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Thread: Love for Esther

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    Sending vibrational hugs and vortex love to Esther.

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    aiming for the Vortex

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    Dear Esther,

    You are truly phenomenal. I have been in seminars with most of the great spiritual thinkers and leaders in the west at this time...and NONE of them have the clarity, presence and incredible ability to deliver a message like you do. I have been to your seminars and what you do is absolutely amazing. I have applied all that you have taught in my life and it has turned around, and so has the lives of those around me. It is really wonderful and brilliant now being alive.

    I really appreciate you Esther and all you do and that you are willing to carry on with your work in circumstances that others might not be able to manage. You are a brilliant example to us all.

    I really really do love and appreciate your life and approach. Thank you.

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    Love you so much, Esther, and I am so grateful for you, for your example, for your allowing, for everything that you are and all that you have done that has made such a difference in my life. Sending lots of love and appreciation your way!

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    Dear Dear Esther!!

    There is so much LOVE here for you!!! What you have done for the expansion of the world is truly amazing!! I am so proud of what you & Jerry have created together & so so so HAPPY that you have shared it with all of us!!! Every moment of every day your teachings are with me, whether I am feeling up or down, and because of you I now know about my Emotional Guidance System & that FEELING is where my connection lies. I LOVE that you & Jerry have shared your life together with all of us & that you will continue to do so!! I love & appreciate you so much, & I have been very uplifted by all the wonderful words that the others here on the forum have expressed for Jerry & you & Abraham on Jerry's beautiful Love Thread that just keeps growing & growing & growing!!!

    There is such great love here for you, Beautiful Esther!!!

    s & & es from Angie

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    I feel so much love and appreciation for you Ester! Thank you for your curiosity and eagerness for life! for your asking and allowing! thank you for the wonderful inspirational way you have reminded us who we really are and what really matters! thank you for inspiring me to align, to care about feeling good, to allow!

    I love you so much, and I wish you so much Joy and love! I am so happy that I got to know you, jerry and Abraham!

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    Love you Esther so much. Appreciation for Jerry Love.

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    I love you Esther.

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