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Thread: Love for Jerry

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    Love for Jerry

    This new thread is a place where you can express all the things you love and appreciate about our dear Jerry Hicks, the powerful asker whose powerful questions summoned the teachings of Abraham through the powerful allowing of his beautiful and brilliant wife, Esther.

    Jerry is the reason we are all here, and we can use this contrast as an opportunity to shift our focus to appreciation. What a gift.

    I'll start:

    The last line, the ps of this letter, just BLOWS ME AWAY.

    Jerry wrote:

    "Every person with whom we seemingly have a chance encounter while here upon this planet has the potential of exerting a purely angelic influence upon us if we will but allow it."

    How utterly beautiful is that? What lucky (we know it's not luck) doctors and nurses and care professionals who get to treat this amazing man. They get to see an entirely new way of reacting to treatment. He must be a breath of fresh air to every single person he comes into contact with. I know he is for me.

    When I saw Jerry on the last cruise, he took the time to thank me for writing a (glowing!) review of the Vortex meditations on the Barnes and Noble website. Isn't that amazing? He reads those reviews, and clearly uses them as an excuse to be in the Vortex.

    What a gift.

    Now it is your turn. If you feel inspired, please post your favorite Jerry story, or just words of love and appreciation for him. Whether he reads this thread or not, the energy will surely buoy you up, and that buoys us all.

    With love for you all, and for Jerry and Esther Hicks

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    I love the fact that Jerry is always so joyful.

    I saw one dvd, can't remember which one.

    And at the end, he was literally 'skipping' a few steps on ahead of Esther.
    He was so joyful. Almost childlike, it was beautiful.

    I can think of at least 100 other reasons. I'll stick with this one for now.

    Love you Jerry!!!

    P.S. Big hugs from here....Cindy
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    I have three words for Jerry Hicks:

    Brilliant, and

    He's also magnificent, but that's another post. For now..

    He is the ONLY one I can listen to and have him say the same jokes over and over, and be even MORE delighted deeply, each time. He is the most predictably brilliant man I have ever known. This is a good start.

    Thank you, Leslie!! I appreciate this idea so much!

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    I do so love and appreciate that you are the type of person who saw clearly and was able to ask the questions that were hidden so deeply in my heart I couldn't see them.
    I love that you have such a capacity to embrace life's diversity, it shines through.
    I love that I have knowledge of your business and personal life success because to see you speak with your ready, bubbly sense of humour and peaceful serenity I never would have guessed it if I had met you.
    I love that when Abraham speaks of you or to you, their voice becomes so tender and loving, if Source feels like that about you, you must be a wonderful person.
    I love that you and all of us know that all is well and I send you all the wellness you can take.

    Joanne xx

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    SedonaWoman/Cindy, David, Joanne, what beautiful words.

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    The word "uplifter" gets used alot in the teachings, but I find it to be inadequate. Jerry is a flow-er of love and his intentions to make a better place wherever he has been, to show others how to create their own joyful existence, to lead by example, have been some of the most powerful intentions ever set and I do believe have been realized. I believe that this recent experience with the bite contains very powerful answering to some asking within him, and I am certain that he is listening to the answer he is receiving and is eager for more expansion and more closing the gap.

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    I enjoyed receiving this email from Jerry
    I enjoy Jerry's fun attitude
    I loved that Jerry said, his "zippy do dah self" (exactly!)
    I loved how Jerry received our telepathic thoughts of his well-being
    I enjoy how Jerry is so lively and light on his feet
    I love that Jerry knows All Is Well
    I love that Jerry knows Joy
    I love that Jerry Loves
    I love that Jerry Appreciates
    I love that Jerry sees the potential in every person and appreciates the potential angelic influence in us all
    I love that Jerry allows
    I love that Jerry enjoys co-creating

    I love how when a glass shelving unit containing wonderful items collected from all over the world broke amongst Esther's bare feet, Jerry called to her from the other room not to move and then lightened the mood by saying, "Oh good, stuff to buy."

    I enjoy Jerry's big smile
    I love how Jerry loves Esther!
    I love that Jerry shares Esther and Abraham with us
    It is wonderful that Jerry loves to ask questions
    I am glad Jerry wanted to do Abraham Live events (I wanted that, too)
    I am glad Jerry wants to make Abraham Live accessible for iPad
    I love it that Jerry is open to Abraham sharing things about his vortexy and non-vortexy experiences
    I enjoyed Abraham sharing about how Jerry used to be able to toss women into the air when he performed
    I love how Jerry enjoys life and flows life through himself so fully
    I enjoyed how Jerry was so proud of the new microphone for the hotseat and how he referred to it
    I enjoy how proud Jerry is of the books and recordings they create and how he gets all excited presenting them
    I appreciate what a great leader and businessman Jerry is
    I love Jerry's personality and character
    I enjoy how Jerry rings the bell at the beginning of a segment
    I enjoy the emails of Jerry and Esther sharing how they are enjoying their travel and experiences
    I enjoy thinking about Jerry feeling our appreciation for him
    I love how Jerry appreciated his caregivers
    I am glad that Jerry's caregivers experienced caring for someone so amazing

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    If such a dis-ease is to happen to a normal person, i think he will need a lot of courage and will power to cope.

    But Jerry Is beyond terms like courage or will-power.... This experience is like fun and joy and opportunity to expand and opportunity to appreciate.

    Jerry is simply Awesome!!!
    True inspiration!!
    Jerry is the true example of a paradigm shift.

    Awesome :3 Jerry :3 awesome ;3 Jerry !!

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    My life has changed immeasurably since meeting the teachings of Abraham 3 years ago,and it was your powerful asking that made it all happen........I so love the tools I now have to help me make my way, hand in hand with my inner/greater self through the rest of my glorious life.
    Thank you seems somehow inadequate, but will do for now,

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    I adore how Jerry put all of this into motion with his wanting to know,
    how he never runs out of questions,
    I love Jerrys charisma at the cruises I have been to
    I loved how he sat on the table at the NZ cruise and grinned and waved his arms and nodded along to some dreadfully important transmission by the captain of the ship that was put through to our theatre during the seminar - I laughed so much!
    I love all the stories about Jerry (and Esther) that Abraham shares with us
    I adore the way Jerry sometimes takes over at seminars and tells a story or asks Abraham something
    Yes, and me too, I loved to read "my normal zippy do dah self" - yessssssireee!!!
    I love that Jerry had the same experience with the Seth books that I had in my late teens and always kept calling out "what??" when Rob said he had no more questions at the end of a session (only I thought maybe I was too young to understand).
    I love that things are going well with the "big guns" and that Jerry does not experience any strong discomfort, and I am looking forward to hearing his voice again on one of the next CDs.
    And all my love and respect to Jerry's white blood cells: You've been doing very important work, and now it's time to be a normal number again, ok!?

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