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Thread: Love for Jerry

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    Dear Jerry
    I love and appreciate you so much - for the vehicle you have been in bringing the Teachings of Abraham into the world and the way that has changed me and the lives of those I connect with - for the bringing me of so much amazing spiritual food. You are my Vibrational Dad you know?
    I am so glad that you are in this world and I got to be here at the same time. I love your gentle ways - your humour - the way you are in Business - with your partner - and with all of us.
    You are real and approachable - perfect just as you are.
    Thank You
    Cathryn Suncat

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    I posted to the Abe List Yahoogroup and this message if from Tewa on that group:

    Jerry I love you SO much
    It will take me a thousand rampages of appreciation to list the things I
    You and Ester have given us all so much
    My heart is so full tonight of all I have received

    I love that you take the Chemo in true wonderful Jerry style
    watching and allowing
    i love how you Live Abe
    i Love how you are
    I love what you asked into Being for all of us
    with your thirsting questioning mind and your great loving and appreciating
    And I love you
    I love your zippy do da -ness
    i love how you are so tuned into FUN!
    i love your incredible life

    I love your courage and resilience
    Love YOU Thank-you Jerry
    SO MUCH!
    Love Tewa

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    Quote Originally Posted by sedonawoman View Post
    I love the fact that Jerry is always so joyful.

    I saw one dvd, can't remember which one.

    And at the end, he was literally 'skipping' a few steps on ahead of Esther.
    He was so joyful. Almost childlike, it was beautiful.

    I can think of at least 100 other reasons. I'll stick with this one for now.

    Love you Jerry!!!

    P.S. Big hugs from here....Cindy
    I saw that, too, sedonawoman.. I wish I could remember which one, but I really enjoyed seeing him skip, and that was the image I held of him recently!

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    There is great love here for you.

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    In love with life!

    Jerry bo Berry Bonana fanna fo Ferry, Fee fy mo Merry, Jerry !!

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    There is something about Jerry that makes everybody love him. He is such an integral part in the unfolding of these magnificent teachings. There are no adecuate words for me to express my appreciation for him. I love you Jerry and can't wait to see you once again on that desk taking notes and listening to your laughter in the background when Abraham say something funny, lol.

    Love to you and Esther.

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    Good Groovy Morning!
    I love Jerry and Esther so much! I love any excuse to do an appreciation list! so thanks Jerry!
    I love that I created Jerry and Esther!
    I love that Jerry asks so many questions and is an integral part of the ABE TRIANGLE!
    I love that he (and Esther) are so passionate about getting us the Abraham experience!
    I love that they live what they teach, with grace and ease and dedication to their own happiness!
    I love that they are the reflection of what I am!
    I love that i Knew Jerry was in health because he is source energy and is here playing with us all!
    I love that Jerry felt our messages of love to him.
    I love that both of them know our appreciation and love for them for bringing us Abraham!
    I love that even if they did not do what they do we would still love them for who they are!
    I love the love that shines through their eyes when they look at each other.
    I love the playfulness they share.
    I love that Jerry has his work ethic and intention of fun stamped on every workshop we receive!
    I love that I personally receive a life of fun and joy thanks to the messages Jerry's effort has brought!
    I love that they both are so appreciative of their lives!
    I love that Jerry is open to Abraham sharing details of their lives with us and allows us to get a glimpse of how it is done in joy and love!
    I love how they are attentive to every detail!
    I love how they are receptive to Abraham's guidance!
    I love how Jerry and Esther are so in love with each other and themselves! I love how it shows!
    I love his "Zippy do dah self"
    I love his white blood cells who know what to do and are doing it!
    I love the heart of Jerry for expanding all of our knowing for who and what we are!
    I love the story of when they were in colorado springs recording something for us and allowed the conditions of heat to prevail so the recording would be pure for us! I really love the rush of love and affection for both Jerry and Esther when I think of that story! It makes me so appreciate and love the intention of allowing Abraham to flow to us at the highest quality they can create!
    I love this opportunity to say " I truly, deeply love you Jerry and Esther! thank you for ALL THAT YOU DO!
    love love and more love
    Edie Gerbracht

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    Red face

    I love the way Abraham describes Jerry. There are so many things they say about him that I love to hear. I love it when I think of them saying such things about me. I love that he's such a great example of the love of source, the way they describe him.

    I love how humorous he is, all the funny stories he's shared in recordings. I love the way he and Esther live as wonderful examples of these teachings while both being so unique!

    I love his questions. I love the thought of being able to attend an Abraham seminar or cruise someday and to see him and Esther in person.

    I really love reading this thread. I love that he is such an easy entity to appreciate! I love that people here have such wonderful specific things to say that enhance my appreciation.

    This is such a delightful thread and I appreciate the opportunity to partake in it.

    Thank-you Jerry! Thank-you and god bless you! (Oh, I do bless you! )

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    I love Jerry's sense of humor and playfulness!

    I love that through Jerry's asking,
    Abraham came through Esther for all of us to enJoy!

    I love Jerry's beautiful smile and spunk!

    I love seeing Jerry in his Well Being!!

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    Zippy-Do-Dah-Jerry! Such a beautiful soul. Loving, fun, joyful. I appreciate Jerry (and Esther) with the deepest of heartfelt love. Thank you for all you do!

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