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Thread: itís all about self-appreciation!

  1. #1 itís all about self-appreciation!

    I insist, please, after you!

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    WHAAAAAT???? Three HOURS and not a single response? OKAAAAAAAAY ...

    I Love that I have such a quick mind which enables me to focus with enormous precision and to grasp the EMINENT IMPORTANCE AND VALUE of my emotional responses. I Love that I chose to focus into this particular time-space reality with the intention of mixing it up and figuring out what is right FOR ME - and I LOVE that I've been doing a DAMN GOOD JOB OF IT for 47 years! I Love that I am ABLE to feel so strongly, both the depths of despair and the heights of Appreciation, Love and Joy! And I ADORE that *I* and *I ALONE* determine HOW I FEEL IN ANY GIVEN MOMENT! I Love that I never entirely forgot that Life is SUPPOSED to FEEL GOOD, even when feeling good seemed impossible! I Love that I was tenacious as a TERRIER in finding ways to FEEL BETTER AGAIN! I Love this MAGNIFICENT AND BEAUTIFUL physical body I created for myself, that so handily responds TO me and FOR me and ALWAYS has my back! I Love that I have so many talents and abilities that I know of and I Love EVEN MORE that there are still some I have yet to discover and hone! I Love Knowing my Worthiness and the Worthiness of every single co-creator on the planet! I Love my innate Wisdom, AND I Love my ability to ignore it sometimes! I LOVE that I gave myself PERMISSION to no longer take things so goddamn SERIOUSLY and to re-discover that LIFE IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN and that LIFE ACTUALLY *IS* FUN! I LOVE that I am such a LOVER! OH. MY. GOD! I LOVE ME!


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    Thank you, Christine. What a delicious rampage of self-appreciation!!

    Alrighty holds barred...

    I appreciate that damn, I'm a good-lookin' young fella'! I mean, look at that smiling face! Who could resist?? I just want to kiss it, ummm...I mean, I know many ladies want to kiss my hunky face!! Hahahaha. I really do appreciate my appearance. Specifically, I like the shape of my head, I love the colour of my eyes - are they Green? Are they Blue? Its a sexy mystery...I love my eye brows! I love my cheek bones, I love my teeth, I love my nose, I love my supersonic hearing and good eyesight. I love my powerful legs which propel me ever so speedily on my bike! I love the way my 3 giant tattoos look on my body, I love my entire body from head to toe. I love this perfect, healthy, vital, strong body. I love that I'm getting fitter and gaining more agility, endurance and overall fitness with each passing day. I love that, at 39, I'm equally as fit as I was as a teenager. I love knowing that the best shape of my life still awaits me.

    I appreciate that I am one freakin' happy guy. I appreciate that people are attracted to my high-flying vibe. I love that I catch women (and men) staring at me often. I love that I'm fun to be with. I love that I'm a freakin' One Man Party everywhere I go!!

    I love and appreciate that I do meaningful work. I appreciate that I'm skilled and experienced at my trade.

    I appreciate that I'm a darn great Dad and my kids love me. My son adores me and follows me around everywhere when we're together - I just love that. And I love him very much. I love that I'm learning how to be a good father to my twin teen-aged daughters. I love that I'm getting mellower and more easing-going about parenting and about everything, for that matter.

    I love and appreciate that I'm a leader. I appreciate that I am learning how to manage money better all the time. I love that I attract awesome people and circumstances.

    I appreciate that I'm a creator of beautiful compositions on the guitar. I appreciate my unique and quirky insights about the human experience. I love about myself that I have the special talent of being able to assemble a catchy song made up of meaningful words, a cool guitar part and interesting vocals which people enjoy listening to. I appreciate that both my instrumental and lyrical songs not only bring me much pleasure and enjoyment but that other people seem to like them as well.

    I appreciate that I'm intuitive with computers, gadgets and electronics, in general. I appreciate how seamlessly I integrate mobile computing into everyday life using BlackBerries, iPhones, tablets and things.

    I appreciate that I'm a poster of meaningful posts on here that my thoughts and words and sentiments have touched many people. I appreciate that I've had the courage renew my faith in humanity and in myself over and over and over and that by virtue of my very nature I'm certain always do so.

    I appreciate that I recognized the resonance of The Teachings of Abraham within me and that I resolved to be a devoted student.

    I love and appreciate me.

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    You two are just so damned cute. Two of my Forum Faves whose posts I actually seek out to read for the fun of it.

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    The appreciation of SELF should be bottomless for every one of us

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