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Thread: Postive Thoughts Stronger Than Negative Ones?

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    Postive Thoughts Stronger Than Negative Ones?

    "It has been scientifically proven that a positive thought is hundreds of times more powerful than a negative thought."

    This is a quote from The Secret, and it's been said before.

    I'm just curious though... This isn't good enough on it's own. Where is the actual scientific proof?

    Also, could you prove this to me in other ways? I'd like it to be true.

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    Are you saying you NEED scientific proof? And you are asking us to give it to you?
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    Are you kapootala with a different id?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Planet Earth View Post
    "It has been scientifically proven that a positive thought is hundreds of times more powerful than a negative thought."

    I believe this is true, based on my own subjective experience. However, I wonder how this could be "scientifically proven" and duplicated objectively in a laboratory setting.

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    I think that this is something you should question the authors/film makers of the secret -- who conducted the scientific study? what metrics did they use? what groups did they use to test positive vs. negative?

    That being said - I think from an abraham student perspective, the only question i ask is which thought feels better?
    That is where my inner being is vibrating, so I know it is true.

    How does the thought "I will not get out of debt" feel ? feels bad - and we did not come into physical to feel bad. we came here to live joy.

    so how does the thought "I am going to be just fine financially" feel? feels good and makes me joyful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evey View Post
    Evey - why you laugh? I was being serious. I still think it is kapootala

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    I don't know where the proof is but you can "prove" anything you want to!
    I wonder what "more powerful" means?

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    Well, you can, if you so choose, research this in scientific realms - quantum physics theory now is that the basic fabric of existence is of a basically "positively creating" nature, and this is expressed in the Seth materials, as well. The "liquid energetic jello" that we are in "coagulates" more cooperatively with what Abe would called "aligned thought creation" than "unaligned thought creation." Neurolinguistic programming, etc. etc., all generally confirm this. That's why it's called "The Power of Positive Thinking!"

    But this begs the question somewhat, because you are looking for outside evidence to soothe your doubts. But if you look within your own experience, when there were things you believed positively were doable or true, they came easily. "I can go to the store to get milk in a half-hour." You bring your wallet with your credit cards and/or debit cards and/or cash and/or checkbook, the car starts, the road is still there, the store is open, there's milk in the dairy aisle. No angst, it almost always comes off without a hitch, because you trust it.

    But, do to our social and media programming, we often interpret things as "positive feelings" that really aren't. We WANT to get chosen for the cheerleading squad, we'd say "I feel really positive about it," but we're doing it from a place of wanting approval, of being accepted, of beating out others, of pleasing parents, of putting something on our college applications to get into the school we want....all impure, negative thoughts/vibrations in the mix. Pretty subtle. We're so used to that kind of stuff in the mix that we often don't see it anymore.

    Which is why Abe recommend meditation - because it's easier to get "us humans" to stop all thought than to think a pure, positive thought! Because when you stop thought, at least you stop RESISTANT thought. And that, coupled with practice at less-diluted positive thought (and that's just time and practice to get there), gives you powerful deliberate creative thought processes.

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    Well here is my take, if you are wanting to look at *what is* as a reason for how positive thoughts are so powerful, you are barking up the wrong tree. Looking at what is for your reason to find alignment is the very loooong way home. Might as well just wait until you croak, that will be faster.

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