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Thread: Love for Jerry

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    I've always said that I'm hugging Jerry first when I get called up to the hot seat.

    Very much like Scotty did when he went up:

    I love you Jerry Hicks. Thank you.


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    Thank-you for being YOU!

    I love that you are so easy to relate to, and I love nothing more than when you share your lifes adventures with us! I always love it when you speak on the cd's it's kinda like Charles Schwab, everyone listens!! Because I know that whatever you say I'm gonna end up with a HUGE smile on my face!

    I appreciate and admire you so much!

    Thank-you so much for your asking because it has changed my life!!!
    I love you Jerry!!!!

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    I loved the Ps. too
    All the best to Jerry and Esther, blessings for a full swift recovery and many thanks to the doctors and nurses.

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    I have to admit that when I first heard about this "contrast", it threw me out of the Vortex, but I've turned it around and I'm remembering now that all-is-well, it really is!

    I love you, Jerry, and am feeling so much joy and appreciation for you. I love your humor, your smile, your warmth, your sweetness and your intelligence. You've always sparkled with both love and brilliance, and now you get to sparkle even brighter! The best is yet to come for you and Esther and I can't wait to hear about all the wonders that are in store for you both.

    Wishing you and Esther love and hugs and laughter and joy ALWAYS!

    Su Crutchfield

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    health and love to Jerry

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    I totally appreciate Jerry. These are my impressions. He bright, sharp. I like the way he thinks, the questions he asks.

    He comes across to me as a very sharp forward thinking individual. He seems to be the kind of guy who sees through the bs and is able to cultivate well being ie LOVE AND HOPE and PRODUCTIVE ACTION at all and anytime ... But not in a weird peace guru kind of way. I mean he comes across as a multifaceted individual who came up in harder times and can relate to real life.

    There is something extra ordinary about people who create themselves, taking what was given them, that others could have described in painful terms, taken it and made more of it than what was obvious.

    This is a man who did not grow up in a feathered nest. I appreciate people who are themselves, because they have determined that it is who they WILL be.

    I appreciate his roots even before - Esther - Abraham. Very inspiring he is capable because he believes and works first and foremost as an individual towards his goals. And I love that! I like what he has done.

    And yes of course Esther is awesome too. Yeah, I don't really know them, this is my impression. And I am impressed... lol

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    Jerry wrote:

    "Every person with whom we seemingly have a chance encounter while here upon this planet has the potential of exerting a purely angelic influence upon us if we will but allow it."

    This brought tears to my eyes when I first read it...all I could think such a beautiful statement.

    Jerry could say the same of himself. His smile alone oozes source energy. There is one video where he hits a tuning fork to clear the air...and his smile lites up his face and my heart just melts.

    I love when Esther tells a story about the two of them. The way she tells it you can picture it. Sometimes when out and about something will remind me of one of the stories. Yesterday I saw a beautiful shelf of blue glass and ha ha yes it was right after I had just heard that story once again. Now when listening to the story Esther says nothing was going to stop her from going into that shop...not even Jerry...and this makes me laugh because I he would have even tried...not.

    Blessed that we are that the Hicks decided to share these teachings with us...they could have kept them to themselves and close friends. Much appreciation to Jerry for his strength and courage in continuing these Teachings when he could have jump out of the stream anywhere along the way. It could not have been easy...hey I just toss out something like the word Vortex in the middle of a conversation sometimes...forgetting not everyone knows what I am talking about and people look at me like I have 3 heads.

    Blessed that I am that they have come into my life to have an angelic influence on me which I am trying to allow.

    The message that they teach...along with of love, joy, happiness, praise, one that they show by is nice to see people who practice what they preach.

    So while Jerry doesn't know me...I am certainly glad that I know him. Yes there is much love for you here Jerry...maybe more than you can even imagine. You and Esther and Abe have touched me and I am sure a lot of others...deeply.

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    Posting from Karen Whitaker, a Yahoogroup member:

    Dear Jerry,

    Thank you for being the intuitive positive influencer that you are! If it were not for you, none of us would be appreciating Abraham as we now get to do!

    In Ask And It Is Given, in Esther's wonderful Introduction to Abraham, she was describing how you both heard about Sheila/Theo: "She speaks with spirits!" our friends said. "She'll be here next week, and you can make an appointment with her and ask her anything you like!" That's about the last thing on this earth that I would ever want to do, I thought, but at the same time I heard Jerry, my husband, saying, "We really would like to make an appointment. How do we go about doing that?"

    With your Guidance to say that, go to the appointment with Esther, and be inspired through Sheila/Theo to begin meditating with Esther, you both met Abraham! Your powerful asking of deep and meaningful questions attracted a most amazing Nonphysical-dimension Energy for Esther to translate and bring forth the loving answers for us all to enjoy and resonate with! Thank you for following your Guidance!

    Sheila/Theo said, "...for you, too (Jerry and Esther), are channels." Thank you, Jerry, for channeling your pure Love in your positive influence over every aspect of bringing the Abraham teachings to us all!

    Your zest for life, spunky humor, thirst for Knowing and Experience with Esther, and shared humanness about your living with the teachings of Abraham, including your smooth chemotherapy experience are so appreciated! You are the backbone of the Abraham-Hicks material offerings!

    In great love and appreciation,
    Karen Whitaker

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    This is from Margaret McGowan, another Yahoogroup member:

    Dear Jerry,

    Thanks for your beautiful letter.

    The first time I met you was at an Abe seminar in Saratoga NY. We didn't officially meet but during a break I passed right by you and Esther in the hallway. Being great admirers of yours, I gave you both my biggest smile and you smiled back, your warmth, kindness, and beautifulness just shined through. You made my day and I'll never forget that smile.

    In the years that followed I have been devoted to the Abe teachings through the books and CDs. I've seen you on UTube and your warmth and beauty has never faded. Your humor and your humility are also some of your wonderful qualities, asking only for applause for Esther and not for yourself.

    But in your role in getting the Abe teachings out to us hungry people, you are a true master. One that I will admire for the rest of my days, in this time/space reality and in the next.

    Before you all (Jerry, Esther, and Abraham) came along I didn't know what to believe in or where to go, but as soon as I found you I knew that I was in the comfort of my place, of where I belonged. It was such an incredible relief. And because of that, I can truly say that you saved my life. I suppose at this point I could go into where my life was pre-Abe, but as Abe says, "we don't want to know where you've been, just where you're going." (Jerry, I don't know if this is an exact quote or just a paraphrase, so please disregard the quotation marks if necessary <teehee>).

    Thanks to you, I now have a wonderful life, like something in a fairy tale. I live in a beautiful house, I have a wonderful husband, I have my own successful business, I have nice friends, and I'm even talking to my family (most of the time <teehee>).

    Without your generous sharing of what you had discovered, I doubt that any of this could have happened for me.

    I can say without reservation that I Truly and Deeply Love You!

    And Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for Everything!

    Great Love To You Jerry,

    Margaret McGowan

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    From Lakshmi:

    Dear Jerry:
    Thank you for your letter.
    I Love your smile.
    I Love that you were curious and asked so many questions.
    I Love that you attracted Esther into your life.
    I Love that you and Esther together, channeled Abraham.
    Thank you for all that the three of you do.
    Thank you for all the Books, Cds, You tube videos, full of so many processes for us to choose from.
    I enjoy abundance and variety.
    Thank you for the "Getting into to Vortex" meditation Cd.

    There is Great Love here for you.
    With Much Appreciation.

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