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Thread: 17 seconds of pure thought and a vibrational match to your desire

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    17 seconds of pure thought and a vibrational match to your desire

    So you have a desire it's already launched and waiting for you to align with it. What does 17 or 68 seconds of pure thought do to help you be a vibrational match to your desire? Why does thinking about it longer help so much? Wouldn't you just have to know your desire is coming and then your a vibrational match?

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    Not necessarily. Once Abe said that alining with something, being a vibrational match, means getting comfortable with the idea of it.

    You can know beyond a shadow of a doubt that something is within your vortex and still be uncomfortable with the idea of it in your life. When you are comfortable that is when you are allowing it.

    So giving your undivided attention to a thing for 17 seconds or more is soothing your physical conscious mind with the idea of having it, living with it, and accepting it into your life.

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    The 17-68 second thing isn't just about manifesting physical desires. It's to show how quickly the law of attraction responds to our thoughts by bringing more thoughts like it in a short period of time. You can move up the emotional scale relatively quickly thanks to how quickly LoA responds. (So it is also about manifesting improved feelings.) likewise, a minor irritant can become a large irritant in a short period of time when not paying attention to emotion.

    You don't have to focus your desires into being, you just have to not offer resistant thoughts to the desire.

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    thanks alot guys

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    It's weird because one of my old favourite bands is The Cure. One of their first albums was called "17 Seconds". Interesting coincidence. I'm sure none of them had ever heard of Abraham, and maybe still haven't.

    Then another favourite artist, Billy Corgan, has a little statement in one of his albums about 17 seconds. I would guess he was making a reference to The Cure, but it stood on its own:

    17 seconds of compassion
    17 seconds of peace
    17 seconds to remember love is the energy behind which all is created
    17 seconds to remember all that is good
    17 seconds to forget all your hurt and pain
    17 seconds of faith
    17 seconds to trust you again
    17 seconds of radiance
    17 seconds to send a prayer up
    17 seconds is all you really need

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    Holy crap SlH, Honeypie, I understand now! I really benefit from hearing this, really clears this up for me as well! Thanks for asking Bennett! I must be a vib match to this now awesome!

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