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Thread: The Feel Good Questions game....

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    How amazing will work be tomorrow?
    How helpful can I be?
    How radiant can I look?
    How can I spread cheer?
    How grounded can I feel?
    How quick can it pass and how much fun can we have?
    I wonder how many people I'll romp with!
    How can I make my own day?
    How can I share my love with the world?
    Who will meet me there?
    Why is this so easy?

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    How would I like to feel today?
    What if I let go and trusted the Universe for a little while?
    What would it be like if I spent today relaxing?

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    What magic can I make, today? Tonight? Next?
    How can I open up to MORE possibilities?
    What good do I see in the thing I am focusing on, right now?
    What good do I see in my loved ones?
    What good do I find in myself?
    How can I add to my life?
    What beauty can I attract?
    What's out there in my surrounding world now that I can enjoy and bask in?

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    A little thread bump:

    LOA is responding to me THROUGH my relationships, through my work, through my experiences, through my current conditions; inspiring the birth of many new desires. What is currently manifesting and how do I feel about it?

    What am I tuning myself to; my 'what is' conditions or my new desires?
    How important is it? Is this unwanted subject I'm focusing on really that important?
    Is it important b/c of what it is calling through me?
    Am I focusing on what wants to be born?
    Does focusing on unwanted bring wanted?
    Is the unwanted condition I'm contemplating worth my alignment?
    Where is my real power?
    Am I more powerful from my place of alignment in terms of finding solutions?
    Aren't solutions only accessible from alignment?
    What would the solution feel like?
    Do I have to know the details of the solution or just what it feels like in order to find my alignment with a solution?
    What if I began to acknowledge and appreciate these thoughts/questions that are beginning to flow out onto this thread?
    Could I find something easy to focus on?
    What would it feel like to feel that amazing shift that comes when I turn my attention to something pleasing?
    Doesn't LOA always respond to what I'm feeling?
    Doesn't it feel wonderful to know that a slight shift in my thought process will bring better feeling thoughts?
    Don't I just love that feeling when they start flowing?
    Isn't it wonderful just to think about the power of my alignment?
    What disk can I jump to today?
    Isn't it great to finally be able to feel my way back into attunement with my Broader Perspective?
    Isn't it a nice feeling to know that regardless of the conditions around me (work, family, staff, living conditions, relationships) I CAN make choices in terms of focus and attention to something that feels a little better?
    When I make the time to do that doesn't everything else seem to take care of itself?
    Isn't this a good feeling?

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    West coast, hanging out with my canine friend
    Isn't it a good morning Source!
    Isn't it good to catch this ramping up in my solar plexus before the car starts gaining momentum down that SF Hill?
    What if I focused on my breath for a few minutes?
    What would it feel like to just let go for now?

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