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Thread: Abraham talks about the death of Jerry Hicks

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    Abraham talks about the death of Jerry Hicks

    Jerry Hicks made his transition into Non-Physical on November 18th, 2011. At the Abraham-Hicks Workshop held on December 10th, 2011 in Phoenix Arizona -- the first after Jerry's "croaking" -- Abraham, who is Source Energy translated by Esther Hicks, responded to questions from several workshop participants, and gave their loving perspective on Jerry's passing and its effect on Esther and those touched by his life's work. This video is compiled from several different portions of the 3-hour workshop in order to provide a complete record of Abraham's words.

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    Wonderful!!! and very touching. So well done, and I love the photo of Jerry at the end. Thanks for posting this, David!!

    And also very touching was the Abraham interaction with the first hotseater of the Los Angeles, January 28, 2012 workshop, with the hotseater who began by asking how he could know he was an eternal being. And later on in this interaction the hotseater says something like, because he wants to spend many more lifetimes with the one he loves. There is acknowledgment and understanding of this desire, and Abraham (I felt tenderly and lovingly) advises him, "Don't fan the flames of loss."
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    guess now, Jerry is a "POP UP"

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    Thank you so much David, for posting the link for this, what a beautiful message to hear!! I had overwhelming tears at times while listening & watching & loving Esther & Jerry for everything they have done, I feel so blessed to have attracted them & Abraham into my life. Without them I wouldn't even be here on this wonderful, uplifting forum. And I love knowing that we are all in this together!!

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    Thanks for letting us know, David!!

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    I appreciate your posting about this video clip, David!

    I am in a much better vibrational place than when this particular workshop was held, and I feel like I understand Abe's message about Jerry's transition much better (and with SO much more clarity) now!

    I think I just felt Jerry laughing is signature laugh!
    Love, Fukami

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    Thank you David!

    After watching the live broadcast and listening to the recording of this workshop, I was wishing they would make a video of these interactions, because I really wanted to be able to watch them again and again.
    Well ... Ask And It Is Given!

    Thank you Jestherham for this wonderful gift!

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    Just watched it, and WOW. It's just so powerful. The team did a great job of editing all of the clips together. This is such a gift. Thanks, David, for keeping the Video Forum on the leading edge!

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    thank you so much David

    love Venus

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    A wonderful video and a powerful reminder for me, sharing this special moments of the LIVE seminar FEELING all the friends, coming together for a big regrouping, a powerful closing of an old segment- and such powerful new beginning. This seminar was a tipping point.

    I never felt SO deeply how much we all know us, and how connected we are- no matter from which side/place/location we come
    What a time!

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