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Thanks Rach!

I get that and Abraham's message has been very clear - "feel better". But why would they say, "she can take stress, no need of lining up energy". I see that "lining up energy" (focus) and "feeling better" can be treated as two different subjects, but essentially they are both the same - moving up the EGS.

I think what you are asking is 'why do they say that she can
take it?'

And my answer to that would be similar to what Rach said:

They are making the point that Esther, like many people, had learned to TOLERATE certain kinds of negative emotion, like tiredness or being overwhelmed.

She'd learned how to just accept it, and let it continue.

But when something that matters is at stake: in this case her Voice, THEN it gets her attention, and she is willing to do the alignment work that would get her back to a state of perfect health.

Hope that is helpful!