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Thread: The Feel Good Questions game....

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    How amazing will work be tomorrow?
    How helpful can I be?
    How radiant can I look?
    How can I spread cheer?
    How grounded can I feel?
    How quick can it pass and how much fun can we have?
    I wonder how many people I'll romp with!
    How can I make my own day?
    How can I share my love with the world?
    Who will meet me there?
    Why is this so easy?

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    How would I like to feel today?
    What if I let go and trusted the Universe for a little while?
    What would it be like if I spent today relaxing?

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    What magic can I make, today? Tonight? Next?
    How can I open up to MORE possibilities?
    What good do I see in the thing I am focusing on, right now?
    What good do I see in my loved ones?
    What good do I find in myself?
    How can I add to my life?
    What beauty can I attract?
    What's out there in my surrounding world now that I can enjoy and bask in?

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    A little thread bump:

    LOA is responding to me THROUGH my relationships, through my work, through my experiences, through my current conditions; inspiring the birth of many new desires. What is currently manifesting and how do I feel about it?

    What am I tuning myself to; my 'what is' conditions or my new desires?
    How important is it? Is this unwanted subject I'm focusing on really that important?
    Is it important b/c of what it is calling through me?
    Am I focusing on what wants to be born?
    Does focusing on unwanted bring wanted?
    Is the unwanted condition I'm contemplating worth my alignment?
    Where is my real power?
    Am I more powerful from my place of alignment in terms of finding solutions?
    Aren't solutions only accessible from alignment?
    What would the solution feel like?
    Do I have to know the details of the solution or just what it feels like in order to find my alignment with a solution?
    What if I began to acknowledge and appreciate these thoughts/questions that are beginning to flow out onto this thread?
    Could I find something easy to focus on?
    What would it feel like to feel that amazing shift that comes when I turn my attention to something pleasing?
    Doesn't LOA always respond to what I'm feeling?
    Doesn't it feel wonderful to know that a slight shift in my thought process will bring better feeling thoughts?
    Don't I just love that feeling when they start flowing?
    Isn't it wonderful just to think about the power of my alignment?
    What disk can I jump to today?
    Isn't it great to finally be able to feel my way back into attunement with my Broader Perspective?
    Isn't it a nice feeling to know that regardless of the conditions around me (work, family, staff, living conditions, relationships) I CAN make choices in terms of focus and attention to something that feels a little better?
    When I make the time to do that doesn't everything else seem to take care of itself?
    Isn't this a good feeling?

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    Isn't it a good morning Source!
    Isn't it good to catch this ramping up in my solar plexus before the car starts gaining momentum down that SF Hill?
    What if I focused on my breath for a few minutes?
    What would it feel like to just let go for now?

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    West coast, hanging out with my canine friend
    What would it feel like to just be with these feelings and make peace with them?
    what would it feel like to know that all is well?
    what would it feel like to appreciate that I care right now in this moment about how I am feeling?
    what would it feel like to focus more on what is going right to today rather than with seems to be not going well?
    What if the not going well were really something leading me directly to what I am actually wanting?
    Isn't it nice that I got to go outdoors this morning and spend time with someone who loves the outdoors as much as I do?
    Isn't it nice that we both got to watch this amazing lizard who sat in the sun watching us water the garden?
    Wasn't it amazing that three of us stood there mesmerized at the behavior of the lizard?
    Isn't it nice that others shared the moment with me?
    Isn't it nice that the changes today may be leading me to something even better?
    What would it feel like to appreciate this apparent variety and contrast?
    Aren't I extremely lucky that I have an amazing staff member who is willing to drop everything and come in to help me?
    Isn't it nice that I have a place to come and reset?

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