to do a focus wheel on the subject!! The vortex took care of all the work!!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    That's so good to hear, congratulations! I want that too but am not quite there yet, in the emotional scale. Any other tips from anyone would be appreciated!

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    Well Done really chuffed for you

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    Congratulations! That is fantastic! I've been steadily loosing weight over the last month or so. I don't know how much because I'm not really taking score but I've dropped about a clothing size so I'm thrilled about that. I've not lost that much in one week though. That's fabulous!

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    Much appreciation to you for your manifestation (wow!) and your post!

    What a wonderful reminder that nothing matters but getting in the vortext, and that WE are creators of OUR own reality!

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    There IS no loss!

    You simply let go of things that are not part of Who-You-Truly-Are, allowing them to drift away instead of holding tightly to them through your attention. And your extra kilos belonged to that same category ...



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    Quote Originally Posted by CreatorChristine View Post
    You simply let go of things that are not part of Who-You-Truly-Are
    Love this perspective, Christine
    And VibrationalMe. Thanks for sharing.

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    I've experienced this as well, I call it the 'Vortex Diet' - literally everything comes down to vibration, brilliant, Christine!

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    Yes...happened to me. Dropped 3 dress sizes in two weeks. I was inspired to an eating pattern though. So there was some small physical intervention..but no exersise was involved. Like abe says if you believe something will work , just line up with your belief it will work whether it contains action in the emotions journey or not and it will work for you. What doesn't work is diets because that's someone imposing their belief to you and not helping you change your beliefs just your behavior. No action supersedes vibration. So yes this is totally possible....:-) congratulations on figuring out the true source of weight loss...the vortex! I take a vortex as often as possible..LOL:-)

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