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Thread: Depression?

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    Quote Originally Posted by falko89 View Post
    I've been studying Abe and reading this new book by Rhonda Byrne The Magic but in this state these great books have no impact, its hard even to concentrate to read them. It feels like I am swimming against a strong tide
    This reminds me of Abraham when they say, "you can't buck your own current." It sounds to me that you're looking at everything in your life in a very specific way, trying to overcome the details that are starring you in the face, as it were. Instead of looking at how you can wrestle this feeling to the ground and kill it, go more general (extremely general) with statements in your mind that offer relief: "there's nothing I have to do this red-hot minute; this too shall pass; I've had the experience of things working out before; I can let go of this struggle for the moment; I'm going to pay attention to my breathing for a while and just allow myself to relax; I'm only reaching for a better feeling place and I know I can do that, I'm noticing a relaxing already..."

    You don't need to change your thoughts within this current position you find yourself, law of attraction won't let you take a giant leap, even in your thinking. But you can diffuse your energy on it, you can relax and allow a feeling of relief.

    And when you feel that relief, acknowledge to yourself that you created it for yourself. This will help you ease into the feelings of relief more often.

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    I'm finding this thread a very interesting read. I've suffered on off with depression for 2 years now (since my mother passed), and just as I felt I was finally leaving the woods that was depression, my partner broke up with me.

    The sudden nature of the event and the intense love I held there made it difficult, but I think with some of these teachings I can over come it.

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