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Thread: Stories that can bridge belief

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    I love it!!! Thank you!! As I'm sitting here I skipped a song on my music playlist which I have on shuffle and out of my 700+ songs, one of my favorite songs with Darrell playing in it comes on. Incredible i feel like I actually knew him and he's always with me now!

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    He is FOR SURE!!!! When your thought feels good, that means: Source agrees with the way you take this!

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    That makes so much sense! Yay!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JDL View Post
    So result is i stayed in my room, basked in good feelings, and i have done so for 48 hrs (2 days remember)now, i also got to fix some technical issues for a guy i like and would have helped for free, and which i kinda enjoy doing too... And i got my answer to a movie name... (ConAir)

    It is amazing how it all connects... its like this whole scenario plays out in front of your eyes, all you have to do is get happy, and watch it happen...
    I feel so TITITO, i feel great, i am so happy about POE's financial news, i mean i were really happy, i feel great, i am happy where i am, i am eager as to what happens next... (Now does that sound familiar?)

    I feel i have turned a corner, and i am never ever ever going back...

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    that is such a cool story DieselChick! Excited for your rendezvous!

    Quote Originally Posted by DieselChick View Post
    Thank you POE, it made me tear up to know that. for me, this guy is my biggest inspiration, my hero, and to know that the reason for all of this is because he actually thinks of ME is incredible for me. Thank you for posting that Abe quote too

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    GUYS simply instead I have to feel good urgh IMA work myself to the bone to achieve this I am simply easy light and playful and I'm feeling this GIGANTIC shift in my being it feels like pure love !! Just enjoying the ride now!! Thanks everyone

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    re-posting this, in amazement, that I KNEW step 5, when wrote this, 4 years ago, already.
    While I forgot about it, again... the lesson of the wind blew away, in time. Now I found it, stronger than ever.

    We want you to TRUST that your guidance is working.
    And realize, that "risk-taking" -letīs really push this, a little bit,
    Whatīs the difference between a strong ADVENTURE,
    with extra-ordinary potential, and RISK?

    Itīs very little vibrational difference!
    Itīs just in what YOUR PERCEPTION of it is!
    You see, weīr not encouraging such different behavior
    from you, weīr encouraging a different PERSPECTIVE
    about the behavior.

    Weīr encouraging to modify the feeling of RISK
    into the feeling of ADVENTURE!
    And modify the feeling of FALLING DOWN into
    the feeling of CLARIFICATION.

    Alaskan Cruise, July 2015

    Quote Originally Posted by paradise-on-earth View Post
    The story about the wind.

    When I was a little kid someone told me about the "four elements"- fire, water, earth and wind. And that they are analogys for the human powers, also: Willpower, emotions, endurance and mind. -I loved it! In my ears this sounded as music, sheer poetry. And- I learned MORE. Soon I had the idea, that the elements would be maybe living "energys" not only in a physical sense, but in a spiritual one, too. And that was when the wind whispered "words" in my ears, first time. I couldnīt translate them and I didnīt need to, either. But I remembered. We where birds of one feather, and I understood, anyway.

    Joshua, I know I promised you elves. But... I never was seeing little tiny girls with butterflyīs wings. No wind fellows with bloated cheeks, no whitehaired airy beeings. I just knew... "them"- or "him", the wind... I never gave him a name. It would have been hilarious! He is free, he is boundless, he is everywhere. Alone. Or beeing all... One with where he was, one with life!
    And, yes, he is like the mind... like thoughts, like ideas, like anticipation.

    I was so often thinking alone, one with where I was, one with life- myself. Giant thoughts, little thoughts. Sometimes like in a roaring storm of angry exploration, sometimes calm and tender. Sometimes like skipping breaths, and sometimes slow and sustaining. Others didnīt "get" my ideas. They couldnīt follow me where I was flying to, with my mind. I didnīt care too much- I flew like the wind, where I needed to be. I settled down where I liked it. I smiled when the grownups shook their heads, about me- explaining to them: "Do you know what love is? Do you feel what friendship means? -Itīs like wind, itīs perfectly free! Love can go everywhere. It flys in from above, and it touches everyone it wants. You canīt hold it tight, but you can make it everytime you let go..."

    I was running outside, when there was storm. I wanted to embrace him! I wanted to dance with the leaves, melt into the raindrops, get a good shake by my "heavenly lover". When I heard the wind I felt passionate immedeatly. Always! It was bodily arousal. It was eagernes. It was KNOWING! When there was just a little breeze, I felt caressed. I heared tendernes, deep in my heart. I was ONE with the "air"- or with swordsharp thinking. But when I got older I started to hold back. I needed to listen to others, I needed to take care. I needed to get stable. I needed to fit in, I needed to behave. And soon I felt fear, that the storms would blew my roof away- maybe I couldnīt fix it anymore?

    The times where I whipped through the air on my bike, on horses backs, on the hood of a boat, in the saddle of my motorbike- seemed so far away.
    One day I got so sad, that I cryed. I felt enclosed finally and my breath didnīt flow anymore. But then... a sneaky wind sighed around me, he came from behind... he snuggled up on me and soon blew away again. I was left with the feeling, that someone had kissed me. Like a father would kiss his child. And I had hope, again.

    When the next storm came, he did blow my roof away. No- to be true, just half of the tiles. I watched, when they rained down to the ground. I asked, beeing hurt: "I thought you would... like me?" And the storm answered: "I do. You need to let go of the fear."

    We- me and family went outside and looked what could be done. A few hours later the rooftiles where renewed, in an amazing act where we all helped together. Someone brought tiles. Someone had an idea how to get up there. Everyone gave everything their body got. Just holding the ladder? Wonderful! Climbing in great hight? Absolutely! Reaching up to each other, carrying, constructing a bridge that would work, beeing fast, sturdy strong and efficiant: Even the little boys! We where family! And the storm whispered: "See! Are you still scared?" No, I wasnīt... and I never got, again. He tought me- itīs not about distroyment. Itīs about trust. When the heavy winds come today, I surrender into them. And than they laugh and roar further away.

    Last time I met the wind in interaction was in a thunderstorm. It was a lazy saturday, and the neighbors- yes, the very "special" one that feels so inexclipably familiar, dear and close-, too, where on their roof. I think to fix their solarsystem. Squalls fell in from one moment to the other, brushing everything unneccessary away. The men on the roof climbed down in fast order, but he remained... I could understand him so well! A lightning went down, followed in the very same moment by an incredible thunderclap and his loud, long shrill. I knew that nothing had happened. It was a scream out of shock, but it transformed into a scream of ecstasy in the same second. I couldīnt help to join in! Was it just for parts of a second or for a lifetime- we where screaming as one in the gale, one in heavenly delight. Me, my twinsoul, and the storm.

    For those who seek easier access to the stories (sorry, selfishly, I just list MY stories ), I repost Joshuaīs index!

    pg 1: The story about sharing a body

    pg 2: The story about nightly help for an unknown friend

    pg 3: The story about learning that Iīm worthy

    pg 3: The story about my Ego- my very best friend!

    pg 6: The story about "the devil and me". Or: The force behind the mirror- image.

    pg 7: The story about having been lost in the desert

    pg 10: The story about the treasure hunter- About being a light for someone. Or: It is NO action-journey!

    pg 10: The story about mosquitos, rats and silverlace-vine

    pg 11:
    The story about how I scripted me into a new life.

    pg 16: The story about the wind.

    pg 18: The story about knowing my twinsoul

    pg 18: The story about beeing married, or: You can have it ALL.

    pg 19: The story of my decision to trust, Or: My Disease.
    -The incredible blessing that was flowing to me in the last 6 months

    pg 20: Elfengarten, my paradise on earth. -The story about building a dreamhome without having much money.

    pg 23: The broken camshaft, Or: The story about physical proof

    pg 24: Learning to fly. The Story about Signs in the Dark

    pg 26: Momīs pride, or: The story about that you can expect miracles from your kids!

    pg 28: "Impossible!" The story about our miracle-healings.

    pg 30: About doing it wrong

    pg 32: The story about my silverwedding- planned by source itself

    pg 33: About women and men. The story about DOING the right thing... and ALLOWING it in.

    pg 35: The story about feeling my "realtime" vibrational skills.
    (there are more stories from me inbetween)

    pg 53: Sweet Time of Manifestation. -Mini Miracles about NOT beeing on the bridge, anymore.

    pg 61:
    The Story of coming into complete Alignment
    pg 63: The "So much more than a lottery-win-story" of my beloved son.

    pg 63: The story of not complete things

    pg 64: The story of my true career- passion.

    pg 66: The 1. update to the "so much more than a Lottery-win-story" of my son.

    pg 70: The 2.
    update to the "so much more than a Lottery-win-story" of my son.

    pg. 72:
    "When was the last time you needed a cripple?" The Story of Unconditional Confidence.

    pg 72: My "ALWAYS RIGHT" journey of becoming and perceiving Paradise on Earth
    -no story, but more a process and, to be true, the better version of this "story" is on another thread, here
    ME and Me. From knowing what I donīt want to knowing what I DO WANT! post #270

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    (my 3 beloved boys + grandson!)

    The Story of my two youngest sons,
    getting their dream-jobs ad hoc

    For those who have a not so-easy time getting their "dream"-job, I want to share what my sons Heiko (H) and Nici (N) just have pulled off.

    Both did not allow to be drawn in by societyīs fear of needing to effort and "work hard" to get perfect jobs. They also didnīt care to jump through hoops of "hurrying up, fitting the market or being in time". They both finished school while not being interested in it what-so-ever, but they managed to keep their balance despite bad grades- while they gave all their focus into their huge interests of learning, researching and enjoying what ever they got inspired to, mostly on the topic of classic cars and motorbikes.

    Heiko, the older one, discarded the hopes and the gentle or not so gentle pushing of his grandparents to step into the footsteps of his older brother in becoming a Designer as well, and to make big money also- as he was just not willing to stay one more day in school than absolutely needed, not to speak of visiting University.

    While he was incredibly fond of a special type of cars, the Mercedes W 124 desiring nothing more than to own one himself. We had no money in that time to purchase one -or any car, to be accurate, for him. So he just kept on dreaming happily about it, and his older brother purchased one W124 incredibly cheap from his best friend and surprised H with it at his 18 birthday.

    Now, H was on wheels almost 24/7, and found on one of his drives a very hidden repairshop (just a few kilometers apart from us) where sometimes various Mercedes-Oldtimers where standing in front of the garden-fence. He drove by again and again and peeped through the fence to see more- until one day the owner asked him what he was doing there.

    The both men started talking and found a bird of same feather in the other- and so, the owner asked if H would be interested to work for him after school?
    Of course H was interested!! He started with a few hours and didnīt stop after finishing school, finally realizing that this shop was one of Europes most seeked- after restoreshops for this special cars!

    Also, he had purchased in this few months 2 more of this old Mercedes-cars, as well as having got another one as a gift! He right away decided that this car will be his own gift when Nici will turn 18, and so both brothers started to repair it on the evenings together, with unbelievable ease, skill and tons of fun.

    After a few months of work in his amazing, happy workshop, with an extraordinary friendly mentoring genius -and famous classic-car-judge, who is a known face in all Oldtimer-shows, as boss, and in a very joyful and incredibly inspiring worksetting (without EVER having officially applied), H got clear that THIS- coachbuilding for classic cars- was his dream-avocation, and he right away applied at Germanyīs biggest and most known classic-car-specialist for apprenticeship.

    Itīs a workshop where even his current boss doubted that he would get accepted, and so he encouraged him to write tons of other applications to other factories as well, but H didnīt. He stuck with this 1 application, knew it would happen- and did not give a rip about any other advice.

    1 month later he got invited from there for 2 days of testwork, he astonished the master that was giving him the exercises with his rare skill, an extremely rare knowledge about the topic and his outstanding fascination and passion- and got accepted. Just so. In September, H will start his education in this company that is -as insiders say- almost impossible to get oneīs foot into.

    In the meanwhile, his current boss took H and his coworkers to visit some of his best friends in the car-scene and their factories. One was a specialist for Mercedes Youngtimers and classic Racecars, for tuning race-engines as well as racing themselves in the classic Race-cups of Germany. H knew in the very moment he entered the court of this shop that THIS was the perfect place for his brother Nici, who is madly in love with this very types of cars, and racing.

    So, N- after having finished his school, was also completely unwilling to apply for any random internship and also "much too late" for the normal unfolding of applications in that year-what didnīt bother him at all, while he finished his drivers-license, visited his Grandma in Canada, did a course in dancing and was happily living exactly what felt best to him now, now, now.

    But when H told him about this very shop, N got suddenly massively inspired to ask for an apprenticeship, there. He didnīt apply properly at all, while he did a request in a passionate e-mail- rampage about his fascination for the whole specific topic, and his joy to have found this specific shop, and a question if he would be allowed to apply?

    The boss answered no, he had stopped educating learners, but N got invited anyway for a week of internship, because the boss was so curious of getting to know this boy. When we picked him up after that time (itīs 400km apart from us), his boss was just amazed about N!
    He talked about that guys like this will always find their perfect niche, and what fun and how rare it is, to find such inspired, eager, skilled coworkers as N. It would be a joy to break the old habit- and take him as apprentice!

    He even offered him to start working instantly, instead of waiting 6 month until the official traineeship could start. The boss also will try to get this time counted as apprenticeship also (so that the lengths of the official education would shorten)- while N will be able to share the classic-racing-cup-circus as mechanic in the pit-lanes of the famous racetracks as the Nürburgring and Spa.

    Also, the boss offered him an incredibly cheap room to stay for as long he would need to, so that N has no fuss at all to find a flat in advance while not being on location. Nici accepted while beaming in joy, and when we realized that he still hadnīt officially applied, his now-boss laughed, gave us all a handshake- and that was it!

    Making applications

    (sending tons of resumes, applying yourself, trying to get job-interviews...)
    There are those who say, if you throw enough mud at the wall,
    some of it will stick.

    And we say: Yes. But it always makes a big mess.

    What WE want from you is that you think about:
    -Why do you want this.
    Why do you want this job of your dreams?
    What is it about it, that turns you on?

    2015-07-26 San Francisco

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    my god i just cried reading the last story about your two sons.... this is incredible i love you for sharing that with us

    OK im reading all your stories and im having as much fun as reading mark twain memories of joan of arc!!!! yeah its that good!!! ive a few questions for you that i may update :

    1) The story about nightly help for an unknown friend

    -But it was already too late, "you can never go back". What I COULD do was to handle the whole thing with grace. So I told myself that I wanted to use the "fallen in love- energy" for finding out more about ME. Everything I thought as fascinating, could be usefull as a mirror, right? Right. I learned TONS because of this- ahm, crush. So- in everything I loved in HIM- I insisted in loving in ME, also. And: After a few month I indeed was sooo much more friend and feeling happily alive with myself!

    Would you mind expanding how you did go about that? for instance if you find him radiant do you try to see radiance in you like "wouldn't it be nice if i saw myself as radiant?" do you have other process in mind about this and how you did?

    Also, I was once in a similar place than your unknown friend, and from that perspective, what i saw was an angel bringing wings to my back! i can now use these wings as a blanket all over me to sooth myself
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