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Thread: When you are far away from someone do they still feel your energy?

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    When you are far away from someone do they still feel your energy?

    When you are far way from someone you love, do they still feel your loving thoughts towards them when you are gone? If they do, how is it registered on a non-physical plain?

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    Abraham has been saying, I don't remember the exact words but to the effect of, the nonphysical is not separate from the physical. It is only a matter of vibration or frequency. As we walk through our daily life we are walking through radio waves, television waves, solar waves, wifi waves, and are not aware of any of them unless we activate a device that can match their vibrations or frequencies to be able to access these waves.

    Likewise with the physical and nonphysical is all together at the same time, just at different freguencies that you are or are not aware of unless you tune yourself to the awareness frequency.

    So we and significant others are always aware and in constant connection with each other if we open ourselves to matching each other at the frequencies where the communication is. So physically we can be aware of each other through a phone call or skype, or email or text or letter. Nonphysically we are aware of each other through happy thought, memory, excited antisipation and actual direct interaction. Just trust that it is happening and just keep you attention focused on the best of thoughts and feelings you can find.

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    They will feel it, even if they won't exactly know that it is coming from you, they will just feel better.

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    our non-physical energy flows thru everyone and everything

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    SheerLuck put it amazingly well I think...

    I have kind of been fixating on a person that I had dated but that I decided to stop seeing romantically because it just felt a bit off at the time. We hadn't communicated much after that but I couldn't stop thinking about her. I have so much love and appreciation for her and it made me sad that we weren't speaking anymore. But I think of her so fondly (and so often) and she sent me a message and was very open to reconnecting.

    Or you know those times that you are thinking of someone and they call?

    I think those are all examples of how we connect non-physically with others...

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    In short, yes. Sometimes I'll have a conversation with someone in my mind, until I feel better about whatever it is I wanted to talk about or just having a wonderful imaginary conversation with them because I want to, and then my relationship with them will change for the better or I'll hear from them suddenly. It's fun

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    yes, indeed

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