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Thread: Money TIPS...

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    Good creating, JoshuaDM! And now if you'll allow me to snarkily pick aprt your post a bit here, I want to point out that you don't have to activate your old story by talking about "if you knew me" and justifying your desires for money by displaying your cred in poverty. While I understand your desire to be free and romp in the mud, to have the beauty of nature and the uncivilized wilds surrouding your body and your brain, you can describe the desire in those terms rather than getting so specific about the "what is" or the "what was"--and find a way to talk about the significnance of the shift, the rapidity and substanatiailty of the progress without implying that it is an aberration. Your normal is your normal now, and Source DOES know you, Source DOES know the real you, and the real you is happy, thriving, nourished, full of ease, power, playfulness, eagerness, and beauty, satisfied and eager, engaged in transforming this world from good to better, from what-is to vortex-is. Source has no negative judgments of you for having money, wanting it, not having it, not wanting it, being different, being similar. Source is looking at you from a much loftier perspective, much more tender and loving and encompassing. Source is asking you, What is it you want? what feels best to you? what are you creating through your unique preferences? You don't have to make any effort to be known, you are known completely and intimately and more comprehensively by source than by any physicially focused other human you have ever met, in fiction or in life.
    Quote Originally Posted by JoshuaDM View Post
    This isn't exactly money, but I manifested the gift of three shirts (really nice shirts, by my standards anyway, and brand new), two really really nice sweaters, a nice belt, an armani jacket (old but still it's really nice, I feel good wearing it, I feel like a together hot NY-er type, which is a weird departure from my usual, if you knew me ) and what else, oh an new reusable grocery bag to replace the falling apart one, a second belt much nicer than the first and also fits me so I don't have to awl the first one, and I invoiced for more than I ever have yesterday...had so much work coming in I was saying no to it and also to my old job (they sometimes have sent me a job I can do from home, I may make them an offer at a higher rate and see if they bite), and today on the bus I ran into the guy who didn't balk at my rate when I told him my own private rate. And I still haven't even called back the people who offered me a regular position a few weeks ago.

    On a sadder note, my housemate was way ootv last night, I wanted to ask any and all to hold M. K. in mind, think of her from inside the vortex, see her feeling really really well and happy with her life and wanting to live!

    Also, have manifested a greaer level of organization than I had ever had in the past...and again, if you knew me, this is a miracle! My desk is so freakin' clean right now, my back pack is organized, and my CD'S ARE IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER! And I also noticed I manifested all the Abe I could consume, twice, but one feels "illegitimate" (upstream) and the other one is having technical difficulties...but got way closer than the last time I checked...

    But get this--I manifested a new person in my abe daily calls and his name is--this is such a gas, I almost died laughing when he introduced himself-- SETH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahahhahahahhahahah! and we're reading the Sara book with Seth in it today and I died laughing and I am now as dead as it gets and grinning..

    OK, sharing all that about other stuff was too much fun, I couldn't resist. But I think it's a good sign, cause me and money--if you knew me, you'd be amazed at this too, and it would give you a lot of hope that this can work for ANYONE if you have any doubts.

    But the other cool thing is, I realized as I was writing this, two weeks ago, just before all this stuff showed up in my life, I had shared wiht some other abers that my big want at the moment was I wanted to do direct manifestation of something.

    (Then I came downstairs into the kitchen and there was a cockroach.

    I killed it. Well, how often have you successfully killed a cockroach? that was pretty cool. I'm actually 3 for 3 now, I never used to be able to get the f-ckers.)

    But the thing I realized was NOT about the cockroach--it was this: I --ok, get this, I really hadn't noticed till just five minutes ago--I manifested those shirts after getting that claer feeling of wanting ot manifest an actual physical thing!! money is kind of an abstraction, the thing itself, that's really comfy-cozy feeling, I LOVE that!

    I mean really, two people independently who don't even know each other giving away shirts and sweaters in the same week? really? really?

    I'm so appreciating your "it snuck up on me" comment, HITC cause that makes it really clear what was happening all along that I just hadn't noticed.

    I really like my shirts a lot, and my jacket. Love them a HELL of a lot more than shopping! yes, I am a boy, I have resistance to shopping, and I have resistance to bothering to release my resistance to shopping .

    good night all

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    Just making the connection a few days ago, of some other ways my money vibe has shifted that I had been thinking "this doesn't count in terms of money manifestation" but they really really do:

    1. Knowing a comfortable way to live without having the radiator on in my room if I want to, and build a solar heater (heat cost is a major living expense for most people in New England)
    2. Use of a solar cooker (that's $700--and a way of making one for $5)
    3. Knowledge of a way to make $25,000 the first year of owning a few acres without sowing a single seed
    4. Knowledge of how to heat a conventional home with 1/10th the wood of a wood stove
    5. $200 round-trip tickets to see my girlfriend, when I would have thought it would cost at least $500 to travel that far
    6. Knowledge of people in the what-is to sustaining a family of four on 5 acres with 14 person-hours of work a week, to live in luxury on $300 a month, or to live on 1 1/2 acres with 20 hours of work a week.
    7. And people having 25 hours of driving for $160/month, including cost of car, registration, mechanic, gas, driver, insurance, and any other costs, plus saving them the 25 hours of driving they'd be doing per week. The people in that situation have an %88 happiness rating by an independent study.
    8. Direct experience of getting free food that is viable and tasty to fill most of basic needs.
    9. Easy way to get free water that is clean and truly potable.
    10. A free community of people to share about this kind of thing with who get this and enjoy talking about it, savoring it, and basking in the sheer laziness of everything, and also are caring, loving, supportive, positive.
    11. All the music I can listen to for $1 for three months! OMG Maria Joao Pires I want to have her children Mozart and Brahms many different recordings, and I love how it's organized, how easy it is to find the music on the computer and share a track with someone when I want to.
    12. Knowledge of a farmer who could yield 3-10 lbs of food per square foot per year.
    13. Of course getting my own soil down to a super-safe lead level and having no detectable lead whatsoever in my (generally lead-accumulator) collards!!! this feels soooooooooo good, this was a dream for the past 2 1/2 years since when I moved in there and everyone was saying "raised beds," "lead," "
    14. Homemade yogurt all the time.
    15. A Wonderbox--heat the pot to a boil and then let it sit in the wonderbox for several hours and it cooks and then is still steaming when you take it out! and no possibility of burning my food either. And a pressure cooker, also a big saving in the amount of fossil fuel and money it costs to use.
    16. Concept of group cooking, getting everyone together and heating up the stove/oven once rather than every individual heating up a separate stove, and this feels so abundant and fun and satisfying, so much more rich and abundant than simply doing a pot luck--you do the cooking and the cleanup together too! three times the partying for the same amount of effort. Plus, the people who prefer cooking can do that, the ones who prefer cleaning can do that, the ones who are wanting to rest that day can do neither, and more varieties of food choices can emerge from the community. And how satisfying it is to have more cooperatively-focused people surrounding me!

    Many of these also include the aspect of economy of means and tread lightly on the planet in terms of consumption of natural resources, and are really, really satisfying to me. I love that so many of them also save noticeable amounts of money that can be seen in the bank. Best of both worlds. And it feels good to fully make the connection to "that's something I can post on money tips thread! That counts as a MONEY manifestation!"

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    Fun manifestation--since I started focusing on my money vibe last week I've been noticing that the lottery number on the store I pass by keeps going up.

    Three days ago it was teh highest I've ever seen it--$250 million.
    Two days ago it was $300 million.
    Yesterday it went up to $450 million.
    I told this to someone yesterday and she said yeah well now I think it's been drawn so it'll be back down again.

    But I walked by it and saw it today--it is $700 million.

    I did that! It felt soooooooo good to think "I did that!" I haven't played it but I love the manifestation of that delicious feeling--I made a million other people lose the lottery with my vibe just so I could see the number go up to 700. I am that powerful. I am more powerful than millions who are not. I have a manifestation that is different from what was before, and is a reflection of how I've been feeling.

    It'll be hilarious if it goes past one billion and they don't have enough digits on the sign hahahahhaha!

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    I want to connect to this thread for a minute. Not feeling good, but feeling hopeful that i can feel good again.

    I love the idea of manifesting a better relationship with money. I love the idea that money is something that I can believe could make me happy, that this one subject could somehow brighten all the areas of my life, even though I've had thoughts to the contrary and don't have all the how or details I have this general sense of "I can get a stable money vibe and that will mean I'm happpy most of the time and living a steadily happy life," and I love the idea of really getting there. I've made so much progress, my manifested reality is so much better in so many ways than what it was, and some things that I don't like have gotten bigger but I'll figure those out eventually too, and there aren't many of those. I love the degree to which a few weeks of really focusing on my alignment again has really born fruit. I love how I have felt so much better so much of the time. I love how I've caught myself so many times about to settle for a habitual train of thought and then thought instead, "Wait, I don't have to feel this way," and manifested feeling relief, solid and tangible better feeling. I love some of the physical manifestations that hev come along teh way--a new wallet, much nicer than teh old one, slick and easy to slide in and out of my pocket, something that can make spending money a more satisfying and pleasurable experience on a basic physical level, and seeing my grandma yesterday and feeling so much love and joy and ease, and getting so many green lights in traffic.

    Today has been frustrating, there was a bit of contrast early on and I don't even really care about the expansion, the wanted end of that stick right now. I'd rather just delete that subject. But I do want to feel as much better as that thing had me feel bad. I want to find better-feeling thoughts. I want to find some things i can milk from day.

    The call from C to talk about More finally came
    And she's going to a mark group with J
    I had that nice moment of relief today when resting
    I love that I still have the new wallet instead of the old one
    I love how tangible that is, how solid and vibrant, how it can keep reminding me of the trueness of the shift, even if I have moments of doubt

    I love that I have the Abeforum and the money tips thread, I love that I have this entertainment and clarity and a sense of a community to return to, I love that I have the fun of reading my old posts and seeing and sensing how different I am now, how even when then I thought things were really really good they could have been so much better, they could have been so much less effort, so much easier, so much simpler, so much more relaxed, so much more trustable, so much more stable, so much simpler, easier, easier, easier, steadier, more dependable, trustable.

    I love how I manifested the Powerball going over my one billion figure

    I love letting myself off the hook for things
    I love letting things go
    I love letting go of action journeys I don't really need to do and giving myself the choice
    I love nurturing the new momentum
    I love that I can trust
    I love that I can trust
    I love that I can trust

    Quote Originally Posted by Kaz View Post
    Good morning money thread people!

    I haven't posted here for awhile, but I've been reading. For the past few months I have spent time getting used to my incredible (for me) new financial normal, and getting used to letting go of my fixation on my business. Both are internal things, not something that I feel drawn to discuss in detail, but an internal type of LOA work with changing emotional set points. I have successfully turned both things into "no big deal" and I feel extremely good about it.

    I want to applaud Joshua and his enthusiasm for recognizing manifestations that many would not even notice. I went through something similar telling myself "I manifested that!" and it really made me aware of how LOA is ALWAYS working.

    I will be leaving for vacation in a few days, a vacation that I told myself I "couldn't afford" not so long ago. While I'm gone, my business will be closed for 2 weeks, something that I didn't think was possible not so long ago. Yes, my emotional set point has definitely changed.

    For those who remember, I am also still losing weight slowly but surely. I don't know exactly how much because I rarely get on a scale, but my clothes are getting bigger and bigger on me, and I am down about three sizes in my jeans and almost down four. I look pretty damn good and feel great!

    So people, I'm here to tell you to just keep on keeping on. It's an emotional journey, not an action one. Appreciate what comes to you. Milk your successes, no matter how small. Remember that things that might not look so good at first just might be the Universe's way of finding the crack of least resistance.

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    I love that I can trust
    That feels great!
    (not despair, I'm broke, I'm poor, helpless, hopeless, charity mentality, poverty consciousness)

    I saw my virtual bank with my name on it!
    I saw my dream house too, half way across the world.
    I want to wire the money to the real estate place, go there tomorrow, bring suitcases, lie around in the sun all day and eat from the fruit trees, work and bask in arts and culture in that country and leave this dilapidated small place I live in now.

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    "The sensation of effort is an indication of disorganized movement."
    ---Moshe Feldenkrais (may have the wording a bit off)

    "If it's feeling hard, if it's feeling like effort, that's nature's way of saying you're off track."
    --Larry Korn, permaculturist and student of Masanobu Fukuoka

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    BUMP! very moving and inspiring. and I bet you've gone so much further since then too!
    Quote Originally Posted by ElevatingCreativity View Post
    I was trying to read all the posts before posting. I read up to page 103...skipped to the end to get a sneak preview... then I saw two things that made me decide "it's time, I must stop lurking and start posting."

    First was HitC's mention of a "questionable internet business" a few messages ago, and now is Tonycat's mention of UNC Chapel Hill - both of which are relevant to my story (in a good way!)

    BUT FIRST, I must thank all of you who've posted. I've dropped by the forums from time to time since discovering Abraham last Fall "by accident." Only a few days ago when I was a bit OOTV, I found this thread and it has totally brought me back from the brink.

    THANK YOU!!!

    HitC, Tony, Fran, and many many others have been an inspiration with your stories of manifestation of all shapes, sizes, and colors. And I have my own wild roller coaster ride to share. It’s finally time. I am convinced... yes, it’s for real. It took me a long time to really “get it” but now I do.

    First, a warning: this is a very long story ahead. I wanted to get it all out so you can see the wild ride first hand. I have loved other people’s stories here, so it’s time to add one more.

    I've always liked nice stuff and had an affinity to nice places, restaurants, travel, etc.

    But I went to graduate school in the hardcore sciences (physics, computer science, biochemistry), and for many years got in the vibe of feeling "poor." Graduate school is a totally low-money-vibe place. Grad students are always talking about starving and eating ramen noodles, and that vibe really penetrated, especially combined with some vibes from certain family members that I picked up early on.

    I didn’t quickly recover from that. After graduating with a PhD, I chose a field of study that paid better than most, and I "climbed the ladder" in the sciences from there up to a prestigious and well-paid position at UNC-Chapel Hill, in several serious sounding departments (that’s the link to Tonycat’s post! What a “coincidence!”).

    I was earning more than six figures, but still never seemed to "have enough" because I carried that "never enough" vibe everywhere I went.

    What I DID do was manage to bring in lots of grant monies for my own research and my collaborators. As a result of that (and, I suppose, actually doing some interesting science on stuff like antibiotic resistance), I got tenured. For those of you not in academic circles, that means, essentially, "guaranteed job for life." But I wasn't happy.

    First, I'd brought in millions of dollars in grants, but my pay didn't go up proportionally. I felt like I was a "profit center" for the University, and that's all. They were just “milking me” for my grant bringing ability.

    Plus, they treated me poorly. It all had to do with my vibe. I developed a very bad attitude about lots of things (space, money, etc) - and things just kept getting worse, - except my grants and my science, where I maintained an ok vibe.

    Eventually the university responded to my negative transmissions, and did something to me that was just unacceptable (yanking a big project retroactively and doing an illegal charge-back to grants that I brought in).

    If I'd let them get away with it, my dignity would have taken a huge hit.

    So, one quick email later, I was officially resigned from my tenured "job for life." That’s where things started to get really interesting.

    See, about two years before that, I had started a bike shop with a partner for various reasons (wrong reasons from an LOA perspective, such as getting into a scarcity mindset about Oil and other energy resources, and thinking that I needed to convince more people to ride bikes because oil was running out... scarcity is NOT a good platform for a business, in case you hadn’t already figured that one out!).

    At the time I quit the faculty job, the bike shop was also struggling. It had grown in revenues, but slowly, and always seemed like a struggle to make it work. There was no profit, only debt. In fact, I had gone big time into debt for it, and as a result, my money vibe went from neutral trending a bit negative (before), to outright negative (after). Money was scarce, oil was scarce, etc. Totally negative vibe.

    I had built up a powerful vortex.

    Now, somehow a little ray of sunshine came through from the vortex. In the months before I quit my job, in an act of desperation, I invested in a course from a "guru" on "internet marketing," thinking that would be the solution to my bike shop woes. We had a considerable online presence, but sales only trickled in. I figured it would help us do better.

    That course didn't help me with the bike shop - the vibe was too far gone, and it wasn’t the right kind of marketing. BUT, it did light up some lights for me: I realized that I could share my "inside knowledge" of getting grants with others who were massively struggling with it (lots of people do!). So I started yet another business, in hopes of covering up the hole of debt created by the bike shop!

    That one was really slow to get started. My vibe was still pretty bad.

    I created a course on how to bring in > $1Million grants, and charged $200 for it. I felt like I was charging too much!! That's how screwed up my vibe was. But despite that, A few sales trickled in. As I started getting feedback that my teachings were helping people, I gained confidence and slowly increased prices.

    Later that year (before I quit the job), I learned about visualizing from another LOA teacher. I'd bought his course the day after my continual bad vibe had screwed up some travel for me, taking me to Paris when I was supposed to be in Barcelona for a meeting. Right after I landed in Paris, my brand new iPad was stolen right out of my hands on the subway. Talk about sending out bad signals!!!

    That was the event where I finally "had enough!!" Despite being a hardcore, “rational” scientist, I was desperate to try anything, even something so "weird" as LOA. This was only weeks before the final-straw event that made me quit the faculty job. Yes, things were bad.

    Since things weren't working for me the way I'd been doing it, why not try something new? What did I have to loose? I'd lost a lot already, things were getting worse. Trying out some “woo woo” stuff couldn’t make things worse than they were trending.

    Right after I quit the job and started practicing, a few things happened.

    First, I did a big promotion for my online course, where I managed to double my whole year’s sales in two weeks (from 50 for the year to over 100) - at double the original price I’d started at! This improving vibe was working!

    I found another faculty job, mainly to keep the people who’d been working in my lab employed. I wasn’t that excited about it, frankly, I was burned out on the whole academic career thing a bit. But I decided to do it out of a feeling of obligation (hmmm... maybe that’s why it’s continued to throw challenges my way frequently).

    Anyway, I moved cross country for the new job. Before I did, I started looking up houses for sale via the internet, and found one that I fell in love with in my favorite destination neighborhood, from the pictures and description. I visualized living there, despite having no idea how I might afford it. After a few weeks of building that up in my vortex, I kind of forgot about it, and got caught up in the move and in other activities, like building my business.

    Back on the business front, shortly after the move, I started feeling I was undercharging. I had helped quite a few people bring in very big grants (seven and eight figures). I figured that I deserved more compensation for helping them do that.

    So, I happened upon another "guru," who taught about raising prices and working more intensively with a smaller group of motivated people, rather than selling a cheaper thing to the masses. It fit, so I tried it.

    But, my vibe was screwed up. The move really got me out of the practice of visualizing, and I got in a pretty messed up place.

    I redesigned my course with a lot more hands-on work to give clients better value (still very much in the more pay=more work mode). I raised prices 10x, to what I thought my time and help was worth. I got training on how to do phone sales for these more expensive courses.

    But I couldn’t do it - not at first. I could have taken a zillion “how to” classes, but with my vibrational offering being screwed up, nothing would help. I'd do these long phone calls where helped people for 90 minutes (for free), then I was supposed to offer them my course in case they wanted more help. But when it came to telling them about the cost of my course, my voice would waver and I couldn't do it with confidence. It was SOOO uncomfortable asking for thousands of dollars - even after helping someone extensively!

    I got frustrated and almost gave up. I had done over 10 calls with no sales, and the one sale that did come through emailed two days later asking for a refund for various “personal reasons.” (I felt really undeserving of the sale, no wonder he refunded).

    Things looked bad. All the equity in my house that I sold after moving had been eaten up by bike shop debt, leaving me with less than zero - just lots more debt. I had a reasonable number of possessions, but nothing fancy. I had a few little savings tucked away here and there, but nothing that’d last for more than a month or two - and I have a family to support.

    In our new locale, my family and I ended up living in a small rental place - 1/2 the size of the house we’d just left, after having owned three different homes spanning 16 years. It was a bit degrading. But that's what a bad vibe will do to you. My energies were split over many things, including the new faculty job versus the business, the stress of the move, the stress of money, everything.

    I got desperate. I can remember several times of just lying in bed, crying and feeling like my life was a total f*ck*p.

    After a while, I had a little voice inside my head that reminded me that I should go back to trying the LOA stuff again... it had worked before when I was desperate, why not now? Again, I had nothing left to loose! I started some massive visualization on helping people and getting paid for it (rather than just visualizing a “sale” - I felt much better thinking about all the help I was going to give in return for getting paid).

    Vibe improved just a bit. I signed up for an event with other people who were doing this kind of sales process. At the event, several people were telling inspiring stories of making this phone sales thing work for them - some really well.

    I got more re-motivated, saying “if they can do it, I can do it!!! I got tenure at one of the top-5 universities in the country, dammit! That’s harder than making phone sales!! Why am I being such a wuss?!?”

    Here I was, a previously quite successful science professor trying to do phone sales, with a messed up vibe. Funny. Weird. But life is like that.

    Guess what happened???

    In the two subsequent months, I got over ten clients signed up for my expensive course, bringing in 10’s of thousands. Instant reversal on my fortunes. Not enough to cover all the debt, but certainly waaaay better than where I’d just been.

    But it gets more amazing.

    Remember that house I mentioned that I’d visualized a few months ago, before the move? Well, right after the move I looked at it with an agent. I loved it, BUT by that time my money vibe was getting screwed up so I decided... NO WAY can I get this house. I just gave up on it.... but it was still in my escrow!

    Here’s what happened, illustrating the devious ways in which the universe can deliver.

    After my vibe-cleaning-up work, I had the urge to get an office. There wasn't enough room in our small rental house for me to work in peace. I went out on my bike, riding around the downtown area, looking for a nice, good-feeling office for lease. I didn’t do an extensive search - I was actually managing to be In The Vortex a bit (before I knew what that was). I just biked and let feelings guide me to a cool looking building, with some neat little offices for rent that had a great view, and that weren’t expensive. I said, “I’ll take it.”

    Just a few days later, as I was moving my office things into the new office, I ran into the owner of the dream house. I had met her when I did the real estate tour a few months before, and she remembered me vividly.

    Here’s where voodoo begins: she owned a clothing shop that was on street level, directly one floor below where I had just rented my new office!!!

    She immediately said "hey, why don't you come see the house again, it's really great!"

    I said, "I don't think I can work out the finances right now."

    But, I kept running into her since her shop was right there below my office, and she kept mentioning that I should come look at the house again.

    Finally I caved in, despite the feeling that there’s “no way I can afford this house!”

    My family and I visited her and the house again. We loved it but still didn't think we could do it. We went back to our little rental, thinking “we should just find a modest little house that we CAN afford for now.”

    We found a small house at less than half the price of the big house. We went to the bank for loan approval. They said: NO WAY! You have debt up to your ears (from bike shop), and most of your income comes from this brand new business, and we don’t trust businesses! (My faculty salary wasn’t enough at that point, I was working only 1/2 time).

    Ok, that plan went down in flames. I gave up on the buy a smaller house idea, and just focused on building my business.

    But....I kept running into the owner of the dream house!

    She made it clear that, from the first time she met me, she felt that I was "the one" for the house, despite having some other significant interest from people with far more money than me. She even said that the first time she met me, she felt like she knew me from somewhere!

    After many such encounters, we finally sat down over a glass of wine and discussed things. She was willing to do an owner-financing with only a small deposit.

    I was able to scrape together that deposit with the money I'd made on my courses, and we signed a lease/purchase deal. We were all set to move in in the late summer!!! WOW! (did I say that this house has a swimming pool? not just an ordinary one, but a beautiful one?)

    The way the universe opened up to make this happen was amazing. In fact, after that I no longer felt that I needed the office I had rented, and ended up moving out a few months later to save money. It was nice, but it no longer felt like I needed to be there. Weird, huh?

    But, like I said, I’ve had a roller coaster. Stay with me, the story’s not done!

    I was on a high, but it quickly turned South. I had stopped practicing my explicit money vibe work, and I fell into two traps:

    1) "I'm not worthy of all this, I didn't work hard enough to make it happen, it can't be happening, something bad is going to happen after all this good stuff, I JUST KNOW IT!!!" I just couldn’t imagine how a nice house like this could line itself up for me like that, there must be something about to go wrong. At the final lease signing, I was VERY nervous, and about to pull out of the deal!!

    2) Then, after signing: "Oh wow, now I've got an expensive lease payment to start paying in only two months, and I have NO IDEA how I can pay that and all my debts! Uh Oh!"

    I freaked out. My vibe sunk. So did sales. I had tried hiring a sales rep so that I didn't have to do all the calling myself (I was rather busy), and I blamed the poor sales on her.

    Perhaps she wasn't the best sales representative, but I had attracted her to my business with my newly downward vibe. The summer wasn't good. I only managed to get a few students enrolled in my summer course. The business could barely pay its bills.

    We spent down the previous money I'd made, and by move-in-time I didn't know how I'd pay the lease. We just barely made it for the first month, and still no sales were coming in... so I was really stressed and feeling like I was going to loose the house...already!!

    I was picturing having to move out, having to find a cheap place, etc. Bad vibe all the way, baby!

    THEN... in another very contrasty act of desperation, I listened to some program or another from another LOA teacher, and decided to start SERIOUSLY VISUALIZING again. I visualized happy clients coming to me in droves. I kept repeating that, over and over again, doing the full VR experience as taught by Abraham and several others.

    Within two weeks of starting that.... one of my summer clients, who happened to be a big shot at a particular university, came back to me, and enrolled FIVE more people at the university at once. An instant 5-figures revenue!!! All in one big check from the university!! And then other clients started rolling in. Within the month, my course was nearly oversubscribed (it's very intensive, so I can't take more than ~15 people, and I was up to 14!).


    Around that time I discovered Abraham. I'd heard of them before, but it always sounded a bit "far out" for me as a scientist, so I just hadn’t been attracted in the past. But after this wild roller coaster, I was becoming more open.

    In the Fall (2011 now), I was helping my mom with her iPad, and saw an Abe recording on there. I asked her about it and she said, "oh, that's just something a friend of mine put on there, it's a bit weird so I don't listen to it." (I got a lot of my negative money vibe from her early on... whenever we talk about it, it ends in argument... so I no longer talk about it with her.)

    Anyway, I grabbed a copy from her iPad of the workshop (sorry, I know it's not legal, but I thought I'd just listen once out of curiosity, then delete it.)


    The first time it was like expanding my knowledge of LOA 10X. I've always been into figuring out how things work, and I've been working on a book about creativity (from a quantum mechanics perspective) - and the Abe stuff immediately resonated with a lot of what I'd already been thinking!!!

    I became an instant "convert" and purchased a bunch of workshop recordings (hopefully making up for the one I originally obtained without buying), and I became a very regular listener... to the point that my family sometimes complains. I’ve done two very long car drives recently (30+ hours in the car), most of which was the Abe channel (thanks to my iPhone).

    With the improving vibe, I felt good about taking some of the money I’d made to invest in a new and very pricey course, to learn how to do sales more efficiently without long phone calls. I didn’t want to have to work so hard at the sales part, and this felt like the right way to get away from that. (Note: I’ve spent 10’s of thousands now on marketing courses, and though the info learned was highly useful, even more than that the value came from simply convincing myself that “I can do this” by learning from people who’d already done it.)

    The Fall went well, with mostly a good vibe maintained listening to Abe. I got more and more thrilled and excited about a new promotion of my course.

    I’d raised the price again (and also added even more work for me as well!). Then I did it... I held an online seminar event for free, and in that single two hour event, I got 11 new students signed up for my new, more expensive course!!!! I had a GREAT vibe going in, and the outcome was phenomenal.

    In other words... multiple five figures of two hours.

    It was like one of those "make a million on the internet" type commercials, but it was actually starting to happen to me!!! It wasn't just a scam! (admittedly, it wasn't six figures yet...much less a million.... but it still was a lot for me! It felt like a dream for a short while!)

    But then...remember the roller coaster? Not over yet!

    I hadn’t fixed up my deservingness quotient. So I had a fall coming... and quickly.
    The next day I felt weird and almost deflated, like "this is too easy and I don't deserve it!!! These people are going to cancel out or something. It won't last, nothing good ever does!"

    Worse, I got an email. Actually, I got lots of emails, most of which said it was a great and helpful seminar I'd given, thanking me for it (even people who didn't enroll in my course).

    BUT, there was that one email, from one woman who said "that was the worst seminar I've ever attended, I invited some people to watch on our big screen TV, and I was EMBARRASSED, apologizing for inviting them!"

    INSTANT COLLAPSE in my money vibe. That email just took my own self-doubt, and popped my bubble quicker than you can say “abraham”.

    I wanted to get five more students... so, I did four more seminars. But now my vibe was off. Too late. I was trying too hard. I wasn't feeling it. I went through the motions, but didn't have the feeling of confidence. After four more seminars, I'd only enrolled two more students!!! I was 1/20th as effective in these seminars as in the first one!!!

    (Weird enough, I’d set a specific monetary goal for the first quarter, and later I realized that I hit that goal within about $2k, but couldn’t push beyond!!!)

    Anyway, just to repeat the important point here:

    GOOD VIBE RESULTS: 10 students enrolled in my four-figures course after a single free seminar

    LOW VIBE RESULTS: 2 students enrolled in my course after FOUR more free seminars (i.e. a 20-FOLD difference in efficiency of sales-per-unit-time spent!)

    As Abraham says, the leverage of emotion and vibration is incredible!

    Wow. Ok, anyway. Since that time I've had a pretty mixed vibe about money. I've been so caught up in other things, like trying to figure out what to do about my part-time faculty job. I feel obligated, and I like parts of it (like the fun science stuff), but there’s lots I don’t like, and I really prefer my business and book writing (I’ve also written a grant writing book that’s done reasonably well). So, that keeps messing with my vibe, still, after all this!!!

    Ok, so coming closer to the present...Just about two weeks ago I looked at my accounts, saw them dropping, and realized I have some big expenses coming up that can't be covered without a new "push" of some kind (either vibe wise or in terms of action in my business). Yet things were so busy that I just wasn't doing the work.. I got feeling worse and worse OOOOTV...

    Boy, did that ever bite me in the butt. It culminated in totally screwed up travel earlier this week where I was supposed to go to Boston but ended up stuck in the San Francisco airport with no way to get to Boston OR to get back home... All flights to either place full for days. I did some quick visualizing while still standing at the airline counter about getting home (all I wanted at that low point), and miraculously, a seat opened up just two minutes later on the first flight in the morning! Slight improvement! Then, my daughter ended up in the hospital for a weird thing (but she’s ok now).

    During the ill-fated trip where I never made it to my meeting in Boston, and spent hundreds of dollars to travel to San Fran and back home - spending all that time in the airport and a few hours in an expensive hotel (with no time to enjoy the city) - I discovered THIS THREAD. I needed relief, and this thread gave it.

    I'm already feeling so much better, and a few things have started opening up - including an email from a big company that's been wanting to partner with me and promote my work!

    This roller coaster has been SO ASTOUNDING! My science brain can’t actually fathom this all. I feel almost a bit weird writing all this, because I know that if a lot of my science colleagues read this, they’d think it’s pure lunacy. But this stuff really happened! I have witnesses for it all!

    When I write it down like this, it is totally clear: my results have directly corresponded to my vibe, and that's that. There is nothing else here. Yes, in some cases the vibe has led me to “work hard” - but at those times it doesn’t feel like work, when I’m in the Vortex. It just feels good. When I’m OOTV, then it feels awful. At least I know enough to recognize that now!

    This is all still a bit hard for the "skeptical scientist" in me to absorb, despite the evidence that's plain for all to see. In fact, I even did an experiment where I manifested not only one, but THREE blue feathers last fall after I started visualizing them. Yet I still have times of doubt! All that PhD indoctrination takes a long time to overcome!!!

    But I also have powerful wanting, and it appears that when I put my mind to cleaning up the vibe, I can really move forward. So, like Abe says, “That is the work!!! It’s the ONLY work!!”

    I still have deservingness issues that are very deep seated. Each time it seems like I make progress on them and something breaks loose, then I "forget" about it and do a backslide. Fortunately, each time I catch the slide, I seem to also ratchet up the scale, like many others here have done.

    So, I'm here to emphasize what all the other great stories on this thread have reminded us all of: CLEAN YOUR VIBE. GET IN THE VORTEX. THERE IS NOTHING, NOWHERE, MORE IMPORTANT THAN THAT. Feel deserving! Feel joyful! Visualize! Listen to Abe (and even other teachers, if it so strikes you)!

    And the world will open up in amazing ways!


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    Hahahahahahahhaha! I broke the sign.
    Quote Originally Posted by JoshuaDM View Post
    Fun manifestation--since I started focusing on my money vibe last week I've been noticing that the lottery number on the store I pass by keeps going up.

    Three days ago it was teh highest I've ever seen it--$250 million.
    Two days ago it was $300 million.
    Yesterday it went up to $450 million.
    I told this to someone yesterday and she said yeah well now I think it's been drawn so it'll be back down again.

    But I walked by it and saw it today--it is $700 million.

    I did that! It felt soooooooo good to think "I did that!" I haven't played it but I love the manifestation of that delicious feeling--I made a million other people lose the lottery with my vibe just so I could see the number go up to 700. I am that powerful. I am more powerful than millions who are not. I have a manifestation that is different from what was before, and is a reflection of how I've been feeling.

    It'll be hilarious if it goes past one billion and they don't have enough digits on the sign hahahahhaha!

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    now y'all are talking my language--the language of chocolate.

    I think I just manifested getting a back payment of $2500. It's quite believable that it wil come, I'm entitled to it, and I feel the shift in my manifestation.

    In the Vortex there is chocolate that goes to 111%
    Quote Originally Posted by TryAgain View Post
    MMMmmmmmmmm! I would take payment in Michel Cluizel 99% ganaches ANYTIME! Nearly as good as gold in my book!

    Oh I feel exactly what you are saying! In Greece, there is alot of moaning by some about an ongoing recession and crisis. But all I see is prosperity. We are in a line of business that has done very well throughout the ups & downs in Greece. And today I walked by the multi-million euro yachts at the marina. I have also seen some fantastic initiatives by young people, to create their own opportunities in lieu of McJob opportunities. The results have been both inspired and inspiring. It is all perspective.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheBrightestDay View Post
    I watched a youtube video about trying to manifest pennies and finding them on the ground.

    So I started doing this experimentation and tried to effortlessly manifest them just by randomly walking to places.

    So for the past month I only found 1 penny on the ground. The guy in the video said he could find 3 or 4 in a day....and I don't know why I can't find as much as him. I mean, I am grateful for the one I found but I think I should have had 10 by now.

    Maybe I just suck at doing this...
    One time I found 3 $100 bills in a day. 200 in an elevator and 100 in a parking lot . all $100 bills .
    Pretty Cool, I also won a lottery playing a girlfriends number, won a tv in a raffle and won $100
    in a raffle in Vegas... I believe that MONEY comes to be especially when I participate ...

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