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Thread: Love for Esther

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    I feel this love without any attachement....

    Esther and Abrahams Spirit brought me everything
    that was good for me.... a new lifepartner
    a new life full of abundance and joy

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    Oh! Esther, thank you for these teachings which I am feeling such vast appreciation for. I love that you continue to allow this flow and are having fun with all of this. I love you. I love what Jerry said in MLoA about the joy he experienced in his elationship with you. I love the joy I am experiencing, too. {thrillbumps} Much love and appreciation to you. I adore who you really are, and conveying who we all really are. Thank you for romping together in our infinite expansion and joy.

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    I love Esther .I think she is the coolest, most inspiring person on the planet .
    Imlve Her lightheartedness,
    i lve it when she does a happy "whoop" sometimes when she comes out of the channeling session.
    I love her Honesty, her integrity, her realness, her groundedness.
    Land look what she has done for the world, bringing Abraham to us.
    she is just a delight .
    Thank you so much Esther.

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    Thank you Esther for a wonderful week in first cruise. I loved experiencing you and Abraham for 5 glorious mornings of wonderful alignment. I'm so appreciative that I allowed myself to go to Cancun. I loved hearing how you have so much fun travelling around the world with your wonderful friends i style, having wonderful experiences and I want that for myself....such an inspiration, to know you have manifested such a wonderful life for yourself. Thank you to you and Abraham. xxxxx

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    Welcome back, bee0142!

    It sounds like you had a wonderfully Vortex-y tine. If you're so inspired, please feel free to share your experiences with us in the LandCruise thread in the Workshops forum.

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    Thanks Wellbeing, yes I did have an amazing time. Dx

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    I love listening to her voice. Even though she gives a powerful message in all her lectures, her voice is soothing and relaxes me. I am very grateful!

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    I remember trying to expose you, just to myself, so I wouldn't have to change. That initiation I'll always cherish from a new vantage point. Bit by bit I play my part, in concert with the perfect guidance. It takes me to where I can celebrate my love in a very conscious and satisfying way, all while it's softening my expectations. I've been going a perfect amount of overboard with this all, thank you so much Esther and all the love you are. We hope you're having a lovely time!

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    I appreciate our dear Esther very much... She has dedicated so much of her life to help so many people across the earth... She has changed so many lives for the better... She actually made people happy! and what's better than that? Her decision to go on and channel Abe for so many to hear is so, so brave in my opinion... And she did it, and she's still doing it... And she rocks so hard for it. I appreciate writing all of those books for humanity to read. I appreciate her voice, which is always nice to hear.
    Thank you, Esther! you deserve the greatest amount of love we can offer you...

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