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Thread: Coma; State of Unconsciousness

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    Coma; State of Unconsciousness

    From Money and the Law of Attraction:

    But What If They’re in a Coma?

    Jerry: From time to time, someone will say, “I have a friend or family member who’s in a coma.” Is there anything we can do for a loved one who’s in an unconscious state?

    Abraham: You are communicating with those around you vibrationally even more than with your words, so even though your loved one may show no signs of recognition, it does not mean that your communication is not being received on some level. You can even communicate with those who have made their physical transition in what you call “death,” so do not assume that a seeming unconscious state has barred your communication.

    The primary reason why people remain in a coma or unconscious state is that they are seeking refreshment from the lackful thoughts that have been hindering them. In other words, while they have withdrawn their conscious attention from the details of their normal life, they are in a state of vibrational communication with their own Inner Being. It is an opportunity for refreshment and is often a time of decision making where they are actually determining whether they will find their alignment by returning to the Non-Physical or whether they will awaken again back into their physical body. In many regards, it is not very different from being born into their physical body in the first place.

    Here is the best attitude for you to hold regarding such people:

    I want you to do what is important to you. I approve of whatever you decide. I love you unconditionally. If you stay, I will be ecstatic … and if you go, I will be ecstatic. Do what is best for you. That is the best you can do for them.

    Jerry: And so, those people who are in a state like that for many years … they’re doing what they want to do?

    Abraham: Most of them, if it is that length of time, made the decision not to return long ago, and someone in the physical overrode their decision and kept them plugged into a machine, but their Consciousness has long gone and will not return to this body.

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    "We are all part of this electrical, vibrational Universe
    and there are no beginnings or endings,
    it is all one swirling, connected, full, loving, extended experience,
    -then what you discover is,
    the more connected you are to your Source,
    the more connected you are to any of your friends
    who are connected to their Source, whether they're dead or alive*."

    ~ Abraham-Hicks

    *and conscious or unconscious (my addition of words)

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    I have a friend who has just been in a coma - and I have been pondering this question. So thank you for giving me the answer!

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    You're welcome, Sky Blossom. Much love to you.

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    I couldn´t find any quotes for this topic, so you answered my request, also!

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    Paradise, I am still loving the "pink" quote you flowed to me. Thank you, thank you for delivering that to me. Also, I am loving how, on this thread, we each had very unique desires met by the same culminating thing. I had asked to be shown how my appreciation gives back, and then I watched it happen here, how my appreciation puts me in receptive mode and allows my collective consciousness to give. I see how my desires and intentions are this isness that manifests in cocreation. Thank you both.

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    It feels to me as if this REALLY belongs here:

    Somehow the idea of denial has become
    a dirty word to you;
    like it is virtuous to face the reality
    of the horror of your own lives.
    And we would be ignoring anything,
    that did not please us.
    We would get our eyes
    on what feels good.

    Abraham Hicks

    Deactivate things you don't want by withdrawing your attention.

    Philadelphia, Oct. 2013

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    Isn´t Dementia/Alzheimers almost a soft form of Coma?

    So much has been thought about getting it right:
    -That you've been sent here to prove worthiness.
    And we feel sorry for anyone who has been given a set of rules,
    that they have been told to keep, because first of all you're insecure
    about whether you've got the right set of rules or not,
    and there isn't one of you who believes you KEPT it right.

    And so if that's the mindset that you have,
    you're not ready to have your death experience.
    And that's another thing that holds people in that awkward,
    uncomfortable place for so long. There isn't something in this physical
    lifetime that's still calling them, but they don't believe that they have
    fulfilled the requirements so they are AFRAID to go there,
    for fear they will not be prepared.

    And so under those conditions, these loving, benevolent universal forces
    of Source Energy just create the path of least resistance.

    We would like you to put that label on Alzheimer's:
    Rather than calling it a dreaded disease, call it the gift of Source
    of the path of least resistance to those who are no longer focused,
    and wanting to live, who can make an easy and comfortable transition
    into the wholeness of who they ARE.

    That's a much better and much more accurate label for it, you see.

    San Antonio, TX 11-17-07A

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    You are not misbehaving, when you die.

    Phoenix, Dec. 2013.

    Relationships are forever. They are eternal.
    Not just permanent in this lifetime.

    Once you establish a relationship, it is an eternal relationship.

    What holds bad things in your life
    is always your attention to those bad things,


    Usually the greatest discomfort that we feel physical beings
    feeling around the subject of death
    is a feeling of - I should have done something more,
    I should have said more,
    I should have completed something.

    And we say, nothing is ever finished.
    There is no finish line....
    There is no ending place in this eternal life that we are
    all about, you see.


    This quote-collection might be helpful, as well:

    Abe-quotes about Death

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