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Thread: Love for Jerry

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    Sunlover, in a section on the SP cruise Abraham talks about Jerry’s early life and how much joy he experienced while living in what most people would have called poverty. It reminds me of Seth from Sara 2 (although there was no suggestion of anything difficult to do with his father). Every time I read one of the Sara books I received that this was Jerry’s background.

    Jerry’s contribution was extraordinary in this life and yet he tops it by continuing to participate as a high flying personality from NP. What a breakthrough momentum! How lucky we are to receive this wonderful energy stream.

    As always, love you Jerr.

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    Leonie, he got me reading MLoA today, and there is so much about him in it that interested me so much reading it this time. I loved hearing about his rendezvouses with people. And now it just came to me that I had said recently, someone I meet could be it for me; it is that simple. It felt sooo wonderful and fulfilling when that thought came to me. Thank you, Jerry. And thank you, Leonie, for enjoying all of this together.

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    Jerry, you are awesome playful wise Being!!!
    I'm so happy when you play and kidding with me, it's so fun!
    "NP" also means Non-Physical!
    I love and appreciate you very much!
    I know you are here with us, I can feel your presence!
    Thank you very much for you are!!!

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    I was thinking about Jerry yesterday. There was a time in his life where he liked to help people. So given law of attraction someone was always turning up that needed help. Eventually Jerry decided he'd like to change that and he did.

    I've realize that for a time in my life I guess I was looking for people to help too. it's not good for my vibration and it's not a good feeling so I'm giving it up effective a few days ago. You can line up with a decision pretty easily. I made up my mind I don't need to be helping others that it's none of my business and I feel very good and peaceful about it.
    It helped me to remember that story about our Jerry. Thanks Jerry!

    PS. Jerry, I so appreciated all of the stories about you and all your travels with Esther in the monster bus.

    I also particularly remember one story and I don't know why.
    Your new car was having a problem and wouldn't start and you and Esther had it towed into the dealership. Just that morning you had said you'd like a really good bowl of beans. Sure enough right next door to the auto place was a great little restaurant and you had a fantastic bowl of beans. What a wonderful allower you are!

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