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I just took a glance in this thread and decided to ask my pre-weekend manifested lover to meet some other time Well I couldn't take my eyes off this thread so woohoo for me to follow from a place of inspired action.

I came to this topic very accidently but I wish someone told me it existed. At a first glance, it was such a relief (don't get me wrong, I only mean in good motives) to realize that the person who lived really difficult life circumstance has evolved in a sense that they are an empowered up-lifter now.

So I am telling myself, man those who went through a lot of contrasting experiences, will only bring a brighter magnificent future. I am going to read more of it because I feel it will bridge the gaps for me in relation to how to re-write someone's old life story. That has been a muddy issue that I need to address and didn't wish to ask about it but LOA has brought me here with my desire to learn about it.

I am SO glad it serves you!!
And itīs such a win-win situation! Because, it was always relief for me, writing- even when I was purely celebrating and rampaging in those stories.

"There is no end to the relief that you can find!" (Abe).

Itīs awesome to REALIZE and milk the journey... and in doing so, we fly higher and higher, and attract "those that are a match".

PBI, thank you for the beautiful dance, itīs SO appreciated!

While You wouldnīt have to send your lover away... I got a lovely PM, in which I got told that their girlfriend read the stories for them... isnīt that the "best of all worlds"!?

So much love!