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Thread: Appreciating my day

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    Nov 2011

    I am on the right place
    it is all about momentum
    so I want to choose joy and peace
    so I am in peace... peace...I am in peace

    I am doing good
    it's allright
    I allways are doing it good
    no one kicks me again out of my vortex

    I am responsable for my vibration
    sometimes I am not on my path
    it is only for a short time
    I define how I want to be

    I am good in focusing in good and easy
    I am able to make peace with myself
    no matter what is going on... I stay in clarity

    everything is ALL RIGHT

    the contrast is part of the process
    I am no longer pushing against
    I am allowing the flow
    I am in the flow
    it's going downstream

    it is allright
    no action is required
    it is an important momentum

    I am good
    wellbeing is flowing to me
    I am just being
    I am just fine
    I could not doing it better
    I am doing it on my way

    I am in the flow of worthiness
    perfect place and perfect time

    I am pure positive energy
    I am adored
    I feel mostly good
    it's allright
    source adores me

    sometimes I have more resistance
    sometimes I have not
    it is time to love myself
    it is time to accept myself

    I trust in myself
    I trust in my vortex
    everything is allright

    I am good
    weelbeing is mine
    I am worthy

    I love myself
    I love who I am

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    Joan. You inspired me. I have some delicious ripe tomatoes I will cook up into something rich and tasty tonight.

    Venus.. You inspire me with your strength and clarity and wisdom and love.

    New day. I love you.
    . I love to take a moment to listen to you. I hear you saying...What do you love? What do you want to create next? What would be fun?

    Tell me what you love about me....

    The sky.. the sun..the wind.. the birds...the horses..the food..the music..the friendship..the fun...the with you..happiness.. freedom.. variety...your amazing creativity and genius. Thank you for showing me what I can do. Thank you for this amazing opportunity. Thank you for the glorious beasts. Thank you for the wonderful feelings.

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    Nov 2011

    thank you for being here my friends
    it feels deliscious to be here on planet earth
    do y'all agree?
    OMG it is mind blowing...

    Tree the pea

    and Joan the surfing sista and both dog lovers...

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    Oct 2007
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    Venus.. I appreciate the awesome beauty here on this planet. I love the treehouse. That's how it feels here peeking in to share a slice of life.
    I love tuning into some guidance this morning and receiving lovely images and ideas to come. Feels so nice.
    It feels ghted...joyous..grateful..good.
    I brought more beautiful foods we can share.

    Maybe get a little buzz going..wheeeheheeee

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    Nov 2011

    I feel thankfulness for what I already have in my life
    I feel the presence of myself
    the wittnessing
    the testemonial of comedy and dramas

    Gratitude fills my heart and mind
    Gratitude to be here

    Gratitude opens up my energy channel to receive abundance from the universe
    I recieve
    I love love love

    I keep going
    I keep my heart open

    I appreciate all the things I have in my life
    I appreciate all the accomplishments I have had so far
    I'm eager and excited for the future
    I love this incredible now

    I attract positive experiences when I carry a mindset of gratitude
    I feel grateful for the things I have now and attract more of it
    I feel the now

    Feeling gratified about what I already have

    I deeply acknowledge my accomplishments and feel thankful for them
    I appreciate the little things in life and it makes me feel gifted and blessed

    I am blessed
    I feel the hurricane of grace

    I feel my guuidance
    I feel safe and home

    I love riding the tiger
    I love to be this tiger without harming anyone

    I feel my power and I love it

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    Nov 2011

    Tree my Pea...

    I love you my wonderful friend and co creator
    life is wonderful I saw a raven... a cockoo and had interaction with both
    it was amazing.... the raven came to my window
    and the cockoo on a near pine tree but very near... 10 meters

    and the cockoo on a near pine tree very joung tree only a few meters high on the top but very near... 10 meters

    love Venus

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