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Thread: Abraham demonstrates "Go General"

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    Abraham demonstrates "Go General"

    I've been thinking of starting a thread with specific examples from Abraham. Today, Indi-Em posted a wonderful example from the Stamford workshop (9-17-11) and with her permission, I'm starting this thread with that example.

    As this thread gets started, I'm keeping it closed, intending it as a resource for those who want to understand this concept from Abraham. I posted a practice thread below.

    The idea of this is that when we are experiencing negative emotion, it is because our thoughts are focused "specifically negative." The only way to experience relief from this negative emotion is to reach for a thought that is "less specific but still negative." (Note: that is not to say that you must do THIS process. But Abraham has always taught that it is not possible to make large vibrational leaps, and this process is a great way of understanding that.)

    When you go from specific negative to less specific negative, you can feel the relief of that. Often, that is enough to feel better. No need to rush all the way to specific and positive. In fact, Abraham teaches that once you get to that general, positive place, the specifics from the vortex will be revealed to you.

    Abraham teaches to start where you are. If your focus is negative and specific, that is perfectly fine, that's where you start. You do not need to avoid stating those negative specific thoughts. It's just the starting place, and you can go from there.

    If anyone has examples of Abraham doing this process that you would like to share, please PM them to me for inclusion here.

    They have described this in a couple of general ways, but the general progression of it is:

    specifc negative ---> less specific/general negative ---> general ---> general positive ---> specific positive

    (Sometimes they leave out the middle "general")

    Once you get to general negative, it's easy to go to general positive.
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    First example: (thank you, Indi-Em) These are the highlights of the conversation.

    I am not utilizing the best of myself.For the last 10 years I have been stuck in these jobs and they are really not rewarding.They don't really understand who I am. Nobody is offering me enough to get the best from me. I am not happy. I am not giving my best.

    Well I'm not having a good time at work. I don't really want to go. I sure wish I could find something that felt better.I would like to feel good at work. I am bored at work. I don't feel very fulfilled. It's not fun. There has got to be something better for me. I don't really know where to find it. It would be nice if I could find something that is better suited to me. I know it must be out there.

    I don't know how to find it. Everybody is not in their perfect job. There are a lot who are doing less than what they really want to do. I think we all have potential for more. There is always more there for me.

    It's not necessary that I find it right now but it would be nice. I am looking forward to it. I like spending such a big part of my life doing something that is more satisfying. I do believe that eventually I'll find it. It's not like I am running out of time. I have the patience to allow it to come.

    And I do think that in all of my not enjoying what I have been doing that I have probably put plenty of good stuff into my vortex so I imagine that there is stuff there queued up for me. Probably more than I even realize. And it will be fun.

    I like the idea of getting in the vortex. I like the idea of getting in there where the path wil unfold. I like believing that it's out there for me. I like believing that the Universe has it lined up for me. I like believing that the cooperative components have already been aligned. I like to believe that all I have to do is synch up with that. I like this feeling of feeling lighter about it.

    I am looking forward to getting on that trail. And I like that as the trail starts revealing itself to me that I will know it. It is going to be fun to be on this journey to this improved employment. I am not sure that I will ever find the perfect work. I think I will always be on my way to improvement. There is something nice to be on my way to improvement. I don't need to be in a place of perfection since it's always going to be improving.

    Where I am is pretty much allright. This is just a never ending always unfolding journey of getting more and more of who I am and what I want. I have to believe that in the middle of this unrewarding job I have put all kind of stuff that is more rewarding which makes all of this part of this important process which makes me realize that right here right now I love this job.

    Abraham-Hicks, Stamford, CT 9-17-11

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    Below is quoted from the Seattle 7-3-11 workshop. Everything is a direct Abraham quote unless otherwise noted.

    The best way that you can prepare yourself for a wanted manifestation [my note: be it answer to a question, material object, situation, etc.] is to be as general as you can be about who you are, where you are, etc.

    When you have a specific thought that is hindering you, the logical thing would be to go to its counterpart. “I know what I don't want, what is it that I do want?” The problem with that is, the vibrational variance is too great, and you can’t get there from there. You just can’t move your vibration that far and sustain it. You might be able to move it for a moment, with the influence of someone else, but you can’t sustain it, you go back into your old patterns of thought.

    So as you are focused specifically about this, you are keeping it active. So we want to focus less specific, or generally, about this topic.

    You have to start where you are. If you’re specifically negative, then the best you can be is generally negative.

    On the subject of a relationship:

    Specific negative- it didn’t work out, hotseater explained specifics of how it didn’t work out

    Less specific negative (Abraham speaking)- “didn’t work out, I think it should have, something went wrong, I don’t get it, seems unfair, I thought I knew what I was doing, now I’m not sure, this sucks, I don’t like it, wish I could fix it, I feel stymied, I feel bamboozled, I feel betrayed, it doesn’t seem right, something is screwy, I don’t trust the laws of the universe”

    Leaning more in direction of positive- “must have been for a reason, I don’t believe anything happens that isn’t of value, I really do at least want to believe that things are working out for me, I certainly am stimulated to some strong desires, I’m more alive about it, I’m not complacent about this, I still feel that powerful work is going to come out of it, it was really pleasant and wonderful in large part, I now am aware of the potential of a really good relationship and I look forward to it, I accept that the relationship can come through different forms and different people, and I am open to it. I want the feeling of it again, I like the feeling of being in love, I like the feeling of being empowered, I like the feeling of being stimulated by another, I like discovering my own power, I think maybe in this I was turning too much of myself over to another [snip] I feel stimulated and alive and more eager about what’s coming next [snip] I’m not against having a strong experience in order to come to a stronger point of knowing, I am more confident that I will get to where I want to be, and right now, I’m not feeling that much angst about not having the full-blown manifestation because I feel better about where I am right now

    When you get to this general good-feeling place, leave it there for now. Not a good idea to try to get more specific, because you may go the other way. Enjoy the general positive. You don't have to take it all the way home to specific positive. You may need to "go general" 5 or 10 or 40 times on this subject, just keep doing it.

    Abraham-Hicks, Seattle, WA July 3, 2011
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    There are some great examples of this in the Portland workshop from June.

    Abraham talks about how sometimes when we've listened to their teachings for awhile, we don't WANT to acknowledge the negative specifics of our focus, with words anyway. We feel the negative emotion but sometimes have a tendency to resist stating in words how we are focusing. But they encourage us to start where we are, and there is nothing wrong with negative focus. You are where you are!!!

    "To say what you want from the place of its opposite doesn't get you very much movement"

    Abraham says sometimes we try to say the positive words when what we feel is really negative. And part of that is because teachers like Abraham tell us to talk about what we do want. But it's not the words that matter. Using words that sound good isn't enough. Sometimes it's worth figuring out how you really feel so you can move from there and feel the movement.

    Hotseater feels bored where she is, wants to find a career, she's not very happy where she lives, doesn't like the weather where she lives, sometimes feels unworthy because she hasn't progressed farther in a career up to this point, is she doing a good enough job caring for her family/home
    Abraham: "it's pretty specific, and it's pretty heavy duty, in the sense that I feel like I should be doing so much more than I'm doing but I'm sort of locked in here and I've got some patterns set and I feel like I'm bogged down and things aren't really moving for me and I don't know the direction I should go now and I can't get a sense of what to do because nothing is showing itself to me and all I know is that I don't want to be here, which lets me know that I want to be somewhere else, and I'd just like to get this whole thing sort of started"

    Now, in a more general (less specific negative) sense. "Things could be going a lot better for me than they are. And I really wish that I could figure out what I'm supposed to do. And, I'm sort of bored with all of it because I feel that something should be moving better for me but I'm sort of stuck here."

    "It's more general, and so it feel less controlling, so let's just stay there for a little longer until the general negative takes a stronger hold. I guess I'll figure it out eventually, but it's taking me longer than I wanted it to. And, when I look around at some others, I see that their lives all seem more interesting than mine, and the comparison is part of what's bothering me a little bit. And I think I had dreams when I was younger that I realize I have not achieved soon enough and so that's part of what's bothering me, I just want it to go faster, but mostly I just want to feel more excited about life than I do. I want to wake up feeling more interested in my day. I want something that calls more through me."

    That was pretty general, but still complaining.

    Now, let's see if it will move from general negative to general positive "Things do have a way of working out for me, my life is pretty good when I really look at it, I don't have a lot to complain about, but I suppose I'm always going to want something that's a little more than what I have, and I'm starting to believe that that is the way it is supposed to work, we are constantly here sorting and sifting for the purpose of expansion, and boy can I feel the expansion bubbling within in me! And in many ways, I like the feeling of expansion bubbling within me, unless I'm in a moment where I'm noticing that I'm not getting the expansion, and then I'm kind of hard on myself, but I don't want to be hard on myself, I want to be happy more of the time, I want to notice when I am happy more of the time, and I think I could do a better job of noticing when I'm happy more of the time... I'm going to do a more specific job of appreciating where I am and I know that it will get better and I have a sense that things will get really better when I'm really appreciating where I am more"

    Now you're in a more general place. Now you can romp a little bit. But don't rush it, don't get too specific too soon. The vortex is a feeling experience.

    Abraham-Hicks from workshop in Portland, OR 6-18-2011

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    ...We want you to think of this emotional accomplishment, this emotional manifestation

    When you feel sure and afraid and sure and afraid, your grid fills in with certainty and fearful things. IOW... what you´re offering!
    Now- it will fill in with more specifics. It just must, because LoA will fill that in.
    And it will fill it in with specifics, that match the basis of it. So that´s why we´re saying- if you take the time to lay a basis- because, whatever is your point of attraction... when you love and hate and love and hate and love and hate, your grid is filled with lovely things and hateful things and lovely things and hateful things.

    So, as you clarify deliberatly this emotional basis-
    and then you watch the manifestations reflect that,
    it gives you your concious awarenes.
    It´s really what deliberate creation is.

    But it will always fill in with more specifics. So- we´ve been talking for quite a while about this emotional scale, that goes from dispair and depression all the way up into ecstasy. And a bit of everything in between. And now we´re presenting an emotional scale, that is less detailed. And it goes like this:
    Specifically negative,
    generally negative,
    generally positive,
    specifically positive.

    Because we want to emphasize, that if something´s gone wrong and you´re specifically negative- because there´s lots of details that filled in, that are frightening you or angering you, that your dominant intention is just to get as general as you can about it.

    Which means, talk to people less about it, and when you do, talk in general terms rather than say why you hate that person and then all the details they have done wrong to you- be more general, by saying things like "I´m uncomfortable with that person, and I don´t wanna talk about why."

    IOW, the more general you are, the less powerful the frequency is.
    The less attractive the frequency is.
    And the easier it is, to move into a generally good feeling emotion.
    And once you find that generally good feeling emotion, than the details will fill in.

    Now... in all of this, and this is the piece that is new- in all of this conversation about deliberate creation, we´ve been encouraging you to focus. Focus your thoughts. Today, we encourage to focus your thoughts still-
    but focus them around the subject of emotion.
    IOW, focus your thoughts on how you want to feel, and leave it at that.

    Because- we´ve been saying to you for a while that you have enough vibrational basis in your vortex of creation, to keep you busy for 20 or 30 lifetimes of manifestation. And it´s time for you
    to start cashing in your coupons! It´s time for you to start redeeming what you put there.
    And the way to do this is focusing on this emotional basis.

    We´ve been playing with the Law-of-Attraction cards. We´ve been pointing out, that when you try to affirm something wanted from a place of feeling it´s absence, that all you end up doing is, is confirming its absence in a more powerful way.
    You don´t mean to. IOW, "I want more money, I want more money, I want more money" when you want more money, just makes the absence of money more painful.

    And the more specific you get about why you want the money, when you really feel the absence of the money- it makes you sort of digg more in, in a way you don´t mean to. Where, if you can get more general, it causes you to release your grip, just a little bit, you see.

    That´s the process that is the most leading edge- and active, and now we´r filling it in with more detail about this emotional basis. And as you listen and resonate, you´re gonna discover the power of it.

    Abraham, Atlanta, October 1, 2011

    (thank you POE for the transcription)
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    Abraham demonstrated this with a man who was talking about his pacemaker (Atlanta) Overall, he was happy and appreciative of the pacemaker, but he had an idea that he'd like to be without it.

    Negative specifics: hassle to have it replaced periodically, doctors have said it's "irreversible" which doesn't mesh with the idea of creating one's own reality,

    Now, try to go general. Hotseater mentions that he's read of stories where it was reversible. Abraham: Now that's specific. And you're just trying to take a specific you don't like and make it a specific you do like, and you're not going to get anywhere doing that. (paraphrase) Go general.

    Abraham: "Doesn't really matter what anyone else thinks... people get locked in to things that they've been witnessing... there's always something new to be discovered... I'm not setting out as a pioneer to take medicine to any new place, but I do know that there's so much for us all to experience...and I think that their statements of 'this is always the way that it is,' even they would admit is not accurate... that nothing is always one way or another... and in any event, I don't really have a big dog in this fight, it doesn't really matter to me what the world at large believes about anything, I don't know why I'm making this the big issue that I'm making it...

    I'm thriving, I'm doing all right, I do believe in the concept of 'I'm good and getting better' and I think that I can bear that out in many aspects of my life experience, and I like the idea of not taking the one area that someone has convinced me that that isn't true and making that a primary area, because I can feel how it knocks me up every time I focus there, and of course I want improvement, and am getting it, on all fronts in my life experience.

    Things are always working out for me"
    HS: Life is good
    Abraham: Life is good

    And now there's no resistance in your vibration, because you made how you feel more important than leaving the contraption behind.

    Abraham-Hicks, From Atlanta, GA 10-01-11

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