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Thread: Money TIPS...

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    two days ago pretty unexpectedly got a letter from a government bureau saying they were sending a back payment owed for 970, and another for 190. That was pretty awesome--an extra 1000!

    And with it being a government bureau I sort of ignored the fact that there were two copies of the letter saying they were repaying $970.

    Yesterda, I get my balance on a receipt and look at my balance on it.

    It's 2100.

    They gave me two back payments. Which is about what I am actually owed, but I'd stopped expecting.

    I did do a bit of action journey bugging them about it, but I had let go of the back payment entirely. I can buy 100 blueberry starts and still have 500 leftover!

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    OMG I just realised I live on the GOLD coast!!!

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    Cheers, Eternal Blessings, friends.

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    This grid has filled in SOOOOOOOO much.

    * bulk buy, awesome prices, convenience, truly organic, grown within 200 miles, comes to our home
    * getting to spend a few days in a community that grows %70-%80 of the food on site, has its own dairy. raw milk on tap. amazing food cooked for you three times a day, I'd never have to do a cooking shift if I lived there, there's plenty of work in the farm shifts
    * my stomach felt wondeful eating that food for a week; my legs felt wonderful being SO tired, such an awesome workout, I slept like a stone
    * I felt so loved and so connected to the land, the farmers, the food.
    * I feel so much more worthy, so much more relief about the value of what I do in my "work shifts" in my life, and so much more love and appreciation for all workers. I feel so good about doing my chores in the house, so connected to source and clarity
    * I still think Whole Foods is a bit silly but I don't feel as inserted-into by it, and I haven't been inside more than once a month for a while.

    Quote Originally Posted by JoshuaDM View Post
    to feel and manifest more wanted in segments of grocery shopping

    spec. neg.
    I've never thought I could really feel anything but blah about this
    I've always wanted it to be over as fast as possible
    maybe I should just look into peapod or whatever
    OK, maybe not always, but often
    The best part is finding new and healthier, more health-giving offerings
    But it's still lagging a long long long way behind HUSP food or BD food or Perelandra food
    or even Europe
    And so many crappy products over-priced
    the coop isn't much better because it really jacks up the prices for the same damn thing
    and getting it from that farm would be complicated and I'd need a car
    Or reliance on people or another trip
    And talking to people
    And I always feel a bit guilty passing the cashiers
    I can never wish them a good enough day to compensate for the guilt of not having to work as hard as they
    and not being as much of a man as the ones who are humble and go willingly to menial tasks
    and "willingness to do menial work is a sign of enlightenment"
    and willingness to put up with inadequate pay and abuse
    and physical destruction of the body
    and a lot of interaction with people at various places on the grumpiness scale
    and I don't love the feng shui of any of these places
    it's a bit adrenalized
    trying for power, not for joy
    I hate that Ron Mackey guy
    Arrogance and insensitivity and hypocrisy
    An awful lot of non-organic stuff in the store
    And the "organic" stuff isn't really organic either
    I never feel drawn to the produce, ezxcept the apples
    And apples have relatively little nutritional value according to that one doc
    And then I think of the inadequacy of my own garden
    And of having to get this right in order to fix my money vibe
    I don't like the way others are dressed or shopping
    Or "paying $80 for hte six things I got"
    The gleaming white floors bug me
    Cashiers wearing uniforms and aprons a bit demeaning bugs me
    NOt running into anyone I know usually at the store
    anonymous people, strangers judging me on my looks
    kinesthetic unpleasure

    gen neg
    I am focused on things I don't want
    I doubt I can shift this ongoingly

    gen pos
    I am a being who creates his life through thought rather than through action
    I didn't know that the majority of my life but now I do and can use it the rest of my life and can use it now
    everything i want is created in my vortex, somewhere
    there may be a way closer to thisthan I assume
    maybe a shift in my use can have this look very different
    maybe awareness of the places I"ve been seeing in my mind's eye can shift this
    I can feel my neck release
    I can feel the whiteness of the floor in a different store
    I am typing more smoothly
    I have had so many experiences of life feeling better than it had previously
    This isn't such a heavy sticky subject, so I feel more optimistic I can shift it than some
    I am aware of the psychophysical reactions that are a drag now
    I can feel a bit titito
    I want to feel ease, relaxed, relaxed, relaxed, relaxed , soften soften soften, heart, source energy, ailgnment, clarity, guidance, new perspective
    i look forward to seeing this differently
    I look forward to the grid of feeling like I have people with me to go shopping
    I look forward to the grid of feeling carefree shopping
    I look forwar dto he grid of feeling nurtured and ease-ful and rich and powerful and empowered and free and fun and farm-y and energy-from-the-farm-y and connected and soothed and childlike and taken-care-of and watched-over and loved and adored and have fans and people rooting for me and smiling and carefreeness

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    Quote Originally Posted by tonycat View Post
    So as you are moving through your day and you notice that you have more desire or need for money then you actually have money and a big bill has come so you have this conflicting feeling where you want to spend it for this but you should spend it for this and even if you do pay it where it belongs there is not enough to really go around in the way you are wanting to. And in this frustrating moment of weighing the pros and cons of your experience, you fire off a rocket of desire big time. You’ve asked in a very powerful way but the answer, even though its given, is not received because you are more aware of not having enough money then you are of having enough money. In your anxiety you are not in the receiving mode, in your anger or blame or guilt you are not in the receiving mode. In your awareness of not enough money you are not in the receiving mode for enough money so more money cannot come, not right now, nothing can change. Now, you’ve asked, Source Energy hears you clearly, adores you fully, understands your worthiness entirely, and answers swiftly. So the answer is not just on the way, it is given. In other words, everything is lined up; the money SHOULD be there NOW. Why isn’t! Because you’re ornery. (laughter) You’re worried, you’re frustrated. You’ve got your receiver set to a whole different channel. And so even though the circumstances are lined up, everything is there for you, you’re zigging while your stuff is zagging, and you say “nobody ever answers my request.” And we say oh yes, your request is fully answered but you have just been confused about step 1 (asking) and step 3 (allowing).. So the key is, once you become consciously aware that you want something different than what is, you have to through the power of your mind practice until you achieve a different vibration about that subject." -Abe

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    Hello Friends

    I am just wondering if anyone would like to play with me on this thread? I am still not finished reading the whole thread, but loving all that I have read so far. So many wonderful tips from MiAlma, HITC, Shining Salsa, Tony Cat, Kaz and so many more. I love how the vibe of this thread is really supportive, helpful and one of fantastic co-creation.

    I really enjoy learning and I am seeing so many wonderful manifestations in my life from this thread. I do still have those moments of falling down the rabbit hole of 'where's my stuff' as I identify my resistance and do my best to find a better feeling thought (which sometimes is just doing nothing to change how I feel in that moment- just letting it be what it is and not efforting to move it up the EGS)

    Someone else might find it fun to play here too and somewhat resurrect this thread into 2017? We can document our progress and help one another?

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    I'll play!

    Haven't read the entire thread either, but it will be fun to resurrect it and document our progress

    Class of 2017!!

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    I've had a page of this thread bookmarked for ages and yesterday decided to follow my bookmarked link and bounced through different pages happily reading the posts. I followed links to other threads and came back to the original and had a great time rereading things. I thought, "wouldn't it be nice if there were some new posts to the Money Tips thread."

    I guess you guys heard me 💕

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    Hi Lauriewinter09 and Starfishdream aka Class 2017!

    Yay to us wanting to play together and make our money journey fun. Wouldn't it be amazing if any of the 'graduates' came back to help with pointers?

    I have been an Aber for a year now and only recently realised that even though I read the books and listened to Abe on YouTube all day long, I was not actually doing 'the work'. I was not shifting my vibration myself. I was relying on Abe's words to feel better, and then I dropped right back into my vibration where I left it!

    I always had a good attitude to money. In fact a few years ago I attracted a really beautiful sum of money that really helped me so much in so many area's of my life.

    Then I had my baby and loved being on maternity leave with him. I want to be SAHM which does set my soul on fire ( it feels like freedom, fun and choice). I then really began a vibration of shortage and lack of money. I had to return to work due to money. Not a nice feeling at all. But I guess its good that I can clearly see where it stems from. A good start to cleaning it up I feel because I am where I am.

    Since then, the desire has amped itself up, as I daydream of being a SAHM as a millionaire. Travelling to cities and exploring museums together, eating new exotic dishes together, exploring new cities, flying to the sun or snow as our hearts desire, experiencing amazing things together in this wonderful world. Living in a beautiful city near the best schools, having an ocean view from our house, owning fabulous homes around the world.

    While my desire has amped itself up, my allowing is a little slower, but I do feel a little bit of headway there! Even coming on this thread is headway. It is a movement towards the wanted. I love how Abe said to a HS when in a sort of similar situation as mine, that the agreement I made with my child before we got here was that our love for each other would help me find alignment. Wow! That really is huge relief for me when I think of it.

    I know I am focused on 'what is' and hence keeping it alive. I know reality is just an indication of vibration, nothing more. I felt lately how much a part of a bigger picture I am. I know that I am bigger than this and wellbeing abounds. It is clear in so many areas of my life. I 'know' these things, but yet not 'feeling it' obviously as my reality has not changed. Perhaps its too big of jump I am attempting?

    I love HITC describing her pedicure and the luxury of that. I have many areas in my life where I can feel 'wealthy'. I think perhaps milking those more would be a good way to go. It feels like that is a good way to go.

    I have identified my resistance going back to childhood and am very aware of it too. Which I feel can be good. Its a starting point. Id like to soften the 'what is'. All the processes can seem a little overwhelming as I figure out which one to do.

    I have good headway made I feel in that a path for a career I would love has started opening itself to me. I wrote a book which I have sent to publishers and agents. I have taken inspired action in this career and it does set my soul on fire. So I am confident in that area I am on the right track.

    I have been seeing discounts, little lottery wins, bonus at work since I started to 'do the work' which is inspiring too.

    I feel that for me, I need to focus on my new normal, making it believable and repeating it to myself until that new normal is dominant is a good way for me to go.

    I want to feel better. I dont want to wake up every morning fighting to find a BFT about having to get up and go to work and drop off my son. I dont want to yearn and long. I love that in the vortex feeling. I want that feeling of security and knowing more frequently.

    So this is my starting point. Im working my way through the Money Thread which I love, I have re-read AAIIG. I am reaching for BFT's which sometime I find and sometimes my BFT is to not try and find a BFT. I do focus wheels sometimes. Today I am going to write out a new normal, keeping it as the most positive side of where I am that I can and still have it realistic for me so I am not stretching too far so as its not believable. I am also going to milk the wealthy things I do more like HITC suggested, as this feels good to me.

    I really want to feel a lasting shift within me. I know this contrast is my vortex showing up for me. I know my love for my child is teaching me about alignment like never before. I would like to start moving solidly in that direction, rather than move for a half a day and then ask 'where is my stuff'...

    I look forward to reading your stories/new normals/starting points/whatever you feel like writing fellow students

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    Hey there, Getting Happier, starfishdream, lauriewinter! I'll be watching with interest to see how this renaissance unfolds. I look forward to seeing your ideas and shifts and, of course, I'll always recommend carefully reading MLOA and playing both the Wallet Game and the Checkbook/Prosperity Game daily, diligently, over an extended period of time (without watching the pot to see if it's boiling, or checking your lottery numbers to see if you hit the jackpot - which just sweeps you right back to lack....).

    Read you soon.... it works when you work it!

    (And I smile at the pedicure memory - I've taken that up a notch in the meantime, in that I now get a pedicure at the same time I get my hair done, so I have the salon owner and her staffer behind me doing highlights [I changed salons to one with a much nicer vibe, and they work as a team], while the beautician works in a low chair at my feet, buffing, soaking, applying the semi-permanent fuchsia's I never, ever would have imagined doing that before I got into Abe work, all my "primping" back then was homegrown and done on the cheap, and such extravagant salon luxury was "snooty" and "vain" and "superficial" and "a waste of money").

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