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    you can also take a look at what percentage of the time you have actually been the way you describe. Is it really 0 of the time? or is it more like 2?
    I so agree here-I can find love in any person! Look at Hitler - he was very nice with his daughter
    And you are nowhere near to Hitler!
    But seriously I was trying to answer to myself on question: what is love?
    And I found that it is in everyone...When you dislike someone, you will often find that they are to some point love...they may curse on others, but they at the same time are good to their chosen ones...
    when the selling lady in the store in not nice to you-she is still doing her job and give you products in exchange to money...and in that act she cannot not to act with little of love...because she is consisted from love. Love is in her arm while packing your products...
    when someone yells at you, he still is not killing you, because he holds some love toward you, toward your body, some respect and allpresent love

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    Thank you everyone for your answers.
    I've read it yesterday and took some time to find relief. Indeed, I feel pretty good for the relief I found.

    I`m still having a hard time to go up the EGS deliberately, though. I was between fear/depression/insecurity, but I could not move to jealousy nor hate, even though I tried to force it. I tried to think on people who seem to have it all to feel jealousy, but it sounded like "whatever" - same to the people I would hate.

    But today I re-read it all, thought about it and somehow found relief. I would say now I am somewhere between boredom and contentment - and I felt great, due to the relief, probably. Some kind of acceptance, like "it is ok where I am now, but I can move from here also". It feels better to think I only acted that way because I was out of the vortex and that is not the real me. Still, I know I'm not quite near the real me. lol. But knowing there is a path ahead I can follow just feels good, and that is enough for now.

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    !!!someone has to harrass "those rascals" into alignment!!!

    isn't the role of being "bad" important enough in helping others ?

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