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Thread: New Facebook Group for Abraham Cruisers

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    Exclamation New Facebook Group for Abraham Cruisers

    I created a new Facebook group inspired by Leslie as a leap-frog idea as a means to connect those that have gone on Well Being cruises or wish to be a part of this Facebook group. Even though there are no cruises planned yet, this is the place to connect to other cruisers for planning any gatherings and events in the physical and online.

    Join the Abraham Cruisers Facebook Group
    and enjoy connecting there also.

    And in case you have not seen it, there's an awesome Facebook group The Abe Forum

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    Lightbulb Alaska Cruise

    Hi Everyone (from far away South Africa),
    I have not been on any cruises (yet) but the desire I have to go is BIG. I am just waiting for all the co-operative components to fill the grid!! I do have a question though. Does any one know how many seminars there will be on the cruise?
    Lots of love,

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