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Thread: Love for Esther

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    I feel this love without any attachement....

    Esther and Abrahams Spirit brought me everything
    that was good for me.... a new lifepartner
    a new life full of abundance and joy

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    Oh! Esther, thank you for these teachings which I am feeling such vast appreciation for. I love that you continue to allow this flow and are having fun with all of this. I love you. I love what Jerry said in MLoA about the joy he experienced in his elationship with you. I love the joy I am experiencing, too. {thrillbumps} Much love and appreciation to you. I adore who you really are, and conveying who we all really are. Thank you for romping together in our infinite expansion and joy.

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    I love Esther .I think she is the coolest, most inspiring person on the planet .
    Imlve Her lightheartedness,
    i lve it when she does a happy "whoop" sometimes when she comes out of the channeling session.
    I love her Honesty, her integrity, her realness, her groundedness.
    Land look what she has done for the world, bringing Abraham to us.
    she is just a delight .
    Thank you so much Esther.

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    Thank you Esther for a wonderful week in first cruise. I loved experiencing you and Abraham for 5 glorious mornings of wonderful alignment. I'm so appreciative that I allowed myself to go to Cancun. I loved hearing how you have so much fun travelling around the world with your wonderful friends i style, having wonderful experiences and I want that for myself....such an inspiration, to know you have manifested such a wonderful life for yourself. Thank you to you and Abraham. xxxxx

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    Welcome back, bee0142!

    It sounds like you had a wonderfully Vortex-y tine. If you're so inspired, please feel free to share your experiences with us in the LandCruise thread in the Workshops forum.

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    Thanks Wellbeing, yes I did have an amazing time. Dx

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    I love listening to her voice. Even though she gives a powerful message in all her lectures, her voice is soothing and relaxes me. I am very grateful!

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    I remember trying to expose you, just to myself, so I wouldn't have to change. That initiation I'll always cherish from a new vantage point. Bit by bit I play my part, in concert with the perfect guidance. It takes me to where I can celebrate my love in a very conscious and satisfying way, all while it's softening my expectations. I've been going a perfect amount of overboard with this all, thank you so much Esther and all the love you are. We hope you're having a lovely time!

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