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Thread: Abraham: THE LAW OF ATTRACTION - Part 1 of 5

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    Abraham: THE LAW OF ATTRACTION - Part 1 of 5

    Abraham, Source Energy interpreted by Esther Hicks, delivers a 5-part introduction to their teachings on The Law of Attraction at a February, 2008 Abraham-Hicks Workshop. The complete presentation runs 40 minutes.

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    About a month ago I had the wonderful opportunity to introduce the Abes to a friend, and after telling her about them in my words, and feeling that she does resonate with the concept, I wanted to give her "a taste of the real thing" so I sent her the links to this 5 parts introduction. But before sending it to her I re-watched it, because it's been a while since I watched the "basic" stuff - the stuff that I watched when I first discovered them - and I have to say, it was an amazing experience. You know how, when you learn something new, after you become more of an "expert" in it - the basic stuff becomes too basic for you? Well, sometimes I get that when I see/hear something from older workshops. It's like the LIVE workshops period was so intense, and so advanced, that I sometimes feel that old materials of them are a bit "too basic" for me now. Not enough leading-edge, in a way.
    Well, it was so NOT what happened to me in this case.
    It was quite amazing actually, it was as if hearing that very "basic" explanation from my current vibrational stance made it even more meaningful and influencing to me. It's as if the words got even deeper into my heart, and it brought tears to my eyes all over again (that's my "goosebumps", as I discovered ).
    So yeah, I love love love this 5-parts introduction to LOA

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