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Thread: Abraham answers some cosmological questions

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    Abraham answers some cosmological questions

    Excerpted from the 12-part "Vortex of Attraction" DVD Series, this clip from the opening of Episode 2, Part 3 - entitled "Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise" - features questions about: Edgar Cayce's information that Souls go to Arcturus to be assigned their next incarnation, what the "Big Bang" actually was, where Abraham's sense of humor comes from, and what is the exact number of the "group of consciousnesses" that make up Abraham.

    To order the entire 3 1/2 hour program, or any of the other episodes in the Vortex of Attraction DVD series, go to

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    Wow, I really enjoyed this; I love the answer that Abraham gives about how many of them are 'available' in response to OUR summoning and intent. I wasnt going to watch this clip, but glad I did .

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