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    I have found this helpful:
    also there's a lot of good results if you search "abraham food" on youtube.

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    Thank you Achilleas!

    I've discovered recently I can actually can develop resistance around someone telling me I should eat this or that in order to be called a rawdist, vegan or vegetarian... I am a freedom seeker. When I am in alignment I already KNOW I can eat whatever I want--so there is no need to avoid anything, or label myself.

    When it comes to food and diet alignment is all I need and desire. Enuf said.

    I particularly appreciate Abraham saying (regarding "junk" food), "The detrimental vibration of LACK is responsible for both the craving and the illness. The food you are eating is NOT necessarily the cause of the illness. That's why some people can eat it and not be negatively affected by it and some people can't. The vibration of LACK attracts cravings, and what we are really craving is vibrational alignment."

    Another gem, "when you come to a conclusion (I am...this is...they are...this will...) LOA can only bring you more evidence to reinforce your conclusion."


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    Red face

    I've finally come to the conclusion that at the momentie, I *have* to do some physical actionsies in order to lose weight just because it's how my beliefs are wired. It's easier to do that for me, heehee ^-^ When I get to my normal size, I'll eat whatever I like again just like I did before when I was at my normal size ^-^ My beliefs about staying the same are much more relaxed and I already believe that when I'm at my normal size, my dominant vibration will be already that I look perfect and it'll stay that way no matter what I eat and thingies, heehee! :D I think this is a very good start for my ideal body conditions, heehee! :D



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