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Thread: $60,000 out of thin air!

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    You just made my day with your good news!!!!!
    Now that's whatcha call "Allowing"!!!!!

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    Thank you. You opened new pathways of thoughts for me. My ib just smiling. I can get happy easy, but never asked questions. Wooo hooo!

    And that is so awesome for your $60,000. Congratulations.

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    This seriously just made my day! I am so happy for you! It's so fulfilling to see law of attraction in ACTION!

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    Congrats and thanks for sharing! I've noticed friends and acquaintances are super thriving...I feel caught up in their ITV wake. It feels great!

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    That is soooooo amazing Sunshine!!!! Woooo Hoooo!!! And thank you for sharing your method of getting ITV!!

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    What did I do to find myself smack in the Vortex? Well, the only thing I started doing differently about a week ago was I decided to start asking "What is it that I DO want?" a lot, trying to ask it every time I noticed something felt off. I also started asking questions like "What do I really want to do today?", "What life experiences do I really want to have next?", "How do I really want my house to be decorated?", "How do I really want this situation to play out?" etc. etc. I also remember that Deepak Chopra once said to ask a lot of questions, because the Universe has to answer them every time. Note to self: never again ask "What is the worst that can happen?"


    I LOVE THIS!!!! And this thread! Truly awesome and congratulations!

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    WOnderful Sunshine. The 60k day is Wonderful. That's how your life is meant to be. And wonderful how you aligned with knowing how to get into the Vortex and practice that.

    What I got reading your comments was that in asking questions you became very SPECIFIC and in order to do that and still feel good you had to be in that VORTEX....and Abe says being specific and aligned is the deliciousness of that is wonderful....and of course that feels delicious and the energy flows even more and aligns you with more specific thoughts.

    I loved Getting this for myself cause I recently got myself back up to speed with my latest expansion and I'm feeling next is the joy of being more specific and maybe through asking questions about what I specifically want. I will feel through whether I am ready or whether to back off and get more general and then play it that way.



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    Congratulations - you are a magnificent Creator and Allower! Thanks for sharing your wonderful story and way to start the day.

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