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Thread: Appreciating my day

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    I appreciate this new day.
    I appreciate the fun new music.
    I appreciate the unexpected checks and zesty abundant feeling!
    I appreciate meeting with my neighbor later.
    I appreciate the sweet calls I received.
    I appreciate hearing the birds this morning.
    I really love the wild jungle sounding one!
    I really love this radio station.
    I love there are so many to choose from!
    I appreciate my dear friend C!
    I love our practice!!!
    I love following my inspiration and bliss!
    I love the guidance and friendship!
    I really love the insights..feels so practical and powerful!!!

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    I appreciate the nice walk I had tonight under the beautiful moonlight. Iím looking forward to enjoying my walks on the nights leading to the full moon.
    I love the feelings of joy, eagerness, appreciation, and wonder that I had tonight on my way to and from the grocery.
    I appreciate that the temperature was not as hot as I had expected. Thanks to the trees and plants that help make the place extra cooler compared to other places in this city.
    I love the ice cream that I ate on my way back from the grocery. The chocolate, vanilla, and almond bits made my walk even better.
    I appreciate the people who maintain the greenery in our community.
    I love, love, love the sound of water sprinklers providing much needed water to the trees, plants, and grass.
    I love that I have more than enough money in my debit card and I appreciate these cards because they make paying for things very convenient.
    I appreciate this wonderful feeling that I am having now, affirming that I am in a very good place vibrationally.
    I love my laptop because it is sturdy, powerful, and reliable, and its keys are perfect for my fingers.
    I appreciate myself for feeling good and for being at peace where I am. I know that even better things are coming and Iím so excited to see how they will unfold.

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    i appreciate my warm blanket
    i appreciate "me time"
    i appreciate warm energy flowing through my body without a radiator
    i appreciate my happy time

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    Today was a great day....
    I appreciate my husband for helping me with housework and the kids.
    I appreciate my daughter for her loving words.
    I appreciate my mom for watching my son today.
    I loved spending time with my daughter and spoiling her.
    I appreciate how delicious dinner came out!
    I love cooking!
    I appreciate everyone for going to be on time so I can have alone time and relax.
    I love sitting in bed and watching my favorite shows.
    I love being in my bedroom.
    I love having this freedom today and everyday.
    I love that my son is sound asleep right now.
    Today was a great day!
    Thank you universe for such a great day! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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    I appreciate the river that crosses my town and all the place around it... it is so beautiful! Today I went for a walk into this favorite place of mine and I saw how the water runs smoothly and in such a pleasant way. The sky reflecting its light on the river. Birds, animals of all kinds, absolutely-amazing green grass, tall trees, the nice and clean pathway, the sound of water running through the rocks, the colors of the sunset... my confortable tennis, moving my body

    I enjoy that I met with a friend of mine occasionally. How nice to hear being called by her out laud! It is so good to have friend to talk to, spending time with and this is a dear one because everytime she sees me she is so friendly.

    I enjoy people that made part of my day. I enjoy that I have a substitute car which is really good to drive. Today I drove this car just for the pleasure of driving! I feel safe driving it, I feel the confort, I like how the driving is soft, easy, lighter, it has quality, it is a powerful, strong, bold car. I appreciate that, this car was offered to me as a substitute while my car is in the process of being all strong, safe and bold too!

    I appreciate my friend H, which I knew him before and I met him today. I appreciate he is kind, attentive, highly professional, cheerful and it is very relaxing talking to him to. I instantly feel friendship. I feel happy and glad to know him!

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