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Thread: $60,000 out of thin air!

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    Talking $60,000 out of thin air!

    Hi all!

    I was on these boards every two minutes when the meditations were coming out and during the first month or two and then got busy with other things, but I was still chugging along listening to the meditations! I would miss a few days here and there and wondered if that was hurting the process, but realized THAT is not an in-the-Vortex thought so I just kept on going and listening to them as often as I remembered. Feeling pretty good but obviously not QUITE in the vortex, because it was a surprise to me when I finally got in there last week and things REALLY started happening.

    What did I do to find myself smack in the Vortex? Well, the only thing I started doing differently about a week ago was I decided to start asking "What is it that I DO want?" a lot, trying to ask it every time I noticed something felt off. I also started asking questions like "What do I really want to do today?", "What life experiences do I really want to have next?", "How do I really want my house to be decorated?", "How do I really want this situation to play out?" etc. etc. I also remember that Deepak Chopra once said to ask a lot of questions, because the Universe has to answer them every time. Note to self: never again ask "What is the worst that can happen?" .

    So, a few days after I started asking questions I had a day where EVERYTHING was feeling and looking magical. People calling me asking me to do fun things, got a few little checks in the mail and a few free items, but it wasn't until I went shopping and got front row parking at EVERY single store that I realized..."I'M IN THE VORTEX!!". I must have been on the outskirts for a while, but didn't really notice because I wasn't feeling bad and bad things weren't happening...but the difference was obvious once I got in there! OH, HAPPY DAY!!

    Two days after realizing I was in the Vortex, but not milking it as much as I could have, I received a short, unimportant looking letter in the mail from a company I used to work for long ago. It was a letter from a financial institution telling me that some of my stock option shares were about to expire. Well, I had NO IDEA I ever had any stock this company! How could this have not come up? I was with them for 6 years. And the date the options were given to me (per the piece of paper) was the date my original company was bought out by them, so I obviously got them through the buyout, but no one told me.

    I had hundreds of options, and then I looked at the option price - $1. For a stock that is at about $170 today. Wheels started turning, but I decided just to call the financial company and find out exactly what this meant.

    Financial Institution: Yes, Miss, you have x options at $1, would you like to cash them out today?
    Me: Well, possibly...what would the total amount be if I cashed them all out today?
    Financial Institution: After taxes, the amount would be around $60,000.
    Me: So that is AFTER all taxes and fees?
    Financial Institution: Yes. And that is at current stock price, if it were to go up as it has been, that amount rises.

    YEEEEHAAAAAAAAAAAAAW!!!!!!!!!! A $60,000 day.

    And since then I have been getting other small amounts OUT OF THIN AIR - $500, and free things sent to my house! Like four canisters of my favorite expensive protein powder sent to me RANDOMLY by Amazon, I called them and they said "oops!" we'll issue a refund but keep the product as we cannot accept returns on grocery items, etc. etc.

    Today I woke up with a teensy tiny headache and started to stress that I was out of the Vortex and then took a deep breath, asked "How is it that I DO want to feel? What does my ideal day today look like? How do I want to feel today? What will bring me the most joy today? What will my favorite surprises be today? What will bring me joy today?" and after a few minutes of doing this, I feel joy again! PROOF of what Abe says: we are all just a "laugh" away from letting a whole bunch of good stuff in! I have been on that doorstep for MONTHS. Months! And the door was only a few questions away?? Crazy, man.

    HOW DO I WANT TO GET INTO THE VORTEX TODAY? That will be my new favorite question.

    I will also add that for the last month or so I have been listening to the Financial meditation only, but of course we all know if it makes us feel good, it's bringing us ALL fun things...not just money!

    Love to all! I'm off to meditate! !!

    xx Sunshine11

    ps - these questions just sent me soaring: What is the BEST thing that can happen in this situation? What is the BEST possible outcome in this situation? What outcome will bring me the MOST joy in this situation? What will bring me the most JOY today?!

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    Woohoo!! Wow, wow, wow! Love this Sunshine11, how enthralling, good for you. I'm going to do the "what is it I do want" thing I've had windfalls "out of the blue" too (in the exact amount I was thinking about), it helps to have that experience because then you think, it's happened to me before, it can happen again! Happy meditating

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    That is just so awesome, sunshine11!
    Thanks for coming back and share with us! I'm celebrating with you and it feels great!!!

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    in my vortex and creating more joyous experiences in my life - YAY!
    WOW I JUST LOVE THIS!!! You got it sunshine

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    wow! Thanks for sharing the ITV things that have happened to you.

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    I love your questions!!! I've been wanting something to help me in a general way focus more inside the vortex! Wow...thank you hun and congratulations on winning the lottery of YOUR alignment. Feels so good...feels so powerful like you can do,be or have anything you want cause you can!!!!!.. love zenjenn

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    Yay for you! That is awesome.

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    xxx its time for you!!

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    Ohhhhh...a delicious question popped forth from your question..." what do I really WANT to do today". So when you imagined what you wanted to do...assuming that some days it was something within reach of where you were.. like for is rather go take pictures in the park ( versus going to school or work) . Did you follow that impulse to do that thing? Or did the universe work it into your experience that day without the action journey?

    I ask because more and more when I ask myself this question I just go do what I want and ignore anything eles...was curious if this happened for you?...:-)

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    How frickin fantabulous for you! I'm overjoyed for your wonderful manifestation and you being in alignment!

    I really appreciate you posting about this. I see this as major driftwood for me.

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